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  1. Thanks for the response. I have the card and token but thought there was a card like they included with bombs in 1e. Now I have a better idea of how these things work.
  2. Do I have this right? That a barrsl roll will allow me to rid my ship of the Buzz Droids? If the droids are attached to the rear guides a normal move willget rid of the droids? Aside from the blurb on page 3 of the Vulture expansion pack is there any additional information available? Someone mentioned a data card in another thread. There wasn't one in my expansion.
  3. I think it's the third entry in the Official Rulings That a Prox Mine dropped on a ship will detonate immediately. This implies that, at least in this case, the mine overlapping a ship is equal to a ship overlapping the mine. So there is some precedence for a remote to trigger when deployed overlapping a ship. Which is strange. I don't think a Conner Net behaves in the same way if dropped overlapping a ship.
  4. The only time this has been a problem with me is when I fly Ties. They almost look the same coming or going and it's relatively easy to set them up facing the wrong way. The really simple solution is not to line up that close to the edge. Give yourself some wiggle room.
  5. This came up last night during unpacking. Windu has the ability to recover a force charge after fully executing a red maneuver. Does this mean he can recover a force charge in the end phase?
  6. Just picked up the new stuff tonight and have a question related to the OP's question. Can Force Users use force tokens to perform actions if they are stressed. This came up in open play tonight.
  7. I don't understand the whole "5 Y-wings is a problem" lament. It's relatively easy to consistently to beat it. In 6 matches my friend has beaten it 5 times using 3 different builds. I believe in 4 of those wins he didn't lose a ship. The worst part of facing it is chipping away at 40 points of health. Adjust your play style and not the points.
  8. Nicely done @Quarrel ! Aren't you glad you kept a record of the paints used? ☺️
  9. @Benlane17 Thank you very much for the response.
  10. This came up tonight and had us stumped for a bit. This is how it was played out. On turn 1, an I3 pilot draws the DPR crit after being attacked by an I2 ship. Since the I3 ship has already engaged he doesn't gain the ion token until the following turn., turn 2. On turn 2 he moves normally but gets the ion token before he engages. On turn 3 he does the 1 blue straight and removes the ion token. It seems like this was the correct sequence but I'm not 100% sure. Comments? One other point for clarification. The debris field from Rigged Cargo Chute is dropped during the System Phase, correct?
  11. Stoneface


    What @Green Dragon said about the 5 x Y list is spot on. I used that vs Wedge, Luke and a Cavern Angel. My opponent danced around mostly at R3. I got very few double taps and two reds vs three greens doesnt push too many hits through. It was a close game though. It went to time and the MOV was 2 points! It was kind of frustrating fighting vs Wedge. No greens vs Proton Torps and losing a ship in the first salvo. Good game though!
  12. Maybe if you presented the situation that started the discussion it might be clearer.
  13. So basically you get the opponent into range and arc, declare him the defender and tell him to remove a green token? I had hoped that 2e would not have this kind of silliness.
  14. The Homing Missile attack I understand because it's stated as such. With CM and Failsafe you've basically cancelled the attack. It shouldn't progress to throwing defense dice.
  15. The problem is you have essentially cancelled the attack and retrieved the charge. The attack should not progress to defense dice.
  16. Actually I think that rule was from first edition.
  17. BLESS YOU KIND SIR! I knew I read it I just could not find it! Thanks again!
  18. I can't find this in the rules but somewhere it's stated that when multiple ships overlap a prox mine the owner of the mine gets to choose who suffers the damage. Can anyone point out the reference? I'm going blinder trying to find it.
  19. Because, as you stated, they are exceptions. If you want a precedent for an obstacle causing damage when deployed under a ship look no further than the Prox Mine. It detonates immediately when deployed (dropped) under a ship.
  20. The sentence, "A ship can suffer the effects by moving through, overlapping or being at range 0 of obstactles", should cover the situation of having a debris cloud dropped on you.
  21. I always do. In fact I started using tokens from both editions. First edition tokens for crits that can be repaired and 2e for the permanent ones.
  22. The starter set, all 5 conversions and an A-Wing.
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