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  1. I am always playing Mystics. Always. Since a couple of months. I am always playing Marie. Always.
  2. Absolutely outstanding! Thank you!
  3. I think you can find storytellers on those forums quite easily, just create your own thread! 🙂
  4. I applaude your creativity and willingness. But. This is something I already was militant with A-Long Extended Party (which I'm an active part of): I think this point of the game, it's not so much about creating new player cards. Fan-made player cards are REALLY controversial, everyone will think they have a better design for two blue Wizards or whatever. I made my own custom "Deluxe" expansion (with 4 quests). It took me YEARS (and I was motivated). It does include player cards, but I don't showcase them a lot, because I prefer people to be playing the quests I've designed. Designing a quest for LOTR is actually harder than throwing in a bunch of player cards idea (and again, do not misread me: I've read your Google Docs, you have a lot of good ideas, no doubt about that). But if I were you (and I'm not so in the end, you do whatever you want :)) I would develop first the quests. The narrative, the quest mechanics you want to explore, etc. That is the most important. Quests add a lot of replaybility with the current player card pool. EDIT: as a side note, it's even better if those quests can be played with just a Core Set (a design mistake I've made, clearly).
  5. Changes are being made to the website, pdf, image and OCTGN file to reflect that.
  6. Yes they should be removed, it's just that I forgot to place the icons on the card, it has been corrected. Yes, you should remove at least 1 damage.
  7. I would agree at this point, it's just a matter of kinda re-usign pre-exsiting designs (like Arkham drew a lot of inspiration from LOTR LCG) and re-using the INSANE art quantity FFG has commissioned over the years
  8. Yep, good spotting there, I'm French to the bone. I had to research back the name of the platz, couldn't remember much information from my Oktoberfest 2013 (or 2012? can't remember). By all means, everyone should feel free to correct/improve my English.
  9. @NathanH thanks for that, will check it out! @General_Grievous it's done through the StrangeEons program. Just install the LOTR LCG plugin and roll on from there!
  10. @Nickpes I didn't exactly brought it up. It's somewhere in the back of my mind but 1) I want to see if it's not the GenCon quest 2020 2) if it's not, I want to see if @Seastan's A Long-Extended Party team will tackle this. @EBerling yes, it is absolutely possible, here: Print and Play Files You can find the following files to download: A pdf set without the card backs A pdf set with the card backs A folder with all the cards including bleed margins in case you would want using a printing service
  11. I hope my depiction of it wasn't too much of a caricature. Talking about caricature, I went full-throttle on Paris, and I actually leave there.
  12. Just a thread necromancy to say that the custom scenario has been updated and an OCTGN set is now available.
  13. Hey there!I'm very glad to introduce you to a custom LOTR LCG Deluxe Expansion (with 4 full playable scenarios).You can find more information, the rules, the print & play files and the OCTGN files for download here:A Light in the East Deluxe ExpansionHope you have fun!
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