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    Stoneface reacted to thespaceinvader in Cassian Pilot Ability   
    You are not a friendly ship at range 1-3 of yourself you are a friendly ship at range 0 of yourself.
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    Stoneface reacted to FatherTurin in Raithos YASB 2.0 issues?   
    Variable cost upgrades count the base stat of the ship.  Even with 7B, aethersprites count as agility 3 ships.
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    Stoneface reacted to Ryfterek in Why Republic swarm is not a thing yet?   
    I'd care to disagree. Both GST and 104th are perfectly fine, the latter could perhaps drop a point. 
    But then the rest of V19 is utter mess - yet none is what we really need for swarms. 
    ARC could see the other generic getting cheaper, even if on the further expense of the 7th Fleet Gunner. 
    I'm completely lost as to why have they got rid of the problem of 4x 7thFG by point balance when the very other faction of the same wave introduced multi-dots...
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    Stoneface reacted to Rangor in Why Republic swarm is not a thing yet?   
    Dice-Wise, its a powerful list. 
    I feel its hard to fly if your opponent does not joust it, cause of medium base combined with a lot of torrents.
    For example fast aces like Fenn or Anakin could get behind your block and eat Luminara really fast.
    So you must have piloted it  quite well.
    I hope with next point change easy to fly lists like Rebel Beef get nerfed so that harder to fly lists become more rewarding
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    Stoneface reacted to eagletsi111 in rules reference update!   
    Adding 1 line, does nothing to bloat this, plus I know regular players who have questions about it too.    Came up like 4 times during CAC, so yes a simple one liner that states if your moved off the template it stays would be a nice clarification.      
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    Stoneface reacted to eagletsi111 in rules reference update!   
    Nice!    So why don't they update buzz droid to state:   After moving through buzz droids and having them relocated, it a ship is moved due to an effect (Barrel Roll, or Tractor)  The Buzz droids stay where they are.
    I cannot tell you how many times people ask about this.    
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    Stoneface reacted to Hiemfire in rules reference update!   
    Strangely not up on the Second Edition page for me yet. Thanks for the direct link.
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    Stoneface reacted to Lyianx in Fenn Rau   
    Your icon to text translation isn't correct i'm afraid. The Force icon represents a Force charge, not a token (see last sentence). 

    Also, its important to know what spending a token means. 

    RR pg 19
    Charges, Standard or Force, are never returned to the supply, so they are not spent in this manner. And as stated above, its not a token in the mechanical sense. So it does appear that Fenn cannot prevent charges being spent to modify dice. 
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    Stoneface reacted to theBitterFig in Bossk and Greeno gunner trigger window   
    2 - Attack Dice
    2.a - Defender Modifies Attack Dice
    2.b - Attacker Modifies Attack Dice - Greedo happens here, within step 2.b.
    3 - Defense Dice
    3.a - Attacker modifies Defense Dice
    3.b - Defender modifised Defense Dice
    4 - Neutralize Results
    Bossk happens here, between 4 and 5.
    5 - Deal damage
    (RR, Attack, p.4-5)
    *edit* It's a shame there isn't a nice flowchart picture anymore.  I miss being able to refer to the flowchart.
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    Stoneface reacted to K13R4N in Fenn Rau   
    If you look at page 20 of the rules reference (Last page) it shows a list of tokens (eg. focus, calc, lock) and then a list of markers (eg. force, shield, charge) so Fenn Raus ability does NOT stop your oppenent from spending force as it is not a token.
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    Stoneface reacted to theBitterFig in Autopilot Drone interaction during deploying   
    The broader context for this is that system phase abilities are resolved in order of increasing initiative.  Docking, Undocking, and Autopilot Drone's text are all examples of a System Phase abilities.  A player has some choice about how these resolve, but not full choice.  Because docked ships are in reserve and their abilities are not used unless otherwise specified, there are some sequences which won't work.
    If the Autopilot Drone begins undocked, it can either choose to dock or choose to resolve it's pilot ability in either order.  As such, it could either lose a charge or dock in either order.  If it chooses to Dock before it has lost a charge, it can no longer lose a charge once docked.
    However, if the Autopilot Drone begins docked and then undocks, it'll still be the Autopilot Drone's initiative that round, and it would have to lose a charge.  There's no choice in the matter--the charge is removed.  Since it begins in reserve, you wouldn't be able to resolve the Autopilot Drone text before undocking.
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    Stoneface got a reaction from nitrobenz in Scum Falcon using the shuttle´s shields.   
    That's one way to look at it. If FFG had written use rather than spend there probably wouldn't be a problem but I don't think they defined use anywhere. I also don't think the devs are totally inept and they did use a term that was defined in the RRG, so maybe it was their intent to limit use of the shields on the Escape Craft.
    Don't get me wrong, before this I was totally convinced of the intent as you described. I'm now 60/40 in the other direction.
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    Stoneface reacted to Boom Owl in 2 Jedi and 2 Torrent Strategy / Streams   
    It hasnt been on stream a ton. Should be some S&V Aces League Vassal Logs of it. Not sure where those are, maybe someone has a link.
    Some tips: 
    Pretty sure the Win Condition with this list is almost always running to time with the Jedi + Regen. Primarily with Anakin but also with Mace depending on what you destroy first.  Mace & Anakin do a huge amount of damage at Range 1. Remember Anakins probably your win condition, so maybe dont be super duper aggressive with him unless its safe.  You genuinely dont want to reposition more than you "need" to. The list gradually becomes worse as you over leverage boost/roll.  Even at 3 force, those Jedi start to feel like T65s kinda quickly if you dont have the mods.  Defending against multiple shots also kinda drains your force super quick...so its 100% ok to use the Focus Action and save it for defense to help manage force tokens. The torrents want and definitely can land sick blocks. If your not landing blocks with these your probably not getting the full 50 pts you paid for them. But dont over chase that 2 dice shots are good to.  All 4 ships have evade tokens, its ok to use them if your in the mix with Mace etc.  Also on the regen thing, you dont have to 5k turn and keep fighting a joust with a limited force pool, if you lost some shields consider disengaging recharge a shield or two and your force. Sorta depends on the board state though, you want to be able to regen back to full pts at the right time. Also I have no idea what im talking about...just ask @Brunas
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    Stoneface reacted to Stefan in Rubberized base bottoms?   
    I'm using a washer in each base and fill them up with silikon. Very cheap, easy to do, works perfectly fine and gives them a good, weighty feel.
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    Stoneface reacted to BojambaMcMamba in Rubberized base bottoms?   
    I put a large washer in the base for weight (I believe a 1/2 fender washer was perfect for a small base), then I poured in a 2-part urethane we use at work (but silicone out of a caulk gun would probably work as well).
    I used a belt sander to flatten out the bottom when I was done.  I love the final result.  I'll never go back to stock bases.
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    Stoneface got a reaction from LagJanson in Missing U-Wing?   
    Has anyone noticed that the U-Wing is missing from the Squad Builder App? I couldn't find it under any of the three "good guy" factions. I realise that it's late and I'm half blind so I might have missed it.
    Never mind, found it under Rebel Alliance. Strange it's not listed under the Resistance as well
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    Stoneface reacted to thespaceinvader in Airen Cracken with Cluster Missiles   
    Yeah as noted above they ruled perform this attack twice weapons differently generally to avoid double tlts being stupid.
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    Stoneface reacted to nitrobenz in Airen Cracken with Cluster Missiles   
    PS: if you look in the current Rules Reference (1.0.4) on p5 at the Aftermath step of attacking it outlines that after attacking abilities that do not grant a bonus attack are resolved before those that do grant a bonus attack.
    Just as a commentary: the Multi-attack abilities of 1e are greatly reduced by 2e's "only one bonus attack per round" limit (p6, Bonus Attack) which means that the designers don't need to worry as much about crazy combos in the after attacking timing window.
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    Stoneface reacted to nitrobenz in Airen Cracken with Cluster Missiles   
    Basically it's a change in wording. In 1e the double-tap weapons said, "perform this attack twice." In 2e the new cluster missiles says, "after this attack..." which adds the bonus attack to the ability queue right along with all other after attacking type abilities.
    Originally though 1e double tap did proc after attacking abilities twice, but when triple-stress dealing Y-wings started ruining the game for people they FAQ'd the combo to not work.
    1e vs 2e cluster missiles:

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    Stoneface reacted to emeraldbeacon in Card effect dice modifications   
    I... would reluctantly accept this interpretation, even if it goes against the combat dice modification rulings, simply because those rules are only established for COMBAT.  "First player" makes as good sense as any to go by.  Personally, though, I would prefer to maintain the same rules for dice modification across the board:  the player who DIDN'T roll modifies first, the player who DID roll modifies last.
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    Stoneface reacted to DexterOnone in Angled Deflectors - Probability PSA for community   
    Hence the saying ‘there’s lies, **** lies and statistics’...
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    Stoneface got a reaction from Halliday in A Mention of Bizarre Republic Point Scaling   
    ^ This is what happens when your player base becomes your playtesters. "Get the ship's out, let them figure it out and we'll change the points accordingly."
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    Stoneface reacted to svelok in Should Adv. Sensors be priced by initiative?   
    I'd be worried about cheap advanced sensors on low init ships with a hard stop
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    Stoneface reacted to LagJanson in Frickin’ Tiny Guns   
    Super secret modelling technique(tm)
    Used to do antenna on battlemechs a lot and a friend of mine suggested it since the danged things kept breaking off. There’s very few X-Wing models this will work for and still look ok, without a bit of extra effort to improve the appearance. The scale would look odd... Kwing and HWK turret though should be ok though.
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