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  1. X-Wing Supremacy Version 2.0

    re: this idea, So along with patching version 2.1, this is something I'm taking a second look at now that we've got the amendments in for the patch sorted away. We'll have a go with exploring this a little further for version 2.1, and look at some passive effects that impart a strong sense of 'theme'. Might take a few goes to get the balance right, but that's why community-input is so fun! 2.1 is pretty close to release so hopefully I can sneak this in there
  2. X-Wing Supremacy Version 2.0

    aha ok, good to know! it's still a work in progress at the minute, lots of new skills being learned in the process of making this
  3. X-Wing Supremacy Version 2.0

    Yea, it's a bit of a give and take, by adding in some new card categories, the hope was that we could redistribute in what form certain mechanics saw play, and use the same opportunity to make the game much leaner in terms of overall choice. A common complaint we had with new players to our playgroup before we started making Supremacy was list-building paralysis, where the feeling was that they just didn't know what cards to take to make a really effective squad. My ideal aim is to have relative importance to gameplay being roughly 25% listbuilding, 75% gameplay tactics and choices. If you take Meta-wing for example, right after about the 120-140 card mark, usage drops below 10%, and the effectiveness of the card turns from something generically useful into something almost consistently with niche use. Niche upgrades that aren't directly linked to a particular ship frame are inherently difficult for beginners to identify, especially if they are part of 2 or 3 card combos. A lot of those niche mechanics I'd like to see rebuilt into chasses cards directly, especially power cards, as it helps prevent a case of "some cards better than others", even with the ability to rebalance cost. For new players it also makes it much easier to get on board with at least one of the ways "how a ship probably should fly", because for what was previously a niche 2-card combo, now one of them is baked in already as a 1-of-3 options available to the player for that ship, so they only have to connect the dots with one other card. Now conversely, whenever you take away options like we're doing (like how expertise was recycled into an expensive astromech), there has to be a corresponding assessment of what kind of gap you leave, so you don't adversely diminish diversity in listbuilding possiblities. But there are a few guiding rules I'm following: The decision on that droid for example fell under the general aim to reduce the number of efficiency-improving mechanics in the game that are available to all ships. Basically, in a nutshell, I want to drive down the number of action economy-improving cards, and efficiency improving cards, and drive those mechanics into more easy-to-balance niche chassis cards. (examples being PTL becoming an interceptor chassis ability, expertise as a droid, juke being sifted into only being available to a more expensive set of ships, and making having both focus and evade relatively hard to get without preconditions, eg. speed of maneuver, type of maneuver, etc.) Thanks for the headsup on the squad builder, a few bugs have cropped up recently so we'll look into this for the next patch!
  4. X-Wing Supremacy Version 2.0

    For interest, here are the current forecasted end redistributions for cards. You'll notice the heavy emphasis on ship-specific cards (chasses) in supremacy, with a drastic reduction in generally available cards. We're aiming for about 100 cards fewer than current X-wing, which has about 292 of last count, and Supremacy is aiming for about 160 in total. Each wave will result in cards being recycled out of use if they don't fit the criteria of being appropriately well-costed, useful, and not disproportionately better than taking nothing. This reduced library of cards is aimed squarely at ensuring the game stays one primarily centered around maneuvering and decision making and not card combos. for playtesters, if you ever get the feeling that card combos are more important for a ship than just the base chassis on its own, please let us know on the battle reports or error reports, I'd like to flag it for rebalancing.
  5. New Ship Mechanics, Hold the Ships

    This is a really cool idea! I'd love to borrow this and add it to our homebrew rules.
  6. Worlds winning list confirmed, top16 is filled with Ghost+Fenn

    I would rather hope to see rampaging ionizing Hill-bots for the top 16. If people know ghost-fenn is what they will be up against, that's probably a good thing, just gives lots of time to practice against the list.
  7. New Ship Mechanics, Hold the Ships

    not quite the same, but still, something like this?
  8. New Ship Mechanics, Hold the Ships

    I have been rather enjoying use of these maneuvers. I wish I could add them to the dials as options, they are really fun for homebrew games. As it stands, I've just been working them in via upgrade cards, which works okay, but on the dials directly would be better.
  9. X-Wing Supremacy Version 2.0

    alright, so first round of playtesting is in! Upcoming changes planned to be implemented for 2.1.0 are as follows. This is subject to minor amendments Ethos Syndicate changed to read "equipped on a friendly Black sun ship..." X-Wing Red Squadron pilot buff: PS4 -> 5 T-65BR buff: "If correct, you may rotate your dial to another maneuver." will read "If correct, a friendly ship at range 1 may rotate its dial to another maneuver." Y-Wing BTL-S3 TS "Twin" buff: "Increase your shield value by 1." changed to " "Increase your shield value by 1. The squad point cost of each of your equipped (crew) upgrades is reduced by 1 to a minimum of 0." A-Wing Arvel Crynyd Buff: 22pt -> 21pts EPTs Reverse Throttle Hop buff: 2pts -> 1pt, PS5+ only Opportunist buff: PS5+ only Crew Flight Instructor Buff: 4pt -> 3pt Armament Refit Heavy Blaster Cannon Refit Buff: 3pt -> 2pt Modifications Countermeasures nerf: Now reads: "At the start of the Combat phase, you may discard this card. Then, roll 2 attack dice. For each d or c result, you may remove 1 enemy target lock from your ship."
  10. Re-design any 1 ship of your choosing

    hahaha, fair nough!
  11. Re-design any 1 ship of your choosing

    I've done a few of these, it's fun to tinker :
  12. X-Wing Supremacy Version 2.0

    as an addendum, and something that will be worked into the next manual, I wanted to address the aim of the manual being a complete explanation of the gametype. Frankly, although this is helpful for sorting out rules questions, it makes learning how to play the game exceedingly daunting (and makes the game look a lot more complex than it really is) I thought perhaps we might break things down much more simply with a one-page "quick-start". Having this at the beginning of the next manual will let me shift the manual over entirely to a "game glossary", so that to play supremacy you don't feel like you need to have read the entire thing.
  13. X-Wing Supremacy Version 2.0

    Hey no worries, thanks for the comments. Sometimes some things just need to be tried out for a wave or two, and if the mechanic is wordy, or just not fun, it gets amended or axed. We've already done that to a few things, and I expect there will be more. Always room for improvement! Addressing in order: -Turrets I'm also pretty happy with. It picked up some early flak for being too complicated, but I think we've pared it down to something straightforward. -Armament refits are pretty much just the game balance answer to Astromechs and Illicits. They aren't really extra guns per se, but instead just the upgraded cannons that historically only the more advanced imperial ships can take. A regular TIE LN, or a regular interceptor just doesn't have access to these. I considered a TIE only slot, but it actually falls into the problem of going against doctrine of the empire. The historicity of it was strongly weighed, and technically a lot of the TIE models did undergo armament refit over the course of the films. I wanted a way to diversify the upper level ships for the empire a bit more beyond EPTs, as a soft cannon slot, and this seemed to do it. Now, as you say, they are very fun, something that's been considered is to let Rebels and Scum tinker with and improve the guns on their ships a bit as well, it's something that maybe we can retroactively introduce a little down the line. -Faction Ethos cards have been extremely conservatively designed. I am very carefully watching that they don't become freebie 'swing' cards for certain squads. I *do* really want to graduate them to having passive effects for an entire squad, but honestly I felt we needed to make sure we had the balance of the chasses cards sussed out cleanly first. I didn't want a situation where certain chasses were overcosted, but observations of that weren't borne out in the playtesting because of the effectiveness of a passive effect from an Ethos card. The plan for ethos cards was to take the data for the cards that really just never saw use and improve them to something like a passive effect, and then see if it brought it up to the same usage elvel as whatever the highest use ethos card for that faction was. -Bombs are still very mutable at this stage. We're still tinkering with this mechanic, and for this wave at least, trying out this method. So far it's been pretty fun using bombs as a genuine area denial tool that force bad maneuvers and action loss from high PS aces, but we'll take in the feedback of the playtesters on it before making any decisions about keeping it. It has to make bombing fun for both sides, useful in and of itself. We'll keep fiddling with it until we get that result, and any suggestions or alterations are very welcome. Thanks!
  14. X-Wing Supremacy Version 2.0

    Hi Folks! Version 2 is now done, and into playtesting! With three factions, 27 ship chasses, spread across 8 ship types, and recosted pilots and new upgrades, this is big step over wave 1. We've got a squad builder in early alpha, and everything is all organized for Vassal play, simply addable as an extension to your regular X-wing vassal module. I've had a lot of fun putting this together, and would be thrilled if you had a crack at it to see what you think. All files for Vassal and the Game manual are available from the website here:
  15. X-Wing Supremacy Wave 2 Preview

    Hi folks! An update from the team building X-Wing Supremacy, we've got four brand new starfighters arriving with Wave Two. These include the A-Wing strike ship for the Rebellion, the TIE interceptor for the Imperial Navy, and a brand new faction, Scum and Villainy, now introduced with the Protectorate Starfighter and Z-95 snubfighter. This preview of Wave 2 of X-wing Supremacy brings more ships to the fight in our constant work-in-progress fan expansion for X-wing. Each wave and version is iteratively rebalanced with a live online squad builder and Vassal support, for a different take on X-wing dogfighting as you know it. Wave 2 is undergoing internal balance testing right now, and we'll do a live release of this once we've worked out the kinks Supremacy is an unofficial complete game expansion developed for Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing Miniatures Game. Supremacy uses a complete replacement set of Pilot and Upgrade cards from X-Wing, and some additional rules tweaks for 100pt combat. If you are interested in helping with the project, to playtest the internal version, or to suggest balance for ships, come join us on our discord development channel, you’d be welcome! A-Wing The Kuat Systems A-Wing is the fastest fighter the Rebels have. Twin J-77 Event Horizon engines power the craft, and twin blaster cannons provide offensive weaponry. However, what you gain in speed, you lose in defensive plating and deflector shields. In this wave, the Rebellion gains access to the early model of the A-Wing, the R-22 Spearhead, which has unparalleled maneuverability for a Rebellion fighter. With access to missile racks, it is a vital tool for hunting down the fast and agile TIE fighter swarms. The second chassis for the A-wing is the legendary RZ-1, and RZ-1 Chardaan Refit models which became famous at the Battle of Endor. Stripped down for improved acceleration, this is one of the fastest ships in the game. In the case of the RZ-1, the A-wing mounts missile racks to hunt down elusive TIE interceptors. The RZ-1 is the most potent weapon in the Rebel arsenal for catching the slippery interceptor, but may struggle against more heavily armoured targets. The A-wing, unlike other rebel ships, has relatively poor defensive plating, and therefore must use raw speed for defense, and if it does, is one of the few ships in Supremacy that can end up in the combat phase with both a focus token and an evade token. TIE Interceptor The finest mass-produced starfighter of its time, the Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Interceptor excels at dogfighting thanks to its heightened maneuverability and speed. Designed with four wing-mounted laser cannons, and optional chin-cannons, it easily outguns its predecessors. Roaring into battle alongside TIE fighters, as a mid-range compromise from the more powerful TIE Advanced. The TIE interceptor comes with access to the early Mk.I model, which pairs agility with excellent handling characteristics that edge out the X-wing for combat maneuvering, at the cost of defensive plating or shields. More dangerous, and rare, were the Mk.II models, favoured by the elite Squadrons of the Empire, including the famed 181st Fighter Group, who push these machines to their limit for deadly efficiency. Lastly, you may equip your squadrons with Interceptors equipped with experimental weapons racks, designed to hunt the A-Wings that excel at downing other Interceptors. At the cost of maneuvering flexibility, these starfighters are deadly at range. Protectorate Starfighter The Fang fighter, also known as the Protectorate starfighter, was a fast and incredibly agile Mandalorian starfighter that was custom-built for fighter combat by the MandalMotors company. These ships, most commonly seen defending the perimeter of Mandalorian worlds, have also made their way into the hands of criminal syndicates such as Black Sun. Unlike the Rebel and Imperial Factions, the Scum and Villainy faction has 3 sub-factions, which confer additional bonuses with the right Ethos cards. Pilots have access to the Mk.II and Mk.IV fangs, each optimized for head-on brawling, as well as the more shielded Syndicate Fang Fighter, which gives access to illicit hardware upgrades. Z-95 Starfighter The venerable Z-95, a remake of a holdover design from the Clone Wars was a popular snubfighter. Cheap and durable, it became a favorite among independent outfits like the Rebellion and Black Sun. Pirates, mercenaries, criminal elements, bounty hunters. Each version of the Z-95 available, including the stock factory AF4 and heavy AF4, as well as Hutt Cartel Refits, and the Black Sun Pursuit craft can be slotted into a squad with different roles in mind. The Syndicate Pursuit Special handles a little close to an X-wing, and may find great use with higher PS pilots, whereas the notoriously treacherous binayre pirate might be used in a hutt cartel fleet with nefarious illicit dead-man’s-switch attachments, to explosive results