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  1. haha yea. I've got it down for a saturday project so I'll see what I can do about getting it done by Monday.
  2. I can also help. How does one go about Joining ccl season 2 @Odanan??
  3. well darn. lol. I'm in the middle of updating the cards for the FAQ, you may wish to wait a couple days if you would like the card backs plus the new adjustments, just haven't had too much time the last few weeks from work to cover them! Good to know actually, I'll try adjusting with their new template, as those kind of errors are always irritating. Making files 'print ready' for professional printing is always more setup than people realize! P
  4. Yep. Academic research in Biochemistry, mostly focused on protein structure and dynamics. I draw when I can!
  5. thanks! I don't think my (supposed) expertise in structural biology will help me much with X-Wing, but you never know
  6. whew. been a while since I've posted here. Doctorate vacuumed up my life and time, but I'm all graduated and the dust has settled, so hopefully I've got a bit more time to spend on this thread. Here's a sketch I did of a vaksai for a friend in Gouache the other week in a letter. I've got some more things coming down the pipeline and will post appropriately.
  7. used to be 1-2 games a day (vassal), but I'm on a few weeks hiatus to focus on other things
  8. did someone say bubblegum?
  9. Yea, I can't promise to include everything everyone wants, but I think with more eyes everything just gets better. the success of this as a polished document relies on many eyes catching and suggesting things that no one person (or small team!) could do alone I think once we really polish the game up and the core balance had reached some kind of dynamic equilibrium, Iwould very much like to have an alternative or slightly altered objective as a trial to see what we can make work. It might not succeed, but I expect a lot of things we will try and exclude based on how they went. DOTA did this with individual side quests in he game that gave characters a boost in gold and experience. We might try something similar, where doing certain things by a certain point confers a bonus of some kind, or maybe even a victory condition. flag capturing, or rescue missions are not out of the question at all
  10. VI as a non-unique only seems like an interesting idea, I'll keep it in mind! I'm wary of giving ships EPTs, and if something is aggressively powerful, we'll tackle it asap. The current power structure for ships is that basic cheapest ships are ALWAYS EPT-less. Next rank is you can pay a cost for a 2-4pt PS upgrade and an EPT. Next rank are unique pilots. Last rank is PS10 pilots. Debris is an interesting one. I've played games where you roll a die after destroying a ship and on a (hit) result you place debris, on any other result no debris is placed. Keeps games with swarms from just becoming horrendous. The only problem of course is it requires that all players have enough debris, but if we set a max of 3 debris placeable per player perhaps that would alleviate that issue. v1.1 should be released fairly shortly as a "rough balanced" game, I'll give it a good anouncement!
  11. You might enjoy this thread again
  12. For an interesting pilot ability though... hilariously enough: Fel's Wrath (23): TIE Interceptor When the number of Damage cards assigned to you equals or exceeds your hull value, you may assign initiative to a new player.
  13. That was the idea. In video games this kind of thing is easy to implement and can be pretty fun, but in a board game maybe it's just too time intensive as a constant effect. I wonder if it might make for an interesting pilot ability though, or some kind of one-time EPT that lets you change the flow of the battle. food for thought.
  14. Both of you make very valid points. Efficiency trumps everything, I'm looking at alternatives for the reasons mentioned and because for the home rule format we use it's the most commonly requested feature. Good points all. It's a fringe case, and if the solution to the case is too complicated, then the solution isn't worth implementing. Thanks for the input
  15. I too like the bid system. And it's why in the above system it trumps the modification suggested. This is more for situations where one side is given a small advantage over the other by the coin flip at the beginning of the game. The advantage swing shouldn't be too large, if it is it means the person should have bid down more than they did if it were so detrimental to the squad. I want to keep the layers you suggest, but add another. See, with this system I might be inclined to play a 100pt squad with arcdodgers that also includes a "bait" craft I can use for bumps, who I can use to get knocked out if I tied an initiative bid. And yes, it does in a sense punish the player who is winning, but the loss of a ship is a much larger margin of difference typically. Wouldn't it just keep matches a little closer, as opposed to a negative play experience? Thanks for your comments! book-keeping would just be passing the token to each other as appropriate. But yes, rubber-banding is... unusual. I don't know how I feel about it, tending towards "if it mostly helped you when you had poor luck" then it's good. I guess the subtle distinction I'm wondering about is if you manage to kill off the opposing ace, the whole thing is moot, but if the player who lost the dice roll can successfully bait the opponent into bumping off a weaker ship first, then is it worth a bonus?