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  1. MarekMandalore

    Why Are You Actually Bad At X-Wing?

    I’m bad at X-wing because I’m not invested in X-wing. I don’t build for optimal synergy, so there are a lot of wasteful points in my lists. I put together lists in a few minutes, often with too little consideration for what use some parts will really go to. I also fail to use good blocking, or predict my opponents’ maneuvers adequately. Bad as I may be, I still enjoy my flying.
  2. I see on here a constant thread of debate over whether FFG is doing any favor to the players. Simply put, they are addressing a lot of our concerns, and doing so in a way that makes a revised ruleset accessible to old players in a reasonable manner. In essence, they are doing us a few favors, but these favors don't come from a purely altruistic place. If they did, then FFG would only ask for proof of purchase and ship us upgrades free of charge. They have done us the favor of revising the entire X-wing ruleset, potentially eliminating broken combos and making older ships become competitive and usable again. You know? Ships like the one the game takes its NAME from? This favor also benefits them, by keeping the game going and keeping us making purchases. Had the game continued on the trajectory of 1.0, the player base would have evaporated and the game would be dead. By keeping it alive, they keep their own profits coming, as well as making it remain easy for many players to find groups, events and so forth to keep playing. Again, favor to us and benefit to them. They have provided reasonably costed tools by which players can get into the new rules AND port in ships that have not technically been released for the new edition, yet; just paper and cardboard for them. Who knows how long we'll be waiting for the 2.0 JM5K, for example? Yet, as a player with an older collection of ships, assuming you have more than JUST the JM5K for Scum, you can make yours playable in 2.0 NOW, and for far less than buying an eventual expansion exclusive to the ship in a later wave. This too is a favor to us, and one that also benefits FFG. A favor does not have to be beneficial only to one side. I've done many favors for my wife which also benefitted me, for example. To rage against FFG and their conversion kits over the fact that this favor is not purely at FFG's expense is ridiculous. If you don't want to convert, DON'T. Stick to 1.0. For now, that remains my intention, honestly. First Edition X-wing will soon end, and there is nothing compelling anyone to buy another model or expansion EVER. I guess my point is this: We all have different collections and different investment levels in X-wing, and it would be nearly impossible for FFG to design products for all of our individual needs, and even more likely it would be much more expensive to do so. So, they came up with a method for quickly bringing people somewhat up to date, at least to a playable level, in a reasonable, cost effective manner for both players and publisher. Whether or not I eventually convert, I appreciate the method that FFG selected, as it is a reasonable one. There is no argument that 1.0 was becoming bloated and broken; the number of cards one often put on the table to make particular ships playable was often obscene, and at the same time very limiting. Many ships were deployed using only ONE pilot and with very little variation in the build around that pilot. Some of this had to do with cost efficiency, and some to do with the demands of the meta and how effectively it made certain things either unplayable or playable only with certain upgrades. It is the objective of 2.0 to limit this, and open up both build options and design space. While I'm no fan of the importance of the app to the game, the app managing squad points is advantageous insofar as it will allow for ships to be adjusted as needed with the evolving meta, where the previous, static model forced ships to become obsolete as new rules and abilities exceeded the limits of things designed before those rules were implemented. 2.0 will allow those who are truly invested in the world of X-wing Miniatures to keep playing for a longer time, while enjoying a hopefully more diverse and open game than they have had at their disposal throughout First Edition.
  3. Unless you're playing HUUUGGGE games, that doesn't leave much room for TIE fighters, TIE interceptors, and other staples of the Imperial Fleet.... I feel dirty without a decent wing of TIEs.
  4. I have a fairly modest collection, nothing close to what some on here have. However, out of the $50 Imperial Conversion kit, I'll have 20 or so useable ships worth of material immediately. Considering that one of those ships is the Decimator, I think this is totally fine. In fact, looking at it as a purely mathematical exercise, and not bothering to weight the math based on the cost of individual expansions, on average, that puts me at paying roughly $2.50 per ship to upgrade my Imperial collection. My Rebels would be a tiny bit higher, as I'd be repurposing my scum Z-95s to serve the Rebellion in 2.0. (I have never played Scum enough to justify buying the Scum Conversion kit....) And, when I say a tiny bit, I mean a TINY bit; as in, 19 usable ships in the Rebel box vs. 21 in the Imperial. So, both come out to being close enough to $2.50 per ship to convert. That's not bad!!! If FFG sold individual ship packs for the upgrades, basically card and cardboard only versions of the expansions, I would bet money that they would not be able to sell those packs at $2.50 per pack, and therefore a more a la carte approach would be far more expensive. I'm guessing (with no rationale to it, just a random guess) that the card and cardboard only packs per ship would be closer to $7.99 or more. I get that some people have HUGE collections, and that the Conversion kits can't cover everything in those collections. But, the Kits will get you started and let you play around with some list ideas, and figure out where you need to shore up your collection, possibly by trade, the after market of EvilBay, or just buying individual ship expansions. Remember, FFG has indicated that there will be card and cardboard only packs to cover future releases, so chances are that more cards for A-wings, B-wings, TIE interceptors, bombers and so forth will still be available to veteran players for less than the $20 price tag of a full expansion. If 2.0 interests you enough, the Kits offer a good entry point with a lot of room to experiment and figure out what you like to fly. And, the bigger your collection, the more you get out of a conversion kit. I think the Kits are good as a SINGLE purchase, unless you're both overflowing with disposable income and have a truly INSANE X-wing addiction. (How could anyone justify 4 Decimators???) There is no need to dive in instantly and try to convert an entire collection to 2.0; just use the Kits to get started with a good selection of ships from your collection and start playing with new squads and seeing what works.
  5. MarekMandalore

    STAR WARS FILMS Discussion Thread!

    So, here goes.... IV V III VI R1 VIII II I VII CW (Movie was nowhere near as good as later parts of the series...) Holiday Special (It has a special place in ****; its the only Star Wars movie they have down there...)
  6. MarekMandalore

    Since the reveal, no interest in playing 1e.

    I still have a few 1.0 ships I haven't even flown yet, and I haven't played X-wing for a couple of months. My group has been more involved in "boldly going where no man has gone before", lately. On the other hand, since seeing the announcement for 2.0 and taking some inspiration from it for house rules, I've been tempted to pull out the ships and fly against some HotAC AI opponents if nothing else, just to see how some of the mods impact the game.
  7. MarekMandalore

    X-Wing 1.5

    One idea I’m implementing is the adoption of “configurations”- s-foils should NOT be a modification on an X-wing. It’s what defines the ship as an X-wing. Nor should the T-65 have to forego torps in order to use s-foils with another modification. S-foils, pivot wings, and auto-include titles (TIE/x1, for example) are simply being rolled into the base model of ships. Speaking of torpedoes, and missiles, we’re incorporating charges in a form. No reload action (unless I add ships including it, later), but the first shot when you’re supposed to discard, instead exhaust. When instructed to discard an exhausted card, discard it. Hence, like the preview proton torps, ordnance gets two shots. Munitions failsafes will conceivably give even more, even though that’ll only kick in when you miss. (Those misses still may serve to strip some tokens, though, so even a miss can be useful...)
  8. MarekMandalore

    Imperial Swarm got some love for the V2

    I see it as FFG trying to keep the playing field level; from what we're told, so far, the Empire would make out better than other factions if using old dials was allowed on ships that had no dial changes. The TIE and the Lambda are the first ships that come to mind that I've heard of where the dial hasn't changed. Would it be fair to give the Imperial players an advantage in terms of investment over other factions, effectively making it cheaper to be an effective Imperial player than Scum or Rebel? As a player who most often prefers to fly Imperial, I don't think this would be fair, even though to the best of my current understanding it would favor me. For casual games, have fun with as many old dials as you like. In a competitive event, the field should be level for players of all factions, so from that stand point, I don't see FFG screwing anybody. They're making a logical business decision which also supports a fair playing field for Scum, Rebel and Imperial players. This may be a generous way of looking at it, and FFG may truly only have profit in mind, but I'd rather give them the benefit of the doubt and keep a positive attitude toward a game I enjoy playing. As soon as I start getting bitter over design decisions, it tends to suck the fun out of the game, too.
  9. MarekMandalore

    Solo TV Spots

    Into the Maw... Do we see the Maw Cluster and Kessel remaining as tied as in the EU?
  10. MarekMandalore

    Muh Fancy Tokens...

    Just in case I convert, I’m glad I never got around to acrylic tokens- just maneuver templates and range rulers for both regular and epic. The centerline on the new templates would have to break so as not to obscure the Rebel Starbird (or, crest of House Marek?) in the middle of the template....
  11. MarekMandalore

    If a ships Dial hasnt changed..

    With the core and conversion kits, you can already do 6 TIES. Is it really so terribly to use a few more points to put one different ship in with the swarm? Maybe a single Striker, or a TIE/x1 squad leader?
  12. MarekMandalore

    My Thoughts on 2.0, and why (for now) I plan to stay with 1.0

    As a bonus, homebrew can be worked into Aturi Cluster with a little effort, as it remains 1.0, at least for the time being.
  13. MarekMandalore

    I get that Conversation Kits seem expensive....

    Edition change is part of the gaming hobby. D&D is on fifth edition. The venerable Star Fleet Battles, unless I’m miscounting, is on their fourth edition (Captain’s), selling along side a halfway to fifth (the less crunchy and less rules-dense Federation Commander). In its short life, B5Wars went through two editions. Not all of these transitions are handled well, but they are inevitable, especially in a game that has a long life. All we can do is decide if we want to keep up with new content and buy in, or if the conversion isn’t worth it from our particular perspectives. In my opinion, FFG has gone down a reasonable path to conversion that neither huge nor tiny collections will be served by. It’s a compromise option. Otherwise, either people with smaller conversions would be facing a choice to buy a huge box of 75% useless cardboard, or people with big collections would be facing even more undersized boxes and have to buy a lot more. More packaging, of course, would up the per unit cost. Likely, the conversion kits are optimized for good but somewhat diverse list building from day one. Maybe you can’t do a full 8 TIE swarm, but the 6 from the starter plus conversion will not be insignificant, and leaves room for a centerpiece squad leader of some kind. Under the circumstances, I think FFG handled this well enough that we can put away our pitchforks and torches.
  14. MarekMandalore

    My Thoughts on 2.0, and why (for now) I plan to stay with 1.0

    True. In fact I already have plans to implement s-foils as a “configuration” attached to x-wings by default, leaving room for a modification as well, as well as keeping the torp slot open. I also like the idea of removing the discard target lock requirement to fire said torpedoes. I play more Imperial, personally, but as a gamer I WANT my Rebel opponents to be a challenge while flying thematic squads. And what is more Rebel thematic than the T-65? in the process, maybe playtesting bits and pieces of 2.0 will increase group enthusiasm for X-wing, with or without eventual conversion.
  15. MarekMandalore

    My Thoughts on 2.0, and why (for now) I plan to stay with 1.0

    A good thought , aside from the fact that I supply the X-wing material for the whole group I play with, at least for now. With only one faction, I won’t be playing anything. If I can convince one of the people I play with to buy in, as well, that might become an option. Even then, I’d probably have to sell off some of my ships to them in order to make it worth while, at which point I can only play X-wing when that particular person wants to play, too. Of course, since my main barrier isn’t financial, the buy in isn’t the biggest factor. Just a matter of whether it’s worth it to buy in if it won’t be played much.