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  1. Hello everyone, I've posted one or two things on here, but mostly just lurk around. I was wondering if anyone out there knew of a good artist, specificily in making Starship deckplans, who might give a possible quote on getting a Deck by Deck, room by room commission of some larger ships. Wanted partly for the novelty of having it, and partly to maintain a level of consistency in games. Specifically, my group and I, would be looking for getting commisions done of the Venator-Class, and possibly the Imperial-Class Star Destroyers. Thanks in advance for any advice given.
  2. Because, Mr. Pirate, when I try to think of character ideas, or help others, for character ideas within a set universe. I like to try and draw from the source matiral as much as possible. As I feel it allows for a deeper connection between the setting and the character created. Though to be quite honest I see no reason to give you the above explanation 2P51. I've read your other posts on the forum and you tend to come off as brash and that you seem rather eager to attack anything that you think is "stupid". It's what I want, that is all that should matter. Nw don't get me wrong, I greatly appreciate all the advice everyone in this thread has given, and if anything proven that Star Wars is far to Force Focused for my taste, part of the draw for my group to EotE. So we will be forced to pull from other Sci-Fi series in order to formulate character ideas.
  3. Thank you everyone for your advice, though i was hoping to find ideas from within Star Wars, I suppose they have gotten to Jedi Focused to have anything other than force sensitives. Unless you want to copy the Fetts, or Rogue Squadron. I suppose I'll just have to look at, and send others, to other series for inspiration, sense the source matiral clearly doesn't have it.
  4. So, one of my groups biggest draws to Edge of the Empire, was the minimal to limited Jedi/Force User support(Obviously ignoring Force and Destiny at this time). Feeling that they got WAY to much love in the franchise, to the level of anyone not Force Sensitive, was just a secondary character who didn't mean much beyond helping the Force Sensitives. But now we've run into a small hiccup. Desiring to create our own characters, a couple of us simply can't think up character concepts. I happen to own ALL of the Comics to date, except for a few things after the Disney takeover, due to a super box deal at a Shop that recently went out of business near me, but haven't read any of them due to getting easily distracted. So I could really use some advice as to what issues I could loan out, or read myself, to get a better feel for a Non-Force Sensitive. I have Death Troopers, which is fairly good for giving an example how useful and coughbettercough, non-force sensitives are, unfortunately it's a bit short and one-shoty, so want to look to my comics for a more long term "show case" of Non-Force Sensitives. any and all advice as far as what issues I should pick out is greatly appreciated.
  5. I appreciate all the advice, beyond what I had suggested in the edit of my post we really had nothing, and even that was just from my own guess work, based on the stuff in the Unoffical Species Menagerie. To better suit them to fit Star Wars we are thinking of making them more humanoid in appearance, like a halfway point between MLP and Equestria Girls. Just so they can use standard gear without having to give them benefits and stuff that honestly the galaxy as a whole wouldn't even try to accommodate. Due to the power of the force, I am reluctant to suggest a Force Rating 1, off the bat for a species, even if the EU has a plethora of examples of Naturally Force Senstive Bloodlines. As our GM is just as fairly new to this as the rest of us. For the Pegasus, we'll probably give them the Toydarian's Hover, and allow them to change between Range Bands with a single Maneuver. But go with the Agility increase, and the Willpower drop as suggested here. As well as 1 free point in either Piloting(Space) or Piloting(Planetary), due to them being more accustomed to thinking in three dimensions then other species, but only 90xp to start with. For Earth Ponies we're going to go with the 3 Brawn and 1 Intellect as well as a free rank in Athletics or Resilience, players pick, just as you guys suggested. As for Unicorns and Alicorns.....nevermind them, being Force Sensitive and all that jazz, the Empire hunted them down to extinction, and and have Kill On Sight orders to all their people, should they see a Horned Earth Pony, or Pegasus.....wow...I really need to think of some Alienish names for these things XD Again, thank you for the advice!
  6. Hello again Community! After the amazing advice and assistance you provided last time. I've decided to come back for a little assistance with House ruling species. Specifically Ponies...A couple of our group are major Bronies, and the the remaining member, and GM, is open enough to allow this, if we come up with the stats for the races, and they aren't to overpowered. So I know the Alicorn and Unicorn would probably be a pain, what with their magicalness, and honestly, we wont care if they aren't available. Though that would be nice, even if we wont use them, the GM might. I understand if this may seem a little "Why the heck would you want this!?" to some, but hey, Star Wars + Ponies, to us, is a combination of the two best things. So please keep flaming to a minimum. Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions you give. EDIT: Some thoughts that I just had, for those who don't know Pegasus can fly, fast, so probably some kind of bonus to agility and piloting, while Earth Ponies are strong, so something with Brawn. Unicorns are smart and magical so probably willpower or Intellect. not sure what to lower on these, or what abilities/Skill to really give them a bonus too.
  7. Thank You everyone for your advice. I pitched everything all of you posted(ok fine, I cheated and just gave a link with a TL:DR summery), and my GM has decided to go with still providing the second free Specialization, with Bonus XP granted after Character Creation is finished.
  8. Hello Community, longish time lurker, first time poster. My group is small, like so small you might as well not call us a group, due to there being a grand total of three of us. Our GM, who tends to avoid forums for silly reasons, has thought up a houserule to better fill the "gaps" in having so few characters. The houserule goes as follows: At Character Creation Start with TWO Specializations. One is designated as the Primary for determining Additional Career Skills. So while you could be a Smuggler Pilot/Technician Slicer, you could only pick from the "Additional Bonus Career Skills" on The Smuggler Pilot OR Technician Slicer, not both, or mix and matching. This Second specialization would not count towards the number of specializations you have for getting new ones over the course of play. and finally you would get 1.5 to twice the starting EXP. My question is, would this lead to starting characters that were to over powered(assuming all other Character Generation rules are still in effect), or should we look for some other way to fill the gaps in our roles? If it is to powerful(as it isn't that unlike the Gestalt Optional Rules some use in D&D/Pathfinder), what would you do to fill the gaps, without compromising the story that wants to be told?
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