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  1. Altered Fates scenario Android- multiple devices all maps The code for the safe containing the golden key sometimes does not match the clues given: e.g shied (1314 )statues on arms (4) The code you need to input can be e.g first two numbers of the shield then e.g number of statues on house arms. (134) Or it can be first two numbers on shield combined second two numbers on shield combined then e.g number of statues of house arms. (454) The clue for the code is quite clear and the answer sometimes does not match. If you close the app and restart the round it then seems to accept correct code per clue. Iv discoverd this though alot of frustration and trial and error, alot of people probley got stuck trying to open the safe they likely thought they missed something but it's definatley a bug since it can right itself if you restart the app!!! Please have a quick look into this and you will see what I mean.
  2. Behind closed doors scenario Android one mi A2 lite Witch is instructed to move into range then attack an investigtor in its space. Options can have unresolvable outcomes.
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