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  1. Nothing new here. Move along.
  2. I think we need a 2nd Edition for these forums. Jebus Cripes people...
  3. I think they might have mentioned at some point that Emon essentially does the same thing as before, but I don’t think we saw the actual card.
  4. tortugatron


    She’d be great paired with Jerjerrod.
  5. tortugatron


    Obi-wan isn’t even in the game. Check your privilege.
  6. Just make sure you have a turret. Otherwise it’s a bad list.
  7. We already knew that though. And th whole core has been previously spoiled. We need the comprehensive rules and then we will know all.
  8. You read the articles? I just look at the pictures.
  9. We don’t even know if you can put an illicit on a U-Wing in 2.0. My guess is you can’t.
  10. Yeah that should be fine. As long as the model is the same, it doesn’t matter how it’s painted or even modded as long as you can tell what ship it is.
  11. But it’s an issue that’s been fixed already. We have 2.0 content with 2.0 still being months away. The cards are worded correctly in the kits, so it’s fixed. And we’ve been playing with 1.0 having the wrong words and icons for awhile now. If they weren’t rushed so that people would actually buy Wave 14 (I wouldn’t have if the 2.0 wasn’t in there and I buy everything), the errors wouldn’t even exist.
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