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  1. There is some spectacular bomber art in there, I wish I could claim some of it! But no, I was just on the one card for that expansion, I'm looking forward to seeing the larger versions.
  2. Haven't asked. The artists are all named on the expansion box however.
  3. It's been a while folks, but I've been busy though! A big thanks given to the fantastic FFG Art Director I worked with, Preston Stone, as well as @Wraithdt
  4. Once I play with a squad enough to like it, I like to make colour schematics: or an older one, for example:
  5. so we've made some early headway into expanding a system where you can have minute differences between starfighter models, and really crack open a ship to multiple variants in firepower, agility, abilities, etc. We've started up discussions in the supremacy discord channel. : https://discord.gg/EdJWWvJ We're not aiming for an X-wing rebalance, but instead a fun cards-only mod that you can play with your regular ships and tokens, requiring nothing more than a set of cards. I think the general idea will always be fewer ships than X-wing, a heavier focus on canon-looking squadrons of similar ships, and of course the key system of being able to take different chasses of each type of ship. We've been bantering around some ideas on the discord channel, some of which involve removing defensive rolls entirely, but instead turning it into an Armada-like system where luck determines how many shots hit their target, and of those hits the defender is forced to spend evades from their "pool" to cancel those hits. So you can either try and wipe out someone's pool in one go, or whittle them down over time. Once the pool is exhausted, hits start creeping through, so for this TIE interceptor below, it can tolerate about two successful hits before it's toast. damage is applied straight, where it chews through armour first, then when armour is exhausted, all cards start being dealt face up. Nothing here is set in stone, but it's a fun meander towards an alternate home-made play-at-home game mode with a strong emphasis on tinkeering with the different chasses of ships historically available, like in this case, there would be a card for the Mk1, the Mk2, the Royal Guard TIE/IN, and others
  6. falls into a similar category as YV fortressing: Moralo Eval, with contraband cybernetics, jabba, and maul. can stop and stop again, and again, 5 times. All the while having a limitless supply of tokens from maul. Now yes, granted, it's limited to 5 turns, but at the same time, that's a ludicrously long time if the ship is in a good position, and you just have to take up the fortress when opportune. And you can stretch it out much longer and keep the tokens down by just dodging off the board edge when your opponent is threatening to get behind you, and just pop out pointing the other way. Not entirely sure how I feel about it as a tactic in a game where every ship is supposed to be moving, but it's certainly doable!
  7. yea, it's a tough call on making it range 1 vs 1-2, it may well need the slight bump, but powerful when it goes off! just pasted in some text and pictures using photoshop, didn't use a template, sorry. yea, that's a neat idea. Something that really pulls weight on the lower PS ships. Gotta be wary of making Palob too good though. This one as it is is probably a phenomenal upgrade for him to take.
  8. Hey folks, We had some great fun in the last two years in our local group drafting homebrew rulesets and scenarios for x-wing 1.0. Some of these included the scenario "X-Wing vs. TIE fighter" : https://citrus7workshop.wordpress.com/x-wing-vs-tie-fighter/ or the full game card replacement ruleset Supremacy: https://xwsupremacy.wixsite.com/supremacy Now that 2.0 has rolled in, mechanics have started to settle, points are out, I think it's about ripe to start tinkering with homebrew scenarios again. I had a huge amount of fun putting these together, and I'm really interested in pulling together some of the neat ideas from these early attempts into something new. Something we experimented with in Supremacy, sometimes nailed, and sometimes missed, was the concept of "chasses", such that individual pilots could hop into different versions of the same starfighter, to fulfill different roles in your squadron. There was a whole slew of ideas in Supremacy and XvT that I'm excited and interested in turning into something new, that fits alongside 2.0 rules. I'd like to continue to develop fan scenarios and modules that, with minimum effort and printing, can be used alongside your miniatures to shake things up a bit from your regular 60 minute 100pt matches. I think with the floating points system in place for 2.0, a "revised points" X-wing probably isn't on the cards or helpful, but developing a "just-for-fun" altered version of the rules to try out when you need a break, just might well be. Things I would like to experiment with in the context of one-shot scenarios, or a fan expansion include: - Pilots semi-separated from chasses (done extremely carefully) - Mission cards, with one randomly chosen for the game at hand, which you have to adapt your game plan to. - Multiple variations of chasses for starfighters. - Exploring concept of squadron-based "flags" to fly. So your squadron path involves picking a Faction, then a Squadron card with specific attributes. - "Hidden actions", possibly involving a card-based system where you specify the action you intend when you pick your dial, as opposed to after it's revealed, to shift more of the decision making towards imperfect information scenarios. In a future setting where you've got a day of X-wing set up with friends, and you're looking for 'something different' to try in the afternoon, what would *you* want to see or be able to do?
  9. Hi folks! I am a little surprised by the apparent ship point evaluations of some of the new resistance pilots relative to similar ships from rebels and imperials. The ships seem better, with higher PS, and... lower point cost? Playtesting against some of these ships has been decidedly one-sided. Take for example, Lu'lo L'ampar, at a measly 38 points, a ps5 ship with effectively 3 attack dice the moment you haven't got it in arc (and with heroic at 39, immunity to blankouts), that can rotate its guns backwards, double reposition, and take on board another EPT. a 40pt saber sq. ace for imperials in a similar role has lower ps, no shields, no ability to rotate guns, no immunity to blankouts, and a poorer dial. a 40pt jake farrell for rebels is also lower ps, no ability to rotate guns, no immunity to blankouts, poorer dial, and weaker guns. were you to look at clearly weaker ships, like the TIE advanced, you can't even get to a similar PS like that until you hit 50 points, for an arguably even harder to use ability to trigger the third attack die. Or take a large ace, like Poe: Ps6 Poe with 4h3s, double repositioning, torpedoes, and a get out of jail free SLAM action comes in for 80 points. A comparable ps6 pilot for imperials in terms of flexibility would have to be supernatural Vader with afterburners, but even here he's already clocking in at 90 points before you can blink. And if you're willing to take Poe to around 90 you can kit him out with stress-dealing for locks, or pseudo-supernatural as well. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts. I'm not convinced some of these ships are really sitting evenly with what we've got, but I'm pretty open to clarifications on why I might be mistaken!
  10. the fonts are definitely fixed! The centring is possibly a bit off. this is what it looks like:
  11. seems this way on both chrome and safari, on mac. the small text seems fine, but all the icons are out of position, and the action icons and the ship stats are all bolded Out of curiosity, is there an easy way for us to be able to tinker with the size or colour of the blue border? I'd love to be able to make it darker. Awesome work! Thanks!
  12. this is great! I'm finding all the fonts in mine however are bolded when I use the generator, is there any way to stop this?
  13. I was having a bash about this afternoon with some of the blueprints for defenders and TIE fighters. The heat modulation pattern is inspired from the dazzle camo patterns first used by David Sutcliffe. On these white defenders, a subtle two-tone scheme might be fun to put together, although would take some serious time with the airbrush! I've found a very fun list to play in 2.0 has been a 196pt triple ship list, involving Rexler Brath with outmaneuver, AS, a delta defender, and Night Beast. Seemed appropriate to find a paint scheme that worked for them.
  14. Hi folks, I've been having a dilemma. See, I LOVE interceptors. Specifically 181st interceptors, and as great as the sabre are, they're pretty... squishy. I have a lot of difficulty flying an interceptor-only squad because half of them tend to go up in a puff of smoke with a single shot. Now honestly, it's not far off balanced, in terms of wins and losses. But there's a semi-disturbing trend, against PS5 and 6 opponents, where almost all my losses are, because usually one of them gets crippled or disabled before it even gets to fire, often from a ps5 or 6 torpedo. I don't think the cost is bad, I don't think they really need much else, but I wondered about a temporary fix to the pilot skill issue, and how this might look as a custom card. I didn't want something that would help out soontir fel, because he's already great where he is. I wondered about something like this, it might be fun for the odd home-brew game. It won't make a swarm much more effective at a joust, because the effect is only for the activation phase. But it does give you that one turn or two of rewarding you for a good feint, you still need a bid against ps6 lists. interested in your thoughts.
  15. I am routinely running two defenders, either twin defenders, with advanced sensors and outmaneuver (ryad and brath) or two deltas with a 54 pt ace like fel w/ predator, or a gunboat, or a phantom These squads are very powerful and do very well with a range of opponents. two defenders, where one plays chicken and runs away lets the second swoop in with OM and just tear things to bits. It's a great ship.
  16. speaking mostly for imperials, I'd strongly vouch for significant improvement to the TIE advanced generics, along the lines of: Tempest Sq. -1 Storm Sq. -2 The generics are just sluggish, they have poor reactivity, and really don't compare to the power of similar point cost options. Why take a 43 point storm sq. pilot when you can take a much more potent Duchess at 1 point less, or a Phantom for 1 more?
  17. Yep agreed, however practically Vader is a higher priority to destroy for most lists and putting him on whisper makes whisper the primary target. It’s much easier to bait and feint with echo, so much so that I have found Vader on echo to be the better fit, at least for me. It has led to more times where whisper ends up doing more damage because the opponent picked the wrong ship to chase. Furthermore, GI on whisper is a great fit for keeping her alive until the end of the game where she does very well. I find Vader on whisper inevitably ends up with a dead whisper pretty fast
  18. 3-4 phantoms are a very good list. I personally find the whisper or echo variants more enjoyable to play. 198pt Raiders Echo - Juke Sigma Sq. Ace - Juke Sigma Sq. Ace - Juke Imdaar Test Pilot - 198pt Aces Echo - Juke Whisper - Juke Imdaar Test Pilot - Imdaar Test Pilot - 200pt Sith Echo - Juke, Darth Vader, Collision Detector Whisper - Juke, Grand Inquisitor, Collision Detector Sigma Sq. Ace - Juke or my current favourite, which uses twin phantoms and Fel 198pt Echo - Juke, Darth Vader, Collision Detector Whisper - Juke, Grand Inquisitor, Collision Detector Fel - Predator
  19. something like this, text ramped up to just slightly smaller than the text on the Vader alt art. it's still below the size of the text of the upgrade cards though. The actions have been squished together a bit to allow it. I might bring the other side up a bit to let me have larger text in the box and move the subtitle to another spot.: or even just splitting the text between pilot stats and skills on the left, and ship specific things on the right? (roughly split with cut and paste)
  20. yea, I'm tinkering with it, having the text a different size than the upgrades isn't ideal, agreed.
  21. ahh fair enough. Yea, I think I prefer the black, but I thought I'd drop a white one in there as it's similar to the vertical cards, and also the same as the upgrade cards. I may need to enlarge the text area slightly, but I'm loathe to give up vertical space as it cuts into the area where the actions are displayed, which are of consistent size with the "additional action type" black and white tabs used on upgrade cards.
  22. this one? just to show what the upgrades look like tucked underneath
  23. Hi folks, it's been a bit since I posted new content last, (+ a username change!) I've been tinkering with a modified interface for 2.0 cards. I had a 1.0 card interface that was pretty serviceable for my art but I wasn't happy with the look I was getting with 2.0 cards, because the graphic design on the FFG cards was just too different from it. FFG moved away from skeuomorphism towards a cleaner interface with more blacks and pure colours, so I really thought I should start rolling out something that fits a bit better with this. I know there's an alt art interface they have been showing for tournament prizes, but it edges more towards clean HUD rather than the metal around it, so I thought I'd try and come up with one of my own, with a bit more of a 'cockpit feel'. I did a few sketches here for rebel and imperial cards, then I've bashed in a few basic colours to get the idea with the text from 2.0 Vader and Madeline Boni's awesome Vader artwork. I have kept all fonts above the minimum cut lines and above a readable font size. Elements used for the rough sketches came mostly from X-wing game layouts and the central HUD for the TIE I used the console from Otaking77077's TIE fighter movie as a reference. This is quite a ways from done, the colours in there are a rough sketch for the final piece, so I'll update this first post as I work my way through painting this into a final pair of pieces. Imperial Interface: Rebel Interface: Test colours with Vader:
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