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  1. Wow, I wasn't expecting this much feedback. I misunderstood the rule that you could train characteristic scores to be above 6 over the course of the game so that is kinda dumb. And my main reason for the house rule was I wanted the option to create a flawed human character because I didn't like how humans were always okay at everything and never really had a flaw because all their scores were at 2 and I figure that if you're human you should be well... human, I guess. You should have a flaw.
  2. They can? Oh... Ooops. I thought characteristics capped at 5.
  3. So, I've decided to try out some new house rules regarding characteristics at character creation and beyond in my next game. I figured I'd post them here if any of you like them and want to use them or you have any suggestions. 1. If you're making a human character you can opt to start with a characteristic of your choice at 3 and a characteristic of your choice at 1 and 100 XP as opposed to 110 XP and a free rank in 2 non-career skills. 2. Since a characteristic score of 2 is the Human Average any non-humans who begin character creation with above and below average characteristics can, throughout the course of the game, raise their above average characteristic to 6 but can only raise their below average characteristic to 4. So an Ithorian, through a lot of dedication talents or cyborg upgrades, could attain 6 Willpower but only 4 Agility.
  4. Well, that explains this scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CViJR9X7iRM What movie is this!? I need to watch it!
  5. A young noblewoman is missing her protocol droid and is offering a cash bounty for anyone that can find it! Plot Twist! The droid has run away on its own accord because it is secretly an assassin droid created by an enemy noble house that is trying to assassinate the noblewoman and the droid has grown attached to her and doesn't want to harm her. This enemy noble house is aware of the droid's noncompliance and is attempting another assassination attempt that only the players can stop.
  6. I think Sixgun put it the best. Once you know who your NPCs are and what they want and what they're willing to do to get it everything else is kind of superfluous. Of course, it never hurts to have material prepped about things like location and local history and other errata. Personally, I like to map out the entire location the adventure will be taking place, (I'm not talking down to the inch or anything like that but I should know what the name of the cantina is) populate it with a few named NPCs, and from there I just let the players do what they want. They're usually good about not taking too long doing stupid stuff and if they are it's always a good idea to know which group of ruffians, be they storm troopers or swoop gangers, is most likely to turn the corner and ruin their day.
  7. Now that I think about it... You could literally do Mass Effect with Star Wars and just have the Yuzhan Vong instead of the Reapers. I mean "We are your salvation through destruction." That sounds exactly like something the Vong would say.
  8. Max and Kael, you two obviously want to play different styled games and you can both do it in Star Wars. Rogue One looks like it's supposed to be all dark and gritty like Max wants and Kael's right about how the movies are all black and white morally. Also, thanks for all the suggestions and to my knowledge there isn't any official canon that takes place before Phantom Menace and if there is I don't really care. For this campaign based on what I was talking about earlier I'm willing to throw the other stuff out the window. That said, a lot of the different groups I found on Wookiepedia sound cool...
  9. So I was talking with a friend about how in Star Wars the only readily apparent force using groups out there are the Jedi and the Sith. Both of which are diametrically opposed and hate each other. I was trying to figure out how that happened because the Jedi and the Sith are sort of like Religions and there are way more than just two completely opposite religions on Earth so you'd think there'd be way more in an entire galaxy and that there would be some overlap between them. That's when I started thinking. According to Obi-Wan the Jedi have existed for at least 1000 generations so during that time they copied the aspects of other force using groups that they assimilated into their order. Any groups that wouldn't join they'd destroy, which makes sense given the martial aspects of their philosophy and any group that wouldn't join them could be construed of as a threat that the Republic needs protection from. From that point they came close to monopolizing how the galaxy thought of the Force and how it was taught. The Sith arose out of a desire to prevent the Jedi from achieving this spiritual monopoly and that's why their so obsessed with gaining power. The Sith know that the only way they'll destroy the juggernaut that is the Jedi order is by cutthroat tactics. Naturally I don't think either of the two groups would start out as black and white as they are in the films but over time any moderate members of either group were probably killed off by the group's enemies or even by members of their own groups. In the end of all this chaos you'd have the two completely opposite force using groups vying for power like we see in the movies. So, I had a thought for a Force and Destiny campaign. What if the player characters were right on the forefront of this war between the emerging Jedi and SIth orders thousands of years before the movies? How cool would that be? I'm open to suggestions and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for any lesser Force using groups that the Sith and Jedi would conflict with or for control over them? TL;DR Do you have any cool ideas for groups of Force users that aren't Sith or Jedi?
  10. The First Order is so similar to the Empire and the Resistance is so similar to the Rebellion that I feel like the Age of Rebellion rules they have now would be perfectly fine. It'd just be aesthetic things that are different but I'm almost positive the stats for Imperial as opposed to First Order Storm Troopers are identical and things like that.
  11. I used the Inquisitor Rules to make a recurring villain for my players but it's not really an inquisitor because none of my players have force sensitive characters and I personally want to stay away from force sensitive characters for the current campaign I'm running. So the villain is an Imperial Officer named Lt. Kennor. She was a huge plot twist in of herself because one of the allied NPCs that my players grew attached to was an Alliance mechanic with just one name "Kennor" (He only had one name because I was expecting him to die his first appearance but my players wouldn't allow it.) and he had this compelling backstory that he joined the rebellion after what happened to his wife. He never said what they did so the players just assumed the Empire killed her so when they were bumming around Mos Espa, the Kennor family's hometown, and ran into her they were absolutely flabbergasted.
  12. I was gonna say the only species that I know that is force resistant are the Toydarians, I think Jabba the Hutt was just strong of will like Cad Bane, or does it say somewhere that Hutts are force resistant? And as far as rules are concerned I think you just have the players try and mind trick 'em and then say "Mind tricks don't work on me! Only money! Ha!" and then move on.
  13. I've always been the GM for my group of friends and like trial was saying, I like to have sort of a broader goal for my players in mind. Right now that broader goal for my players is to do a grand heist of an Imperial prototype from the Kuat Drive Yards. Now they can't just roll up to the Kuat Drive Yards, they've had to do a lot of other stuff to track down things like allies, supplies, and materials. For something like that you could always ask your players what things they might want to track down and then come up with the adventure based on what they're trying to get their hands on. Or if you're proactive you could think of things that the players might want and have NPCs nudge them in that direction. Regardless, I always ask my players to come up with their next move at the end of a session so even if they're going completely off the rails I can come to the next session more or less prepared.
  14. An Imperial campaign could lend itself well to a Vietnam allegory. You'd have Imperial characters who come from the cushy core worlds or mid rim and then are sent to far flung reaches of space to fight guerrilla fighters on their own turf. You could make the environments really inhospitable like jungles, or deserts, or tundras to heighten the culture shock. It'd get dark quick but it would be cool because you'd definitely have a way to humanize the often faceless minions of the Empire.
  15. If you finish statting up the vehicles from Empire at War could you post them on here? I was kinda sad that there weren't any stats for all the cool tanks and stuff that the Alliance had in that game and I'd love to use them in AoR.
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