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  1. Rouge Squadron

    You beat me to it! That was the first thing that came to mind looking at the cards in the OP.
  2. Introducing...the scrub

    The Scrub- in X-wing, if we take the article in the OP as our standard definition, this term applies to MOST of the casual players, Epic players, and many competitive players who value flying an interesting squad rather than simply one optimized for victory. Put simply, my interest in this game is twofold- I like tabletop miniatures games, and I like Star Wars. If this game system was marketed with generic space fighters, I most likely would have skipped it. So, the Star Wars theme was the clincher for me. That said, naturally, I choose to fly TIE fighters, Interceptors, etc., because these ships REINFORCE that I'm playing a Star Wars game. They may not be the best for winning every single match, and in fact I lose more often than I win, but that is fine with me. I still enjoy the games I play. So do my opponents, whom I recruited to play against me by offering them a chance to play a Star Wars game. If you ask me, it is ridiculous to assume that the game and its community can be so cleanly divided between scrubs and winners. There should be some consideration for varying priorities and objectives for different players. Even at a tournament, I'm playing because I love X-wing and I enjoy a chance to get in several games in a day and face a variety of opponents/squad builds. I'll play to win, within the limits of what I bring to play with, but if I lose, so be it. Winning is only the secondary objective which comes up as the excuse for the primary objective, which is simply to play. I'll submit a suggestion for a modified "scrub" definition, as follows- let's define "scrubs" as those who prioritize winning over all else, but lack the will, knowledge or skill to achieve that goal; in many cases, they become the "Nerf Herder" sub-class, which for lack of changing their own approach, instead seek to change the rules to favor their pre-chosen methods. I'll defer to those with more competitive experience than I have as to what, if anything, truly needed bans, nerfs and errata. I tend to simply operate on the assumption that, if I haven't managed to beat something, its not the fault of the game or the list I keep losing to, but rather its the fault of my own (to date) failing strategy. When I first started, for example, I had a **** of a time dealing with TIE swarms. Those swarms were never nerfed or errata'd, but I eventually learned how to take them out. tl:dr- Let's have enough class to avoid trying to sling insults or slap labels on those who simply play with a different style than ourselves, and reserve our ire for those who want to force us to play in a way that favors them and their priorities while disregarding our own. This game, like any other, is only fun if there are still people willing to sit down on both sides of the table and play.
  3. Benchmark Builds- Imperial Raider

    Raider 1 (300) Raider-class Corvette (Aft) (79) - Raider-class Corv. (Aft) •Darth Vader (3), Quad Laser Cannons (6), Single Turbolasers (8), Engineering Team (4), Shield Projector (4), •Instigator (4) Raider-class Corvette (Fore) (63) - Raider-class Corv. (Fore) Ion Cannon Battery (6), Sensor Team (4), Backup Shield Generator (3) •The Inquisitor (30) - TIE Adv. Prototype Juke (2), TIE/v1 (1), Autothrusters (2) •"Howlrunner" (18) - TIE Fighter Academy Pilot (12) - TIE Fighter Academy Pilot (12) - TIE Fighter Academy Pilot (12) - TIE Fighter Academy Pilot (12) - TIE Fighter •Carnor Jax (31) - TIE Interceptor Royal Guard TIE (0), Autothrusters (2), Stealth Device (3) •Colonel Jendon (31) - Lambda-Class Shuttle Fire Control System (2), Weapons Engineer (3) Granted, it’s not optimized, as a list. But, generally, I throw together something similar to this. The cheap TIEs help with blocking and theater control, while the Raider and some of his friends help to quickly and brutally kill things that miss actions. The single turbolasers a great for things like Ghost. Keep it at range with the blockers and blow it to ****.
  4. The mountain you die on

    The TIE Striker- I keep trying, and it keeps dying. First.
  5. Next time I play, I’ll take pics. I rarely do so, but for the sake of hooking more people on the awesomeness of epic, it’s worth the extra effort.
  6. Epic Play With No Epic Ships

    I prefer at least one huge on the table in an epic match. I don’t mind if only one side has one, though, as I find asymmetrical battles interesting. I had a blast a couple of weeks ago with a Raider surrounded by cheap TIEs and interceptors against a group of upgraded rebels led by Han Solo. Han may have shot, first, but he was also the first to die.
  7. If we get an epic faq. What is your concerns?

    Personally, I think Leebo is fine. Thematically, I like to limit him to the energy producing hull section, but it really doesn’t matter. In essence, he pays one energy to give the ship a boost. On a separate note, if we get an Epic FAQ, I want to see it reverse 100/6’s Palpatine nerf, as the full, as printed Palpatine is FINE at Epic. Playing more Epic than anything, I was initially confused by all of the crying on these boards about how OP Palps was perceived to be. He is effective in a 300 point game, but he doesn’t single-handedly determine the result of a battle.
  8. Looking awesome. With similar ideas in mind, I keep thinking of using the minis from rebellion to represent ground units/targets for atmospheric X-wing. They’re small and out of scale, but I look at it as perspective- they’re so much further away than the airborne ships that they look small and out of scale.
  9. Woo hoo. Epic section.

    Finally, a place to discuss the version of X-wing I wanted to play before they released even one huge ship. (I started with an 18” long printout of the CR-90, with rotating turrets; ignored hullpoints on the ship itself, focusing on disabling key systems, each with its own HP...)
  10. Epic ships - Which one to buy?

    From personal experience, you’re truly missing out by not getting the Raider. The thing is VICIOUS. You have to play it well, and build it well (I tend to focus on offensive flexibility), but used well in concert with fighter support, the Raider can shred enemy forces. It’s my favorite epic ship to fly, presently. (For reference, I haven’t had a chance to try the Gozanti, and I have no interest in the C-Roc, but I own the Raider, CR90 and GR-75.)
  11. Is the Star Destroyer Really TOO BIG for Epic?

    For me, the Star Destroyer is a (usually off map) scenario factor. Much like in some of the Epic campaign material, it deploys targeting tokens to the map and fires flak/anti-aircraft batteries into the battle. I did build a small fragment of a Star Destroyer which could be deployed in the Imperial deployment zone, occupying a section of the corner with a few weapons hard points. Each weapon in that case had a fixed 90 degree arc, with some overlap, and had to be filled buying weapon hardpoint upgrades to use. Basically, the small hull section served as an immobile deployment point for Epic weapons. Assuming the Rebel/Scum had any sense, it only really works in scenario play, as in a simple death match, the rebels can simply stay away from the immobile arcs, and the Empire therefore wastes pints to make part of the map less usable.
  12. list of crew that shouldn't be allowed on Epic ships?

    Personally, I LIKE Vader being powerful on the Raider. However, it might be worth clarifying if the damage Vader does to his own ship is specific to the hull zone to which he is assigned. In any case, energy used to regain lost shield is energy not charging weapons. Also, if you can concentrate fire especially with ordinance, every bit of shield helps, or you might even be able to push the Imperial player to have to choose crippling himself or skipping the use of Vader. as has been pointed out elsewhere, there is a lot of ordnance which is very effective against the huge ships. Force the Imperial player to have think about when Vader is going to be worth the risk to use.
  13. That ship you never fly...

    Oh, and lest I forget, many lists MUST include the Raider, because Epic rules.
  14. That ship you never fly...

    I primarily fly Imperials; I rarely if ever fly the lambda. I think I used it once just after buying it, and since then it’s just occupied space. A cursory exam of Aturi Cluster scenarios shows it’ll get more use when I get a campaign up and running, but even then it’s being played by scenario rules and dice, so I still will not be flying it. I just prefer a more openly aggressive approach to my squads, so most of my lists use various TIE configurations plus the occasional Decimator or Firespray.
  15. After 4 playthroughs of FotFF ...

    That’d be the one; I just finished painting up the Klingons.