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  1. Very nice. Great looking miniatures.
  2. Love the "Cassion" uniform look and feel.
  3. Cannon3

    Lighted Models

    THAT...is amazing. Great job.
  4. Cannon3

    Lighted Models

    I just think this is cool. Great job. Would love to have the talent and tools to do this myself.
  5. I plan on leaving them grey to remain neutral for any board type I play on.
  6. The Speeder is from the Disney Store. Got it on sale for $15. Pretty close to scale. Maybe a little small, but it works as Cover.
  7. Cannon3

    RaevenKS work !

    I just picked up a second Luke on eBay for $10 to do exactly this...put him in different clothes with a black glove and green saber.
  8. New to miniature gaming. This is my first attempt at painting and creating terrain. Rebels Troops are done. I am working on the Imperials now.
  9. Anyone playing in the Charlotte area? Hope to see some activity in the community soon.
  10. I live in the Charlotte, NC area, and there has not been an organized tournament in close to a year. Two LGS have X-wing free play nights, but no one shows up at one store and the folks that come to the second one seem to just play HotAC. Yes, I definitely think that X-wing is dead in my community. Legion is not catching on either from what I can tell.
  11. Hello. Just a heads up, I was playing a AI game as Rebels and Poe was hit with a Tractor Beam and the AI was trying to move me into another Imperial Ship. I could not move Poe because he was going overlap and there did not seem to be an option for the AI to change the Tractor Beam movement or allow me to move either. So, the game was stuck. It did not crash, but was stuck waiting on the tractor beam movement, which was not allowed. Love the game and thanks for all you are doing to develop this.
  12. I bought the Crait Skimmer Ship from the Disney Store and am going to make it crashed terrain. Any tips on how to paint blaster marks and damage onto the ship? I also thought about doing blaster marks on my barricades. I was thinking of drilling holes or digging small holes with a knife to show the blaster damage, the add the paint around the holes. An tips for both would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. I am thinking of doing one of my Stormtrooper squads in red armor.
  14. They are at Disney Hollywood Studios. You can get them at the Popcorn Kiosk/Hut just outside of the Animation Courtyard near The Brown Derby. That is the only place I have seen them being sold.
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