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  1. I know which store you are referring to that had the initial price as being lower. They've always sold their wargames at a permanent sale price because they are not a game store; they are a hobby store. The prices I am referring to where they are not making any money is the prices they have for their Warhammer product. Both the owner of my LGS and the LGW have said that at the price they are selling at, it is barely above wholesale. As for them trying to siphon gamers away from other stores, that is my experience. I have posted on the X-wing facebook group for the area saying I am looking for a game at my LGS and the owner of the other place will comment telling me to play at his store instead. I have posted that I was looking for games of 40k at my LGS and he has done the same thing. You may have had a positive experience with the guys there, but community is more important to me than business. I think it is deplorable to try and kill the gaming communities at other stores just to improve yours. Yeah that sounds familiar, and yes I am a fellow Canuck. If you are the person I am thinking about, we played each other in two different tournaments with me tapping out the second time we played because my back was killing me on the concrete floors. The LGS owner has messaged me and mentioned that he is considering running an X-wing league on Fridays, so if that gets up and running and can pull some of the gamers that go to the newer store, then I may very well hang on to my Imperials. Hell, it might get some of the Warhammer regulars back into playing X-wing as well.
  2. Pretty much, yeah. And I can understand his reasoning from a business point of view. Every other store is in a residential area that is easily accessible, where as he opened in the middle of butt f*** nowhere industrial area.
  3. I'd rather not divulge that information
  4. They are the fourth gaming store (fifth hobby store) to open in the city. Prior to them, every other store (except one) has been supporting each other and encouraging the gaming community to grow. For the longest time, Warhammer has been the dominant game played in my area. The Warhammer community has grown even stronger across the board, even with Games-Workshop opening a Warhammer store in town. The manager there does his best to promote the other active stores, whereas the owner of the store that X-wing has migrated to has done the opposite. The store I play at would have the X-wing players come in on Sundays to play, and when I first started there was always a good number of people to play against. Then this store opened and once they got on their feet they started running X-wing on the same day, but they provided free pizza in an effort to draw gamers away from the other stores. If people were to post in the regional Facebook group that I was looking to play a game of X-wing or 40k, the owner of this new place would hound them to play at his store, despite the fact that they have stated they are looking to play somewhere else. Finally, his pricing is set so low in an attempt to drive business to him that he is not making money, or what he is making can barely be called profit. The owner does not care for the gaming community and is only concerned with making sure his business succeeds. I can understand why he does things from a business end, but considering that even GW is willing to play ball with the local stores and support them says so much more about this guy. I think you may need to take another look at what GW is doing. Since their new CEO took over, they have kicked their production into over drive and are cranking out new ideas and breathing new life into old ones. The Warhammer community in my area has probably tripled in the past year, and part of that comes from the boxed games that GW has been putting out.
  5. The X-wing community at my store has effectively died and moved to another store that I have a hard time supporting due to their business practices (primarily the fact that they seek to destroy the gaming community in the city and bring everyone to their store as opposed to building on it and making the overall community better). I've tried for almost a year to get a game played at my LGS, but it's been at least several months since I last played a game of X-wing. So, a natural thought to have is that it may be time to sell my X-wing collection and invest the money into something I will actually get some use out of like Warhammer 40k. The issue I am running into is that roughly 50% of the ships I own have been repainted to suit my own aesthetic, and I am wondering if that would have an effect on the price I could ask for the fleet. My general rule of thumb when I am selling used models is to ask for 50% of the retail cost, but would people be willing to pay more if the entire fleet is painted to a similar quality and paint scheme? Or would the fact that they are painted adversely affect the resale value? I want to know whether it would be worth the effort to finish repainting the rest of my fleet, or whether I should just cut my losses and run. If it helps, the ships that I have repainted can be found here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/180037-gmls-repaint-thread/
  6. What it always comes down to is initiative. If you have an opponent who is adamant that they are right, pull out the rules to show him why initiative says he is not.
  7. Problem with putting the prequels after Empire when you are introducing someone is that you spoil that Leia is Luke's sister. Proper order for introducing someone to the series has to be 4 -> 5 -> 6 -> 2 -> 3 -> 7
  8. Great... cause the movie needed another scene with Kylo saying "Han Solo..."
  9. Video games already have a rating system and games like Battlefield or Call of Duty are listed as being Mature, which means they are technically only supposed to be played by people 17 years of age and older. The reason that system doesn't work is because A) parents use video games as babysitting services and B) kids pester their parents to let them play because their friends are. I worked retail in a store that sold video games and we were required to ask for ID for anyone that wanted to buy a rated M game. Those that wanted to buy it but couldn't would just come back later in the day and have their parents buy it for them.
  10. Cute. Are the models different? Yes. Are you allowed to repaint the models? Yes. Are there ways to tell what the model is at a glance, be it stat differences? Yes. Are you capable of asking what each ship is for clarification during the game? Yes. Have you physically altered the model? No. This shouldn't have been a discussion that lasted 6 pages. It was a thread that was answered in one post, and then had 6 pages of people complaining that they don't like it because it confuses them. In the picture below, why is the top "cause for confusion and and issue," while the bottom isn't? The ship tiles have distinctly different stats (a blue 1 is easy to distinguish across the board from a blue 0), the actions available to each are different, and the names are different. It is generally accepted that you do not have to number your named pilots in similar ships, so if I had Howlrunner beside Mauler Mithel, people are able to identify and know which one is damaged. But heaven forbid we ask people to read the tiles in the event that someone prefers the looks of the First Order colour scheme. What if they paint a TIE Interceptor as First Order? How will people ever be able to tell the models apart? I mean, they have differences, sure, but a good portion of the model is still similar, and the colour scheme throws everything for a loop!
  11. Why has this thread dragged on for six pages? Question was whether it is legal. Answer is yes. Then people started complaining that it would be inconvenient for them to look at the plethora of information that tells them that ships of a similar paint scheme are, in fact, different. How hard is it to see that on the ship tile that a FO has a blue 1 and a TIE Fighter has a blue 0? Seems fairly straight forward to me.
  12. Necrons are one of the top armies in the game right now because of how difficult it is to kill the, If they are run in a Decurion detachment they get a 4+ reanimate roll that I believe they can reroll. The armies are actually becoming more balanced as each force gets an updated codex. As weird as it sounds, it is balanced when everyone is ridiculously overpowered.
  13. GML

    Imperial symbols

    Spell the names in Aurebesh?
  14. 3+ save with a 6+ invulnerable roll (edit: I believe), back when power armour was 4+ and just after marines where upped from S3 & T3 to S4 & T4 Take a few smoke grenades and your marines could see and the orks couldn't If I remember termies were originally 2+ save that couldnt be modified past a roll of 6 and they came with refractor fields. So on top of the 2+ they had a 5 or 6 unmodified save. I believe they went to 2d6 3+ in 3rd ed. And smoke + auto sensors, orks just loved that combo! Terminators had a 3+ save on 2D6 in 2nd edition. With 3rd edition they were moved to a simple 2+ save as the game introduced Armour Piercing in its current form. Later in 3rd edition they gave Terminator Armour a 5+ Invulnerable save because it was found out that only having a 2+ was was not justifying the point cost.
  15. Same thing with 40k. If a poor player plays the best netlist, they will lose. Hard. Give a top tier player a suboptimal list and they will still do well with it. My gaming group is host to some of the top players in Canada with proven track records at the largest tournaments in North America. The things I've seen these guys do with fun, fluffy lists is almost sickening lol
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