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  1. The Progression Series is back! Today, Mitch and Matthew tackle The Long Dark. Will we find ourselves foiled by Locate Tests, or breeze through the worst of the Dwarrowdelf cycle? Share your own experiences with this quest in the comments, and thanks to anyone out there for watching! The Long Dark | LOTR LCG | Progression Series Episode 17
  2. The decision not to continue the original series, but rather, to start over, is definitely a controversial one. There are a great many reasons that I decided to do so, but chief among them is that I consider the quality at the beginning of the old series to be rather poor. Many mistakes were made, my thought process was less logical then, and I've since significantly improved as a player. Plus, over the years I have grown woefully out of practice at LOTR LCG, drifted away from the community, and stopped paying attention to the game until relatively recently - in fact, to this day, the modern card pool remains essentially an unknown to me. Now though, as I perceive myself to be older, wiser, and a more capable player than ever I once was, I've been enjoying re-learning how to play the game, and have been delighted to share my experiences with the community while doing so. I dream of someday being able to chronicle and cover the entire catalogue of this card game's litany of expansions, and am pleased to take any willing to come with me on my journey. While my approach may not be for everyone, I do appreciate the community's patience, and look forward to continuing to work on this series!
  3. While I do appreciate your feedback, shifting focus to exclusively covering modern expansions and nightmare scenarios doesn't quite align with my vision for the Progression Series. Though my approach may not be ideal for everyone, all I can say is that my goal is to eventually cover everything. In the process of doing so, I hope that at least some aspect of these videos will appeal to most LOTR LCG players, but in any case, I'll certainly endeavor to keep this series progressing. Who knows - perhaps there may come a day when Matthew and I do manage to catch up to the latest content that this card game has to offer.
  4. The Progression Series is back! Today we check out the player cards of The Long Dark, and evaluate the Tactics hero Hama. Do us a favor by sharing your own thoughts on these cards in the comments, and until next time – take care!The Long Dark Player Card Review - LOTR LCG Evaluation Series Episode 16
  5. The Progression Series returns! Today, Matthew and I face one of Middle-earth’s ancient evils. Will we be strangled and drowned, or instead dine upon Tolkien calamari? I hope you enjoy us playing The Watcher in the Water, and encourage you to share your best and worst memories of this quest in the comments. Thanks for watching, and until next time – take care! The Watcher in the Water - LOTR LCG Progression Series Episode #16
  6. I sincerely wish that Matthew and I were able to produce new episodes far more frequently, but unfortunately, it just doesn't seem possible at the moment for us to do much more than maintain our currently glacial pace of release. While neither of us have any intent to abandon this project, Matthew consistently works well over 40 hours per week, is often required to travel for his job, and he has several hobbies outside of LOTR LCG, some of which happen to be rather time-consuming. Plus, he's a member of The Grey Company podcast, has a reasonably active social life, and on occasion even seizes the opportunity to meet up with friends to play cards at his local game store. Relative to him, I happen to have far more available free time, but I'm also in the process of figuring out how to finally establish a financially stable, independent existence. Years ago, I earned a Master's degree in mental health counseling, but after spending quite some time in the profession, nationwide budget cuts meant a huge number of layoffs, and as a result, that career path essentially closed for me. Now, I'm once again freshly graduated from college, but to my shock and dismay, I was rejected by everywhere that I applied to intern - an endeavor necessary prior to my becoming a career dietitian. So, at the moment, I'm trying to figure out what to do next with my life, and to be entirely frank, I'm not always feeling in a good enough mood to produce enjoyable videos, even if Matthew happens to have some free time crop up unexpectedly. Add in that I no longer live alone, and thus have to contend with noise pollution courtesy of housemates, their dogs, and even the occasional kid visiting them... I'm sure that you get the picture. I earnestly hope that in time, he and I are able to pick up our pace of production dramatically - but for the moment, I appreciate your (and everyone else's) patience. Thank you for your support! And for what it's worth, I do hope that you continue to enjoy each new episode in our series. Though our output is low, I do treasure the opportunity to keep making these dorky videos, and hearing that people in this community such as yourself seem to enjoy them so much - it's very flattering. Thank you for encouraging me to continue sharing my passion and enthusiasm for all things LOTR LCG!
  7. The Progression Series returns! Join co-hosts Mitch and Matthew as we evaluate the player cards of The Watcher in the Water. Do share your own opinion and experiences with these cards in the comments, and until next time - take care! The Watcher in the Water Player Card Review - LOTR LCG Evaluation Series Episode #15
  8. After journeying safely past the treacherous and unyielding cold of Caradrhas, your Progression Series co-hosts begin the next leg of their Dwarrowdelf adventure! Shall they deliver Arwen Undomiel to the safety of Rivendell, or instead find themselves exsanguinated from ambush? Be sure to tune in to find out, share your own experiences playing “Road to Rivendell” in the comments, and until next episode – take care! Road to Rivendell - LOTR LCG Progression Series Episode #15
  9. It’s time for the co-hosts of the Progression Series to get ready for the second leg of their elven vacation – join Mitch and Matthew as they assess the new player cards of the upcoming scenario, "Road to Rivendell!" Road to Rivendell Player Card Review - LOTR LCG Evaluation Series Episode #14
  10. Whether from climate change or treacherous wizardry, the weather of the Misty Mountains has never been so perilous. Today though, Mitch and Matthew brave the cold to bring you the latest installment of the Progression Series! Shall they deliver Arwen Undomiel to the safety of Rivendell, or instead succumb to the insidious mountain? Find out, as they tackle The Redhorn Gate, and share your own experiences in the comments! The Redhorn Gate - LOTR LCG Progression Series Episode #14
  11. The Progression Series enters the Dwarrowdelf cycle! Today, join Mitch and Matthew as they examine the new hero and player cards of The Redhorn Gate, and give their initial thoughts on the subtle new keyword "Secrecy." As always, please share your own thoughts on these cards and our new keyword in the comments! As an aside, I (Mitch) have officially completed all coursework required to obtain a second Bachelor's degree - this time, in Nutrition and Dietetics. As I make the transition into a new phase of my life (in ongoing pursuit of a career-job or an internship), here's looking forward to my finally having a little free time again, for a change! Thank you to everyone for your ongoing interest in and support of this series, and I hope you enjoy this new episode. Look forward to the PS2 TRG scenario play-through to come soon, as well as a great many more episodes eventually thereafter. Until next time, enjoy the rest of your weekend, and take care! The Redhorn Gate Player Card Review - LOTR LCG Progression Series Episode #13
  12. Balin has been lost, and the ancient Dwarf kingdom of Khazad-dûm has been confirmed to be overflowing with the ever-multiplying rank and file of the Enemy. As the heroes of the Progression Series prepare for the next mission of their unending journey, they find themselves hunted by a creature more old and unyielding than the very mines they explore; at once, our adventurers are engulfed in choking and burning flame, and strangled by blanketing, smothering shadow. Against a foe whose power is rivaled only by its wickedness, cunning, and fury, there is no hope for victory. Today, please join co-hosts Mitch and Matthew of the Progression Series for our play-through of Flight from Moria! While watching, please do us the kindness of sharing your very own best (and worst!) experiences playing through any of the scenarios from LOTR LCG's very first deluxe expansion; each viewer comment is a delightful opportunity for interaction with the community, and I love exchanging fond memories with fellow fans of this gem of a card game. Thank you to everyone for watching, and for your ongoing support of this series, and until next episode - take care! Flight from Moria - LOTR LCG Progression Series Episode #13
  13. From Horn Blowers to Cave Trolls, it's time that the Progression Series adventure in Khazad-dûm continues! Join Mitch and Matthew for another harrowing installment of the series, as we together test our mettle against the encroaching Orc hordes of The Seventh Level. As ever, please share your own experiences with this scenario in the comments, and until next time - take care! The Seventh Level - LOTR LCG Progression Series Episode #12
  14. Today, the Progression Series steels itself to enter the ancient and sorrowfully fallen Dwarf kingdom of Moria. Join Mitch and Matthew as we take on the very first scenario of Khazad-dûm – it's Into the Pit! Into the Pit - LOTR LCG Progression Series Episode #11
  15. Today, the Progression Series finally delves into LOTR LCG’s very first deluxe expansion – please do Matthew and I the honor of joining us for our evaluation of the player cards of Khazad-dûm! Khazad-dûm Player Card Review - LOTR LCG Evaluation Series Episode #12
  16. With the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle now well behind us, this next adventure sees Matthew and I as part of a scouting party from Gondor which has ventured deep within the ruins of Osgiliath. Finding ourselves suddenly waylaid by the vanguard forces of a huge host in service of the Enemy, have we any hope of escape, so as to warn the vulnerable citizens of the White City? Shall the Progression Series co-hosts again reign triumphant, or shall we instead find ourselves slain by a foe no man may fell? After far too many weeks of absence, be sure to check out the latest installment of the series, enjoy, and look forward to more to come soon! The Massing at Osgiliath - LOTR LCG Progression Series Episode #10
  17. As the Progression Series prepares to cover the upcoming Khazad-dûm deluxe expansion and its associated Dwarrowdelf cycle, please join Matthew and I as we put a bow on our Shadows of Mirkwood coverage! Today, we talk all about themes and trends, and share our overall opinions of each of the products that we've reviewed and played thus far. We discuss the state of Heroes and player cards in the CORE Set, as well as how they evolved over the course of our first full expansion block. Matthew and I share our personal sentiments and experiences playing through each of our first nine scenarios, and I would adore the opportunity to read some of your own opinions on any or all of these topics in the comments! So, please enjoy over two hours of podcast-style listening, let Matthew and I know if you agree or disagree with our thoughts on what we've seen in LOTR LCG thus far, and here's hoping that you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Take care, community, and fare well! Shadows of Mirkwood - LOTR LCG Evaluation Series Episode #11
  18. With the hissing, indignant, and hate-filled Gollum having at last been captured and bound in the swampy morass of the Dead Marshes, our intrepid heroes have but one final task to finish prior to completing their quest - they must Return to Mirkwood! Will Mitch and Matthew be able to safely guard and transport the irate, wailing troglodyte to the halls of the elven king, so that he might see interrogation? Or instead, will the anguished, enraged cries and howls of the bound creature beckon forth more chattering, skittering dangers from the dark and treacherous trees of the surrounding forest than our heroes are able to contend with? Be sure not to miss this ensorcelling conclusion to the Progression Series' adventures in the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle, and please share your own experiences with this scenario in the comments! As always, take care, and thanks for watching. Return to Mirkwood - LOTR LCG Progression Series Episode #9
  19. As one year draws to an end, a New Age prepares to dawn - and thus, your Progression Series co-hosts present the first of the last of our Shadows of Mirkwood cycle coverage! Today, Mitch and Matthew crack open "Return to Mirkwood." Our latest pack may contain some objectively powerful cards, but we very much look forward to sharing our discussion of how we REALLY feel about them with you! Do please give us the gift of sharing one of your own opinions on one or more of these cards in the YouTube comments, and here's wishing you and your loved ones the best during this holiday season and over the upcoming new year. Return to Mirkwood Player Card Review - LOTR LCG Evaluation Series #10
  20. The Progression Series continues! After months of tireless searching, Matthew and I have finally discovered the whereabouts of the wicked and loathsome Gollum. As we wade into the murky, misty swamplands to secure our capture of the creature, will dark knowledge of the long-forgotten, waterlogged ancient battlefield allow Gollum to, at the last moment, elude us? Will our quarry be snatched and bound, or instead, shall our Fellowship be gobbled up by vast, serpentine worms, or even mesmerized into drowning by the lights and spirits of the long dead? Please share your own play experiences and strategies with The Dead Marshes in the comments, and I hope you enjoy today's video! As always, we may not be able to produce these episodes half so often as we would like, but we appreciate your patience and are grateful for your support of our series. Take care! The Dead Marshes - LOTR LCG Progression Series Episode #8
  21. Alas, the day that Sam Mann​ and I once hoped would never happen has finally arrived. In a collaborative finale with co-hosts Scott​ and Brian​ of the First Planet Podcast​, I present for your listening enjoyment the last planned episode of The Tyrantcast. During this two-podcast-sendoff, we hosts discuss the best and worst cards and warlords for each of the nine released factions, reminisce about some of our favorite card game and community memories, and together, celebrate some of our most treasured experiences involving Warhammer 40,000: Conquest. We close by each explaining our respective plans as to whether or not to remain involved with this LCG, and share any intent to become more active in other gaming communities. Regardless of any difference in continued interest in Conquest, I think that we can all certainly agree that the “Living” component of this LCG will indeed be sorely missed. So, here’s hoping that you join Sam, Scott, Brian and myself for one final listen. I thank you to everyone for your support of The Hive Tyrant channel, and The Tyrantcast, and I wish you each the best. Take care, community – and know that producing videos would never have been worth it without the engagement, respect, and friendship, of so many of you. The Tyrantcast #29: The End Comes
  22. The Progression Series continues! Today, while still fresh from our recent investigations of the Emyn Muil, Matthew and I crack open The Dead Marshes adventure pack. Inside, we find one of the strongest heroes ever to be produced for LOTR LCG, as well as a whole host of cards that we really enjoyed talking about. Do be sure to express your own sentiments on and experiences with these cards in the YouTube comments, and look forward to he and I finally attempting to manage our capture of the elusive, deplorable Gollum soon! Take care everybody, and thanks for watching The Dead Marshes - LOTR LCG Evaluation Series Episode #9
  23. The path of their elusive quarry has lead our heroes to the momentary reprieve of a green and verdant clearing, where they find themselves surrounded on all sides by stone ridges, brambles, and many tall pillars of unyielding rock. In the midst of this unforgiving, but solemnly beautiful landscape, they see in the far distance the great Anduin cascading over Rauros to the South, while to the East and West stand the twin, formidable peaks of Amon Lhaw and Amon Hen. While the tell-tale signs of nearby Orcs abound, and begin to increase in frequency, the path of the creature Gollum has grown all but entirely cold; our heroes are now faced with the task of scouring the Emyn Muil in attempt to rediscover its trajectory and whereabouts, lest they never manage to find their game. Closer than lends comfort, the bark and eerie howl of slathering Wargs suddenly echoes off of stone... After a long week of waiting, I am honored to present another installment of The Lord of the Rings: the Card Game Progression Series! Today, Matthew and I tackle The Hills of Emyn Muil. Please feel encouraged to share your own memories and play experiences in the YouTube comments, and I dearly hope you enjoy another video. I can make no promises, alas, but Matthew and I are going to *attempt* to increase the frequency with which we produce and deliver episodes of this series. So until next time, take care, and look forward to more harrowing LOTR LCG content to come soon! Thanks for watching. The Hills of Emyn Muil - LOTR LCG Progression Series Episode #7
  24. I'm not sure how this happened, but somehow, it looks like I forgot to publish a match from the Fall 2016 season of Sam Mann's Black Crusade! So, here ya go - a "Top 16" bracket, single-elimination game between Sharpobject (Epistolary Vezuel) and Intolerance (Talyesin Fharenal). Enjoy! Talyesin Fharenal versus Epistolary Vezuel - Warhammer 40,000: Conquest
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