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  1. The first turn I'll move (if necessary) and shoot. Then recover, then shoot the next turn. If my target pulls to within 3, I won't recover and wait until they are within 2, then recover flipping the card and shooting the red dice at range 2. Hunter will provide aim tokens when shooting at Wookies, imperial guard, etc.
  2. I really like the death troopers and their ability to switch between a range 4 black dice to a range 2 red dice attack is huge. I own three squads and was thinking of getting a fourth for the list below. krennic 90 2x stormtrooper 136 DLT19 stormtrooper 70 DLT 19 scout intel 4x Death Trooper 504 DLT19D Hunter Recon Intel E-11D config 800 pts total. Hunter is there for anti-Wookiee. And recon intel means that I should be able to shoot almost anything with the death troopers in the first round. What do you think?
  3. Does anyone know how many they will have there? The only available tickets are for Monday ($75) for the day. I’m interested in the rest of the convention, but I’d like to know if they’ll have some reserved for each day.
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