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  1. I can’t say what matters to anyone but myself, and I’m uncertain about the Mandalorian as of now. I dislike the sequels, and the whole “reset button” story to take everything back to the same ragtag rebellion (Resistance) vs evil empire (First Order) dynamic as the original trilogy. So, short of the jury being out on the Mandalorian, I PERSONALLY agree with the chart. Solo was reasonable entertaining, and much better than I expected, and the rest I don’t even feel the need to explain. To varying degrees, I’ve enjoyed everything on the list up through Ep. VI.
  2. I play casually at home, and beyond that, I’m still playing first edition.
  3. I’ve thought of doing something similar with Luke to Starkiller. Up the points to account for trading a blaster for force lightning, and swap out Luke’s gear slot for a training slot, instead. Make him an operative, and I think it works. (Tenacity would do well to approximate his dark side training as he gets deadlier the more he gets hurt.)
  4. The thing is- the Ewoks didn’t beat the Empire. The surprise got the Ewoks off to a good start, then things quickly start going downhill for them. Once the surprise wore off, the Emperor’s troops were doing well. One Wookiee plus two Ewoks and some creative strategy on Han’s part actually beat the Empire. Ewoks alone would have ended the battle with the Empire burning down the forest and killing everything in it.
  5. Sabine will be helmeted (I already have IA version without the helmet) and blasters, as I expect to use her more often without the saber than with. It would bug me to see her always carrying the saber I didn’t pay for her to use. Bossk will probably get his grenade just because he looks cool with it. Makes him look more versatily destructive.
  6. Competitive play vs casual play will be distinguished by things like time limit, the presence or absence of impartial judges to rule on disputes, etc. Competitive players vs casual players in my experience will mostly come down to prioritizing list efficiency vs list theme. Competitive players want a list that’s at least worth every point if not making some units pull more weight than their points suggest. Casual players will often deploy inefficient units just because it fits the theme they want to play with or it’s a fun toy to play with. (T-47 is the most obvious example, though even the AT-ST is more likely to be found in a casual list than a competitive one.)
  7. Con exclusives are nothing new. FFG has a long history of it, usually con exclusive art variants. Arkham Horror had alt art Great Old Ones. X-wing has had a lot of alt art pilot and upgrade cards. Vader is just three dimensional alt art. I played Star Trek Attack Wing for a (very) short while, and there, and at Wizkids in general, is where you find a shameful example of exclusivity. Many of the most competitive ships in Attack Wing were championship prizes for organized play. Thus, the game quickly began to favor those who either had been playing from the beginning, and thus had overpowered prize ships/upgrades, or those who would pay obscene amounts on eBay to get those items. Regular, new players were essentially barred from successful competition because they couldn’t get exclusive items. Not having con Vader will not bar anyone from victory. We’ll all be just as competitive (or, non-competitive for those of us who aren’t that good) with or without him. From that standpoint, I see nothing wrong with FFG’s decision. Exclusives and limited editions are a regular part of collecting, be it with games, toys or comic books.
  8. Officially, I think the models need to be at least close to the official one. Casually, I’ll gladly proxy officer cards and use the regular unit leaders as officers on any group that pays the point to upgrade to the morale 2, etc.
  9. Given that we already have Sabine previewed as an Operative, and that Hera would fit nicely as another Commander option, I'd expect we'll see the Spectres showing up more in those capacities. Similarly, while Pao and Bistan are upgrades, I find it more likely that's because they were small, if fairly visible, parts of Rogue One. More likely, we'll see Baze, Chirrut, etc. appear slowly as operatives, maybe Commander Cassian...
  10. My bases don’t even get painted. I add terrain to the top (rocks, grass, shrubbery- matches my home table), but the edges are still as packaged.
  11. I’m good with commanders and operatives being the priority for FFG in terms of options- more than any corps, special force or support unit, the commanders shape the play style of an army. I haven’t seen nearly as much attention given to fleet trooper lists or snow trooper lists as I have to “Wonder Twins” or Veers, etc. Between keywords, morale, and other abilities, plus command cards, the commanders and the operatives lend the strongest hand in making list diversity, in my opinion. Do I want to see more corps options? Let’s say I won’t object when they come. I’m content with what we have. I’d like to see more types of heavies to add to corp units, and more types of specialist to modify the function of units. However, Stormtroopers and Snowtroopers are all I would have expected for Imperial corps, and the Rebels I could only really ask to see Hoth troopers to balance the snows, thematically. (Even there, though, I don’t imagine there being a huge difference between the function of Hoth troopers and the rest. Maybe the keyword from the fleets, and the A-280 rifles of the regular troopers...)
  12. May I introduce you to Imperial Assault? Where one box contains 9 troopers with only a single pose, and an expansion add 3 more guys, with only a second pose. Legion has it GREAT by comparison. Even with a full corps, you'll at most have 6 of any one sculpt on the table, and they should be mixed between different units so they still give the illusion of variety...
  13. A further happy note on Jyn and her Pathfinders- FFG just sent me an email saying my pre-order will be shipping soon, so I'm guessing North American release is next week.
  14. Save “Girl Power” for the release of Sabine Wren as an Operative. Sabine/Jyn/Leia...
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