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  1. Saw should clearly be Rebel, that way, we can have Saw's U-wing and he can have Sabine, Ezra or Jyn as crew. And it would be a good place to upgrade the U-wing, maybe fix the X-wing in a Partisan aces box, and finally get K-2S0 into the game.
  2. Title - Stolen TIE (Rebel only) Your ship gains crew slot. An Imperial ship at range 1 may use an action to destroy your ship. The kill switch. This title should be required for stolen TIEs going forward.
  3. The Suncrusher attack- 2 agi- 2 hull- 5 shields - 0 Title (unique)- when you would receive a damage card, you may discard it instead.
  4. So, we now have a title for the two hours we'll spend watching Han win the Falcon from Lando, save Chewie from the Empire, make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs and dump a load of cargo belonging to Jabba the Hutt? I'm afraid that this movie will prove as predictable as Titanic.
  5. I've played competitive X-wing ONCE. I usually play on my kitchen table with friends and family. No LGS, no tournaments. Guess what? I really enjoy X-wing! I rarely see any scum ships on the table. Most games are Imperial vs Rebel, and lists are built according to a simple rule: what sounds like fun to fly tonight? Play for fun FIRST, and worry about trying to win with a fun list in a fun format as a secondary concern. Once you cut the meta from the scene and drop the win at all costs philosophy, X-wing is easily very enjoyable.
  6. I don't play Armada as often as X-wing, but I like it much better. The difference is, of course, that X-wing is short enough that it can serve as a "warm up" game on gaming nights, followed by something else, like Arkham Horror, Imperial Assault or a good RPG session. Armada takes too long to serve in that respect, so the fact that most of the people I play with are seriously into Arkham or the campaign oriented worlds of IA and RPGs, it makes it hard to convince them to play something that will reduce the options to get into their favorite games for the evening. Maybe the Corellian Conflict would help, but probably not, as the campaign thing seems to appeal to my fellow players more in relation to character progression, which isn't so much a thing in any version of Armada... To answer your question, I'd suggest maybe doing a test run. I don't know what your format is with the kids, but maybe set up an Armada match to introduce some of them to it, while letting others continue with the fast paced plastic crack of X-wing. Armada will appeal more to those who like to plan and think things through; there's a small amount of patience to X-wing, but most of it is very "in the moment" style thinking. Armada is all about the long game, planning ahead to what you'll be doing and where your ships will be several turns out.
  7. With the caveat that its based off of a unique title, I'd love to see the Falcon and the Outrider running as mildly OP; not game-breaking, mind you, just enough to help balance the underpowering of Rebel staples like the T-65, A-wing and B-wing. Anything OP should not be spammable.
  8. I have only the core, so far, with Jabba's Realm incoming; I built a foam core storage system in the core box, which holds all the minis, tokens, and has a specific tray for the map tiles, and I'm planning to do something similar for Jabba, though I don't think I'll need to set aside storage for quite as many tokens or cards in the Jabba box, as those will probably just get lumped in with the same type of material in the core set. So far, the only things stored outside of the box are deployment cards and expansion mission rules, which are in a binder together. I figured that sheet protectors offered a good way to store the mission/rule sheets in a way they can be read and I don't keep abusing the fold lines and eventually causing them to fall apart...
  9. Mandalorians for both sides: Fenn Rau, Sabine Wren and Death Watch/Night Owls with the Rebels, and Imperial Supercommandoes under Gar Saxon or whoever takes his place on the Imperial side.
  10. I've just started getting back into reading the old EU books, largely because every time I see or hear about the sequel trilogy, it leaves me feeling that George Lucas is tied up and wrapped in duct tape in J.J. Abrams' basement. I would MUCH rather see the Vong than the First Order Imperial Reboot & Repaint. (Don't get me wrong, I like the look of some FO ships, but I'd rather treat them just as Imperial Special Forces.)
  11. Looking awesome, while reminding me of another reason I'll be staying away from Legion. What little terrain I have for Lord of the Rings and the Batman Miniatures Game is already a pain in the butt to store. I can't imagine where I'd put even more terrain. (Not to mention that I really don't enjoy the set up and take down of 3D terrain, as it usually makes set up and takedown as time consuming as actual gameplay, especially in a house with cats.)
  12. To be fair, the Inquisitor is potentially a similar outlier, unless using a campaign that doesn't include Luke, Han, etc. But, if we consider Legends source material, with the resurrected Emperor, Starkiller clones and Joruus C'baoth, he can be explained away. Maybe the Emperor had the Inquisitor cloned as a beta test for his immortality through clones plan? On the other hand, even though he died before Yavin, at least the Inquisitor was active all over the galaxy, rather than being a secluded hermit through the entire reign of the Empire.
  13. I get the love for Yoda, obviously, but I can't really see putting him in IA without it feeling rather outside of the game's theme; even if his mission is restricted to Dagobah, you still earn him as an ally, which means that in something that's supposed to be adding to the Star Wars saga, suddenly Yoda is hopping out of seclusion on Dagobah to help some random Rebels against the Empire, but he can't be bothered to even check in with Luke or maybe complete the kid's training? Just out of a sense of theme, I don't think I'd ever use Yoda in campaign, and I've not yet gotten into skirmish. As a result, Kanan (and Ezra, because he's there) got my Rebel vote.
  14. If they follow the precedent of X-wing's art or IA's minis, as I'd expect, they'll translate them to a more realistic interpretation.
  15. I don't know about Corran in the Ghost; is one extra attack on one turn worth skipping attacks on the next turn?