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  1. So I want to get back into xwing. I am interested in both republic and CIS only. Do i need to get the core set 2.0 in order to get all the materials required or can I just get the crepublic/CIS starters?
  2. Looking for 1 Vader I have the following up for trades 1 Luke Skywalker 1 Luke Saber 1 Thermal Detonator 1 Poe Dameron 1 DL-44 1 Comlink 1 Ackbar 1 Survival Gear 1 FO fighter 1 Padawan 1 Infiltrate 1 Jedi Robes No idea why it keeps adding a bunch of spaces
  3. Has anyone found a good way to organize the vast amount upgrade cards. I used the 9 by 9 binder sleeves for xwing but i did not like that very much. How are other people storing their cards? Thanks!
  4. I am part of a slow grow league and we are starting with 180 points today. My question is what would be best optimized fleet? 1. Neb B- Escort Raymus Yavanis 2. Neb B- Support Salvation Dodanna Xwing Ywing Ywing OR AFIIb Dodanna Raymus Flight controllers Electronic Countermeasures Paragon 2xXwing 2xYwing 1awing I like the idea of the two Neb-Bs because one can be the sniper and slow roll it while the other can enable the fighters to do some work List 2 scares me with having so much put into one ship. I foresee myself facing gladiators and Vics as there are not very many rebel players in my area. What are your thoughts on the best 180 point squad I can roll out as rebels?
  5. sorry weird fleet builder but yes obviously screed will be on the victory but other wise how does it look?
  6. (300 of 300 pts) Flagship: (114 pts) Gladiator I-Class Star Destroyer(56 pts) Admiral Screed (26 pts) Engine Techs (8 pts) Assault Concussion Missiles (7 pts) Demolisher (10 pts) Wulff Yularen (7 pts) Fleet Ship 1: (96 pts) Victory II-Class Star Destroyer(85 pts) Expanded Hangar Bay (5 pts) Flight Controllers (6 pts) Squadrons (90 of 100 pts): 2x Tie Bomber Squadron (18 pts) 1x Major Rhymer Tie Bomber Squadron (16 pts) 2x Tie Advanced Squadron (24 pts) 1x Howlrunner Tie Fighter Squadron (16 pts) 2x Tie Fighter Squadron (16 pts) Objectives: Advanced Gunnery Contested Outpost Superior Positions I have the fighters,advanced to screen for the bombers. The Gladiator to strike fast and hard with engine techs and the Victory for carrier duty and squadron command. What do you guys think? Thanks
  7. My area seems to be pretty heavy with squadrons and bombers. Is there a way that anyone may have found yet to effectively deal with large amount of fighters without myself taking a large amount of fighters to combat their fighters? The one or two anti-squad from my capital ships does not seem to cut it. I do play imperials solely right now. Thanks
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