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  1. Haha
    Stoneface reacted to RunnerAZ in How long will FFG maintain the low initiative swarm spam?   
    Will this thread fill with speculation and guesses about an uncertain future? 
    One could only guess...
    And how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
  2. Thanks
    Stoneface reacted to Frimmel in Besides #palplaugh, this is the greatest moment of my day---   
    Looks like a product cinema choice to me, "Fans like funny droids. Could you put some funny droid stuff in? Fans don't think it is Star Wars without funny droids. Our focus groups show that funny droids are very popular." 
  3. Thanks
    Stoneface reacted to PanchoX1 in Loose Cargo / Spare Parts Trigger Timing   
    if a ship gets a cargo chute or spare parts dropped on it, it overlaps and suffers the affects. It won't suffer them again until it moves through or overlaps it a second time.
  4. Thanks
    Stoneface reacted to Rossetti1828 in 21 dice opening volley   
    7 Bandit Squadron Z-95s with Cluster missiles = 42 dice, so in theory yes 🙂
  5. Thanks
    Stoneface reacted to nikk whyte in So much about lists, so little about flying...   
    this forum is largely full of casual players that bend away from knowing how to fly a tie swarm so that all your ships enter engagement at range 3. 
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    Stoneface reacted to ayedubbleyoo in So much about lists, so little about flying...   
    I've always thought this is a strange thing about X-Wing... seems 90% of discussion is about lists and maybe 10% is about tactics and ideas about flying. 
    There are one or two articles about things like rock placement and turn zero, but not much talk about it on the forum and in the community. A few of the podcasts have started up theory episodes, which is great.
    Has anyone noticed this, or it bothered them? And what are your questions about strategy?
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    Stoneface reacted to RebelRogue in Fine Tuned Controls? Can you use a force before the stress is applied?   
    Unfortunately not, because the Check Difficulty step is part of fully executing a maneuver.
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    Stoneface reacted to Punning Pundit in ESC Question   
    For those who are as confused as I was: ESC is "Energy Shell Charges". 
    It's the Vulture Separatist only missile type. 
  9. Thanks
  10. Sad
    Stoneface reacted to mazz0 in Wouldn't tiny bases be nice?   
    Just admiring my new Aethersprites, comparing them to A-Wings, and thinking "Ooh, these would look cool on extra tiny bases".
  11. Haha
    Stoneface reacted to bobafett1228 in happy phrase   
    what? you still have shields?!
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    Stoneface reacted to PanchoX1 in happy phrase   
    "wow, I don't think I've ever seen that before"
  13. Haha
    Stoneface reacted to ScummyRebel in happy phrase   
    “Holy ****”
  14. Haha
    Stoneface reacted to Maui. in Luminara Unduli Pilot ability timing   
    It's only logical, Captain.
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    Stoneface reacted to theBitterFig in What is the range for Soontir's ability?   
    All firing arcs (including Bullseye arcs) are defined from Range 0-3, and a ship is not treated as being in its own firing arc.
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    Stoneface reacted to LagJanson in Discord Missiles   
    They did actually include a rules insert in the paper flyer with the credits/playtesters and that. Helps a bit to clarify some of the additional question marks on remotes - though not all.
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    Stoneface reacted to NervousSam in How to manage a damaged ship   
    This is such a game state dependent question. Are you ahead or behind, how much time is left, how many ships total did you bring, what's the state of your opponents list, will it create a worthwhile trade of dmg, etc. But as your example states, it worked out for you. So its certainly the right call at times. 
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    Stoneface got a reaction from Hiemfire in Discord Missiles   
    Thanks for the response. I have the card and token but thought there was a card like they included with bombs in 1e.
    Now I have a better idea of how these things work. 
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    Stoneface reacted to Hiemfire in Discord Missiles   
    The Vulture droid single pack should have come with the buzz droids template, discord missiles upgrade and the stat card for the buzz droids. How buzz droids function is on their stat card.
    Edit: This is what the card should look like face up:

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    Stoneface got a reaction from heychadwick in Discord Missiles   
    Do I have this right? That a barrsl roll will allow me to rid my ship of the Buzz Droids? If the droids are attached to the rear guides a normal move willget rid of the droids? 
    Aside from the blurb on page 3 of the Vulture expansion pack is there any additional information available? Someone mentioned a data card in another thread. There wasn't one in my expansion.
  21. Thanks
    Stoneface reacted to MasterShake2 in 7 observations about Gas Clouds effect on the game so far   
    So it's better for swarms because they get to maneuver more easily, better for aces because they can dodge and bait more effectively and better for 4 ship because it can make their low defense die go farther...who are gas clouds not better for? And to expand on that, if both players are reaping equal rewards, then where's the issue?
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    Stoneface reacted to TasteTheRainbow in "You don't have any saved squads"   
    OP: These pilots aren’t expendable.
    FFG: They are to me.
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    Stoneface reacted to hargleblarg in "You don't have any saved squads"   
    I have yet to have any of my lists deleted from Yasb2.
    All hail Yasb
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    Stoneface reacted to AllWingsStandyingBy in Understanding Value- Trick Shot and Gas Clouds   
    Intentionally making choices to choose an obstructed attack through a Gas Cloud in order to activate your Trick Shot isn't a great exchange.

    But, shooting through a Gas Cloud with Trick Shot is better than shooting through a Gas Cloud without Trick Shot, so it can still be a useful upgrade to take. 

    The real question, though, is what EPT are you going to use if not Trick Shot?  The vast majority of EPTs in 2.0 are pretty underwhelming and it's rare to find anyone running anything other than Trick Shot, Crack Shot, or Heroic. For better or worse, there some of the few EPTs that are cheap enough and potentially useful enough to justify investing a couple of points.
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    Stoneface reacted to NakedDex in Let's fix turn one.   
    Literally happened to me yesterday flying a TAP swarm (or TIE/V1 or whatever they're being called these days). Planned my move not realising one of them was facing 180 from where I thought, relative to the rest. Sucked it up, continued the maneuver as dialled. Took a turn to recover position and missed out on a shot in the process, but it wasn't a big deal. Granted, I didn't fly off the board, but you make mistakes in a game, you learn, and you move on. I've SLAM'd a fully loaded, untouched Miranda off the board in turn 2 because I totally misjudged the curve on the 3-bank. It was stupid, and my opponent graciously offered to let me take back the action, but I left it as it stood because it was my dumb mistake. I've never made that mistake again. I've also had a lot of great laughs about it since.
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