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  1. One thing to consider- the map isn’t nearly as restrictive in Legion. It’s mostly open, designed for 6’ by 3’, with some bits of terrain here and there to block line of sight and slightly impair movement. But for the difficult maneuvering, there’s more space to do it. Really its no more difficult to maneuver than the ships in Armada.
  2. I don’t play tournaments for either game, so that will influence my take on this. First, the games are VERY different. IA campaign is so far from Legion I don’t think that part needs to be addressed. IA skirmish is a very tightly focused game, with typically small lists and small figure counts. It deals much more in character and narrative theme. Witness the fact we have Spectres as a list archetype in the current meta. Legion by contrast has few characters, but LOTS of nameless troopers. A minimal legal build will have at least 12 troopers, a commander, and whatever else to fill out 800 points. By comparison, my initial imperial list experiments feature 18 troopers, Vader, an AT-ST and two speeder bikes. That is not a likely deployment in IA. Legion is more simulation oriented, while IA is more narrative. The AT-ST of IA can turn and move however it wants, within its movement point allowance. It doesn’t have to be facing something to shoot it. The Legion version has a 90 degree fixed forward firing arc and has to either deal with forward momentum to move and turn or sacrifice a move to make a 90 degree pivot. That’s DRASTICALLY different from our IA version. Simply put, the games are different animals and don’t really compete with each other. They offer very different experiences for different interests in a galaxy far, far away.
  3. MarekMandalore

    Missing components

    I just got my Legion Core Set a couple of days ago from my FLGS. I’ve found both the flight pegs for the speeder bikes and the right handle bar for the AT-RT missing. Has this been a common issue? Is Legion frequently missing parts? And is it more common with the Core or does the problem come up with the expansions, too? (Addendum: FLGS is only temporarily local, but mentioned as maybe there’s a difference between direct FFG sales vs. wider distributor stock.) Of course, parts requests have been placed with FFG, and if I were to guess, I’d think the replacement parts will get to my actual home before I do, which is fine. I won’t be starting to paint anything until I get home most likely anyway.
  4. I’m with Red Castle on this one- the system interests me enough to want to play with it, but the Clone Wars will draw my interest far more deeply. It just seems more fitting to the massed infantry battles. Imperial Assault (especially campaign mode) seems to fit MY view of the Galactic Civil War a bit better. That said, I have a core set, and I’m looking at Han, Rebel Commandos and another AT-RT for the Rebels, and another Stormtrooper unit and an AT-ST for the Empire. Maybe Veers to open more Imperial command flexibility.
  5. MarekMandalore

    Next expansion?

    Given the “villains” are run by the Imperial player in campaign, Saw would be an interesting fit- maybe the IP assigns him to the Rebels as an “ally”, but his actions generate Threat for the IP...? Scariff tiles would be a nice addition, and any of the characters from the Rebel side could be interesting additions. I just don’t think most of them would fit well, narratively. Then again, we already have Obi-wan, and he also was involved in only one mission with the Rebellion (that we know of), and there his involvement was brief. So, I guess if Obi-wan fits, why not Jyn or the Guardians of the Whills?
  6. MarekMandalore

    Next expansion?

    I keep seeing people hoping for Rogue One- logically and thematically, I guess for allies you could do Cassian, K-2SO and Saw Guerrera. None of the rest on the Rebel side had any part in the Rebellion before Rogue One, and certainly not after. (Should that be spoiler tagged...?) All that the Empire could add that we don’t already have is shore troopers, generic security droids and Krennic. I guess it could work as far as wave size goes. Put the troopers and droids in a small box expansion with a couple of new heroes, and put Krennic, Saw, Cassian and K-2SO in blisters as allies and villains.
  7. MarekMandalore

    Should FFG continue to mix Canon and Legends?

    I’d say mix freely. I like the idea of names on some key officers and the EU is full of names which offer thematic design options. Likewise, the EU offers a lot of ship options to add the the Rebellion and the Empire, and the EU sources continue to influence the writers of canon material, so who’s to say this ship or that character DON’T belong? Basing the game around the Galactic Civil War means that we could easily see Mara Jade as the Emperor’s Hand, but it implies nothing about her role later in a new Jedi Order or the New Republic. Kind of like Rebels reintroducing Thrawn and Rukh, with a reference to Pellaeon, yet this does not mean that the events of Heir to the Empire are canonical.
  8. MarekMandalore

    Just started skirmish- first impressions

    If I decide I NEED Negation, I’ll have to consider proxying. Hoth isn’t near the top of my list for IA purchases, so it’ll be a while before I grab it, if I get to it in general. Since I already grabbed the Spectres, the Lothal box is next on my list to provide the tiles and such to properly make use of the skirmish missions they came with. After that, Jabba and Bespin plus the associated figures. In the meantime, as a casual player, I can happily proxy deployment cards if I have minis for them. (May not be totally correct, but I’m happy using the Wizards Bespin Luke for my Jedi Knight version, and between the Core and an Alliance trooper ally pack, I have enough deployment cards to field the 3 IA troops plus another 6 pulled from my Wizards collection...) I’ll avoid proxies for command cards until I can sleeve them and therefore keep it secret who has what cards in hand. But there’s nothing hidden about what deployment cards a player has in skirmish, so proxies don’t cause the slightest problem.
  9. MarekMandalore

    Just started skirmish- first impressions

    All of the feedback is appreciated. I’m not particularly thrilled with proxies for command cards, as fine an idea as that is, at least until I pick up some card sleeves for the mini sized cards. Sleeves should help to conceal what the cards are so that it isn’t obvious when a proxy is up for draw or in hand. In any case, the command cards aren’t a problem- just a new mechanic to get used to. I’m coming from X-wing and Armada, where your upgrades are all assigned and in play from the beginning of the game, so a variable, semi-randomized side deck of disposable upgrades will take some getting used to.
  10. Firstly, I KNOW I can’t put together a competitive army list. A.) I’m very new to IA:skirmish, and B.) my collection is very small. (Core and Heart for boxes, plus all three blister packs for Heart, Weiss, the RGC, and Rebel Troopers for the Core, the Spectres with Lothal to follow, and the Inquisitor.) Initially, I was looking only at campaign, and I found for their limited appearances, my old Wizards of the Coast minis made fine proxies for the allies and villains, as I hated the idea of using cardboard tokens. Of course, the sculpts rarely compare to FFG’s, and I can paint a lot better than Wizards did, so in time I expect I’ll replace a lot of those. Ive been eyeing skirmish more lately- it gives more opportunities to play with favorites and iconic characters, new and old. My first experiment ran a Rebel squad led by Ahsoka and Gideon, supported by Luke. For a very suboptimal list, they rocked it. Ahsoka is very effective, in my limited experience. My biggest barrier- getting the hang of sorting and selecting command decks. Even with my small collection, the supply is huge compared to the small sampling which will be of use to any one list. Unfortunately, online list builders don’t help, as my collection supplies both me and my opponents. So, unless I want to simply deny access to certain cards and give myself an unfair advantage, I don’t know how to use such a quick method. The command deck is the most time consuming part of both list building and set up, so far. Nonetheless, I think the command deck adds enough to the game that it’s worth the trouble. It really fleshes out the list and let’s figures shine. “Son of Skywalker” gave Luke a great chance to shine as the hero of the Rebellion, facing down two trandoshans after finishing off a sentry droid to defend a terminal for the alliance. (He was finally defeated, but only when BT-1 entered the area and he still held on long enough for support to arrive and deny control to the Empire...) i was hesitant to mess with skirmish. I kept telling myself the simplicity of Wizards’ d20 miniatures game was plenty good (and it still is for larger battles which would suffer under the weight of IA), but after giving in to temptation, I love how well IA:skirmish plays and how well it captures character and feel. Now I have to expand my IA wishlist to get more skirmish missions, command cards, etc...
  11. I haven’t tried the skirmish list organizer, but the card editor is awesome- they’ll require some play testing, but I have preliminary versions of Galen Marek, Rahm Kota and PROXY to play with in the near future!
  12. MarekMandalore

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    "Emperor's Hand" (i.e., Mara Jade every bit as much as the "Royal Guard Champion" is Carnor Jax) for the Empire. Cassian Andor and K-2SO for the Rebels (they'd make more sense than anyone else in Rogue One...) Dr. Aphra for Fringe, with a special deployment card letting her use 0-0-0 and BT-1 (maybe other droids, too) in skirmish regardless of faction.
  13. MarekMandalore

    Star Wars series

    To the original point of the thread, I’m as yet uninterested in the new series. Disney’s handling of Star Wars has been bipolar in my opinion. Rogue One was pretty decent, and Rebels was more good than not starting near the end of Season One. Episode VII was a cheap clone of a movie I already have seen, but with some new characters who had potential. Episode VIII followed up the storylines of the Force using characters from VII well, but the rest of the story seemed written just to drag itself out and keep the rest of the characters occupied long enough for Rey and Luke to save them. I haven’t mustered the interest to see Solo. It feels too much like the overdone Marvel movies, to me. “Cash cow- must milk...” I liked Iron Man and Thor. But Marvel movies are coming out in such quantities and so intertwined with each other that I’ve lost interest.
  14. MarekMandalore

    Why Are You Actually Bad At X-Wing?

    I’m bad at X-wing because I’m not invested in X-wing. I don’t build for optimal synergy, so there are a lot of wasteful points in my lists. I put together lists in a few minutes, often with too little consideration for what use some parts will really go to. I also fail to use good blocking, or predict my opponents’ maneuvers adequately. Bad as I may be, I still enjoy my flying.
  15. I see on here a constant thread of debate over whether FFG is doing any favor to the players. Simply put, they are addressing a lot of our concerns, and doing so in a way that makes a revised ruleset accessible to old players in a reasonable manner. In essence, they are doing us a few favors, but these favors don't come from a purely altruistic place. If they did, then FFG would only ask for proof of purchase and ship us upgrades free of charge. They have done us the favor of revising the entire X-wing ruleset, potentially eliminating broken combos and making older ships become competitive and usable again. You know? Ships like the one the game takes its NAME from? This favor also benefits them, by keeping the game going and keeping us making purchases. Had the game continued on the trajectory of 1.0, the player base would have evaporated and the game would be dead. By keeping it alive, they keep their own profits coming, as well as making it remain easy for many players to find groups, events and so forth to keep playing. Again, favor to us and benefit to them. They have provided reasonably costed tools by which players can get into the new rules AND port in ships that have not technically been released for the new edition, yet; just paper and cardboard for them. Who knows how long we'll be waiting for the 2.0 JM5K, for example? Yet, as a player with an older collection of ships, assuming you have more than JUST the JM5K for Scum, you can make yours playable in 2.0 NOW, and for far less than buying an eventual expansion exclusive to the ship in a later wave. This too is a favor to us, and one that also benefits FFG. A favor does not have to be beneficial only to one side. I've done many favors for my wife which also benefitted me, for example. To rage against FFG and their conversion kits over the fact that this favor is not purely at FFG's expense is ridiculous. If you don't want to convert, DON'T. Stick to 1.0. For now, that remains my intention, honestly. First Edition X-wing will soon end, and there is nothing compelling anyone to buy another model or expansion EVER. I guess my point is this: We all have different collections and different investment levels in X-wing, and it would be nearly impossible for FFG to design products for all of our individual needs, and even more likely it would be much more expensive to do so. So, they came up with a method for quickly bringing people somewhat up to date, at least to a playable level, in a reasonable, cost effective manner for both players and publisher. Whether or not I eventually convert, I appreciate the method that FFG selected, as it is a reasonable one. There is no argument that 1.0 was becoming bloated and broken; the number of cards one often put on the table to make particular ships playable was often obscene, and at the same time very limiting. Many ships were deployed using only ONE pilot and with very little variation in the build around that pilot. Some of this had to do with cost efficiency, and some to do with the demands of the meta and how effectively it made certain things either unplayable or playable only with certain upgrades. It is the objective of 2.0 to limit this, and open up both build options and design space. While I'm no fan of the importance of the app to the game, the app managing squad points is advantageous insofar as it will allow for ships to be adjusted as needed with the evolving meta, where the previous, static model forced ships to become obsolete as new rules and abilities exceeded the limits of things designed before those rules were implemented. 2.0 will allow those who are truly invested in the world of X-wing Miniatures to keep playing for a longer time, while enjoying a hopefully more diverse and open game than they have had at their disposal throughout First Edition.