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  1. I've been wanting those "War of the Rings" Saga Expansion for ages. I really don't know what's holding them back at this point. Those would sell like ****.
  2. I think "The Mines of Moria" is the actual event's name, and that "Escape from Khazad-dûm" is the actual name of the scenario, reading that description.
  3. This is really cool! I'm going to print those for sure!
  4. I'm really pissed. Why Barkham Horror? Why not Catham horror? (I wonder if FFG are keeping stats on number of "ORDER NOW" clicks)
  5. I'd really like a Song-support dedicated hero in the game, and I agree Elena is now our primary target for that. @Onidsen your design is cool enough, though I'm not sure how practical it would be without a bit of deck scrying, which can be done by Imladris Stargazer, that happens to be out of deck. Maybe she could have an additional passive effect, like "Elena gets +1 Willpower for each player controlling a Song" (way to spread the love), or kind of Response: After you play a Song, Elena gets +1 Willpower until the end of the round.
  6. In case their actual names are out of copyright limits, they can simply make "Blue Wizard" non-unique allies with the text box bearing the following mention: Limit 2 cards with the title "Blue Wizard" in play. Like this:
  7. I think we are very far from second edition, as the DCG and Journeys in ME just look like "second editions" to me. I'd say that the Amazon's hype is more likely to boost the game sells. The amount of new players posting here, on BGG or discord is outstanding for an 8-years old game. The future is bright.
  8. The short of list of "what we need before we can call it off" is really dwindling since last cycle gave us four archetypes (Woodmen, Beorning, Dale, Creature) no one would dare dream about two years ago, alongside Radagast, Thranduil, Bard son of Brand, marginally Thorin Stonehelm (not in regular cycle, but that now does exist as a hero). My short list is now: Tom Bombadil, Goldberry, Spirit Aragorn, Saruman hero.
  9. I read that a lot. Making 9 quests out of a ME region is not about size!! I'm sure it's waaaaaay more difficult to come up with quests theme and ideas in Ered Mithrin, or worst, in place like Forochel.... which may be a thousand times the size of the Shire. Why? Because the Shire probably has the most detailed descriptions, map and history of all places in ME. The material there is really consistent. There are so much content to make quests in the Shire, you can't even begin to imagine.
  10. One strong argument for the next cycle being Hobbit is that the past few cycles always have had cards sort of "announcing" development to come (the Beorning Guardian and Knight of Dale in past cycle), and we start seeing Hobbits in AP5 of this cycle. Furthermore, there is Tom Cotton. That guy boosts Hobbit allies when they enter play, but there are not much Hobbit allies to choose from right? And the Raise the Shire event is bound to raise no one if you don't have Hobbit in your deck... The player card development has been very consistent this past few years, so I'm sure we're bound for a massive injection of Hobbit cards coming soon. Finally, it's a Lord of the Rings game, and we haven't had yet a Deluxe centered on Hobbits. How silly does that actually sound?
  11. This clearly shows we need a whole cycle in the Shire.
  12. Not really, it's a rehash of this article: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/8/6/fire-in-the-night/ Just with a different title. I should add that the translation is often dubious, but it's not the place to talk about it Hey, and where are all the people that were waiting for Thranduil? We're actually getting him! I'm pretty excited to have and play with the new hero.
  13. The Ered Nimbus Prospector helps you fetching a Nimbus 2000 out of your discard pile so you can catch the Golden Snitch.
  14. I have an early access for the selling if anyone's interested
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