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  1. MarekMandalore

    Is this game worth getting in to?

    Firstly, these are two VERY different games, despite cosmetic similarities. At the skirmish level, where they are at their most similar, Imperial Assault is open to highly varied squad composition. The last I heard, the current meta in competitive IA was seeing a lot of use of the Spectre Cell, inclusive of 6 distinct characters. In contrast, Legion, at standard levels, sees MAYBE three characters and squads of anonymous soldiers. So, if you want games featuring a lot of characters, IA stands as a good option. As pointed out above, IA also features numerous play modes. Of special note, I’d point out that the app supports solo play. To play Legion, you need an opponent. Imperial Assault can be played solo, whenever the mood to roll some dice strikes. Bottom line, I’d say IA is well worth buying. Owning both, my personal experience is that I get more out of IA than I do Legion.
  2. MarekMandalore

    What should the next campaign use?

    I don't have Hoth or Bespin yet, but those would be my next votes- more iconic, tie in to the trilogy stuff. (Admittedly, I'd also like to see Lothal, but that's mainly because the idea of a campaign using Thrawn as the main villain is appealing...)
  3. MarekMandalore

    is it death ?

    Its only been 4 months since we got Jabba's Realm added, and it was at least 8 months from release to Jabba; I wouldn't expect to see any new campaigns for at least another couple of months, and I think that might be optimistic. Given that Descent just got a new release for their app after a very long absence of new material of any kind, I don't think we have any reason to worry just yet. It MIGHT be time to worry if we still don't have anything new by this time next year. (Legion and X-wing are FFG's Star Wars babies- IA and Armada have a long history of much slower releases and less news in general.)
  4. I haven't tried any actual tournaments for Legion, and I probably won't. My experience playing it on my dining room table, though, suggests that it would probably be a pain to manage a large tournament for. Granted, in stores or at events, you could cut the set-up time down from what I have at home. But, even at that, playing standard, 800 point armies, over 6 rounds, I haven't had a game run less than three hours, unless you count one aborted at round 3 due to a cat displacing everything on half of the table with a single leap. Granted, a casual format tends to make a game take longer, as there are pauses in the action to fetch drinks, make coffee, or whatever, but even bearing that in mind, it remains significant that X-wing, Imperial Assault and even Armada still take much less time to set up and play- they're all more friendly, therefore, to tournament play. Legion also presently suffers from a limited selection of units- each side has only 3 options to serve as commanders, and the commanders shape the initiative system and the game's overall flow. Beyond that, the limited options by default ensure a limited meta. Long play time, elaborate set up and stale meta don't encourage enthusiastic tournament play. Don't get me wrong- I like Legion. I enjoy playing it. But, it doesn't even begin to appeal to me as a tournament game.
  5. MarekMandalore

    Legends of the Alliance Wishlist

    So far, that matches with my experience; my current campaign has even been so thematic as to on deploying random uniques keeping them related. On Yavin, it spawned BT-1, followed by 0-0-0 on Ord Mantell. Between them and the scripted IG-88 appearance, it was easy to imagine CT-1701 cursing the "clankers" on a regular basis...
  6. MarekMandalore

    Suitability for Solo Play?

    I've been playing using my laptop; my tablet died and I think the phone is too small. My experience is showing that: a.), The app is quite fun solo- I have a four hero group running through right now, and its going well and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. (CT-1701, Ko-Tun, Drokatta, and Jyn). b.) The more content you have available for it to play with, the better. I'm currently re-playing Freedom Fighter (waiting for a copy of Jabba's Realm from the post office...), and compared to earlier efforts, my expanded collection is making it more interesting already. And more thematic. I theorize that the app's deployments are based on an available pool of "threat" to spend, so when it was at a low threat deployment, it almost invariably would start sending waves of Imperial officers and probe droids, until I added Lothal to the collection. Death Troopers make for a much more fitting deployment group, and my last mission came down to running for a shuttle, protecting prisoners, while being headed off by one eDeath Trooper, 2 regulars, plus an Imperial Officer (in ISB dress) and a single probe droid. That looked a lot more like Star Wars than three officers and three probe droids... As an example of the app's success, as I was playing, I was finding myself invested enough in the game beyond simple mechanics that I was starting to see the dynamics of the squad- CT-1701 is emerging in the back of my head as the squad leader, though Ko-Tun is enough of a tactician and leader in her own right that she occasionally takes the lead in the heat of battle. That still left the voice and personality of a clone trooper in my head helping to dictate the responses I'd use during encounters. One of my "tests" of a game system like this is to look at how much the game immerses me in the narrative side of the game, rather than just paying attention to the mechanics. Playing solo, the app has passed that test. The mechanics are simple enough that they don't detract from the experience, so you can focus on the evolving story on your tabletop (and in your device, which is serving as the "Imperial Player").
  7. MarekMandalore

    Scum yes or no.

    I'd be fine with seeing certain scum units used as either special forces or operatives. However, as a "faction", I can see why scum (also called "fringe" a long time ago, by a publisher far, far away...) works in a small scale game like Imperial Assault, or the old Wizards of the Coast system. In either of those systems, you're often looking at forces composed mostly of a few "hero" units, with limited support from, for lack of a better term, minions. Legion is exactly the opposite- the focus is on the rank and file soldiers, with heroes selected to support them through command or other methods. A minimal list will feature at least a dozen generic troopers, with a max (so far) of four heroes- two commanders and two operatives, though it is worth noting that only AFTER Chewbacca comes out will both sides have a single operative available, not two. I don't see the Hutt cartel engaging in open warfare against the Empire or the Rebellion. Some of the Hutt mercs might contract their services to one of the warring factions, but that would be covered by having a Weequay pirate (or whatever) special forces unit. Similarly, the Mandalorians made their most prominent showings as allies for the Rebellion or the Empire- some Imperial Supercommandos led by Gar Saxon would add some Mandalorians under the Imperial banner, and Clan Wren (maybe with Bo Katan as a commander?) would similarly add Mandalorians to the Rebel side of the game. Hondo Ohnaka, Lando Calrissian, and Vizago could each contribute mercs to the Rebels. As a faction, though, I think scum and villainy work better at a smaller scale, where they don't need or offer regular, regimented armies. Keep in mind the comparison between the scales of IA and Legion. Legion often will see up to 20, or pushing it, 30, regular troopers on the map (depending on upgrades and the rest of your army composition). IA, on the other hand, rarely will feature more than 9 troopers, and often far fewer than that, with a spotlight on the heroes. Using the criminal element in that capacity seems far more fitting, at least in my opinion. The only examples I can think of for criminals NOT associated with the Alliance or the Empire would be groups of proto-Rebels, like the Cloud Riders and Enfys Nest, or Saw's Partisans. (Or, in the real world, essentially terrorists...) Give me some of the more dark side oriented scum for Imperial use as mercs, and the same with more "good side" for the Rebels, and maybe even some "Neutral" units which can be contracted by either side, and I'll be plenty happy with the application of the iconic scum and villainy for Legion.
  8. MarekMandalore

    Battle Damaged Vader

    Looks awesome! Now, you just need to visit Skullforge on Shapeways and get a Starkiller to go with him...; somebody had to wreck Vader's day, and that mini looks an awful lot like Vader at the end of Force Unleashed.
  9. MarekMandalore

    Feeling demoralized about my skill

    Your troopers may not be as bright and shiny as some, but mine aren't either; rather than being bothered by that fact, I embraced it as giving a little more of a weathered, used look- like troopers who'd been on deployment and in action for a while. Admittedly, I cheated, and used a Tamiya gloss white to base coat the Stormtroopers and Scouts, after a good primer of course. Spray paint can be your friend, and the gloss helps to keep the wash from dominating the miniature too much. I KNOW my minis don't look as good as many of the ones I've seen online, but they relax me to work on them, and I enjoy seeing the results when I put them on the table. And, of course, I suspect that the Stormtroopers are going to make you harsher on yourself than you ought to be. If I were comparing my troopers to minis I painted for Lord of the Rings 10 years ago, I might think I hadn't improved. However, by comparing my Stormtroopers to the ones I painted for Imperial Assault a year and a half ago it becomes really obvious that my painting has gotten better. Nearly any mini you've ever painted is going to be more forgiving and offer more flexible options to hide mistakes than Stormtroopers. Honestly, I thought about using my IA Stormtroopers to proxy more corps units for Legion, and I couldn't do it- not because of scale, but simply because the IA ones look so cheap by comparison. They were far better and eye pleasing than the old Wizards of the Coast ones, but they look cheap next to my Legion work. And I am by no means a great painter.
  10. MarekMandalore

    OT units

    As noted by others, most of what is presently out is OT, with the exception of AT-RTs and Wookiees- those you have to use a small amount of imagination to fit in, but it doesn't take much. AT-RTs look like Star Wars tech, and of a decidedly inferior form to the more powerful and well-protected AT-ST, so thinking of them as outdated and discarded models used by the Rebellion works. As for Wookiees, its not as if the people of Kashyyyk were terribly big fans of the Empire, so any of them who were not enslaved would have a good probability of holding sympathetic views with the Rebellion. And, really, you can make a pretty good force out of what is presently available, and have a lot of options to play with. While technically Jyn Erso is not OT, the Rebel Pathfinders coming out alongside her fit the OT aesthetic well, and in fact some of them could pass for Hoth troopers if you so chose to paint them. Rather than worrying about deleted scenes for justification, I'd recommend looking at miniatures as they release, or as you find them in your local game store, and see if they fit well with your idea of the Galactic Civil War. Ignore the Clone Wars stuff when it comes out, unless it becomes appealing to you for some reason, and ignore any Resistance/First Order stuff, unless it appeals. But, regardless of the source of the material, look with an open mind at gaming material tied in to the Galactic Civil War/OT era, and pick up what shows potential. Most games have to expand a little beyond what source material is available in a total of three movies, so if you don't care for the movies/cartoons/comics, don't worry about it. Let the new characters and unit types stand as nothing more than expanded options to play with and have fun. I too favor the Galactic Civil War for a Star Wars setting, so that's the approach I'm taking- buy those things which interest me and fit into the conflict between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. If it doesn't interest me, it doesn't matter if it fits or not. (I'm still not sold on using the Emperor and his Royal Guards in a military field- I think they fit better at the character-level strike team format of Imperial Assault...)
  11. MarekMandalore

    jyn and new troops

    Exactly what I was thinking- time for the Rebel rocket launcher.
  12. MarekMandalore

    Star Wars: Legion High Command Invitational

    3 colors are common to my Stormtroopers- white armor, black accents and underlay, gray/gunmetal blasters. Plus, there are a few gray and even blue accents on the armor. Not that it matters- non-tournament players paint to their own satisfaction, with no regard for a three-color rule...
  13. MarekMandalore

    Scheming for Terrain Building

    I’ve cannibalized a lot of terrain from my Lord of the Rings miniatures gaming- a Mordor-style tower works well as some kind of Sith “temple”, and the Old Republic has a long enough history to justify numerous sets of ancient ruins. Add some more Star Warsy stuff, like crates, consoles and comms equipment, plus some sci-fi terrain I ordered from TT Combat, and it works well. Looks like a newer settlement built right over something older. And the wall I built for LotR Pelennor Fields scenarios offers a good incentive for repulsor vehicles, even with doors marked for trooper movement (doors stolen from Imperial Assault). After all, the doors can easily bottleneck troopers, while the wall is low enough for either 74-Zs or T-47s to go over with no problem. Theoretically, troopers can climb, of course, but that just makes grappling hooks a more useful upgrade... even at that, the climb costs an action, and the threat from vehicles would likely leave the climbing troopers without a dodge and exposed to fire. (The AT-ST would be unable to cross the wall, but it could see troopers on top and fire on them with little if any cover, so even ground vehicles become relevant.)
  14. Hilarious point; accurate, but hilarious. How many times in film did we see Luke and Han fight side by side with ground troops? Of those times, how many included Luke with sufficient Jedi training to deflect blaster bolts from trained soldiers, telekinetically move enemy soldiers, etc.? And, given those conditions, how many times were those conditions met with the Imperial ground forces being led personally by Darth Vader? Of course, there's no reason to say that such a thing couldn't happen, but I haven't seen it in any of the movies, and I haven't read enough of the books or comics to know what they've portrayed. Of the canonical battles we've seen, Luke spent two of them in a cockpit, and the third he spent most of engaging the Emperor in witty banter. By the time they were fighting Imperial forces on Endor (not counting the small skirmishes of Luke and Leia against biker scouts), Luke was on the Death Star. Point being- ANY forces we set up in our games are likely to be a speculative match, rather than a "historical" simulation of battles seen on screen, in which case, why shouldn't we be able to see some Ewoks, or even Gungans, fighting with the Rebellion? Besides, the Rebellion needs some more unit types, and I personally don't have any immediate thoughts on what those should be, where I already have two units in mind I'd love to see next for the Empire- Mandalorian Supercommandos or Death Troopers! Of course, both sides have a wide selection of Operative level characters they could add- the Inquisitors would seem well suited as operatives for the Empire, as would MOST of the Spectres. (I'd expect to see Hera, maybe Kanan, as Commanders, if they were to be added.) We can add a huge number of commander options to either side: General Calrissian, General Madine, etc, for the Rebels; Thrawn, Krennic, and Gar Saxon would all be fine Imperial commanders; maybe Admiral Sloane? I don't recall if she did much off ship, but she might be an option (and one I might be able to easily mod into a Captain Juno Eclipse to run on the table with Starkiller….)
  15. MarekMandalore

    Painted vs Non-Painted

    I gladly declare that I have nothing to say to others regarding how they play with their toys. I’ll happily encourage them to paint if they haven’t, but in the end they’ll do as they wish with their toys. Personally, I refuse to put any of my minis out for a game until they’re painted. But, that’s just my preference. Then again, a lot of people would say I’m missing a big chunk of the Legion hobby- I don’t play competitively or in any kind of tournaments, and I build my lists based on what I’d like to see on the table rather than worrying over the most efficient or meta-style list. As Rebels, I LIKE playing with the T-47, just as I like my AT-ST for the Empire. Beyond what sounds like fun, I’ll then adjust my list to get the best use I can of the units I have available and chose to use. (Hence, my Stormtroopers usually have AT-ST support to help limit Rebel mobility, and they usually have concussion grenades so that when they get close they can deal some good damage to the Rebels regardless of cover. And grenades get better dice than the rifles...) I’ll play my best with the list I’m using, and I’ll try to build a good list, but the list will be built based on theme and aesthetic ideas rather than on tournament results, netlisting, or simple activation spam. Given the emphasis on list-building in most competitive games, I appear to be skipping a big part of Legion. If I do that, who am I to criticize others for skipping the (subjectively) fun part of painting their models?