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  1. I fly to have fun. As soon as the B-Wings are repainted, there will be 4 on the board!
  2. Having Two Ion Dischargers on a Lancer

    Forgot that small detail!
  3. Fun Things

    A bit off topic, but someone put Deadpool's voice to cuts from Star Wars' scenes featuring Vader. Pretty funny. Sorry I don't have the link.
  4. Damage Deck Storage Solutions

    For my travel deck, I use one of the plastic bags from an expansion. Nothing fancy just functional.
  5. Having Two Ion Dischargers on a Lancer

    It would be a specific use counter. There's a couple of players that like the up close and personal type of combat and the OP brought this to mind. Drop a EMP, everybody in R1 gets two ion tokens, the Lancer sheds both tokens, she's clear for the next turn and the beatings commence. A corner case no doubt but something to think about.
  6. Having Two Ion Dischargers on a Lancer

    Would two IDs be effective against an EMP device or an Ion Pulse Missile?
  7. You can try using some two part epoxy putty. Uncured, it can be smoothed with a brush moistened with water. It will add some extra strength to the joint. You might consider punching a small hex or circle of plastic to simulate a weld plate and attach the wings to that. If done that way you can run a thin "worm" of epoxy putty around the circle to simulate a weld bead. Use a sewing needle to texture the putty to look like a weld bead. That's all I have at the moment.
  8. Showcase: Sheathipede-class Shuttle

    Look at Fenn Rau' s pilot card. The ship, at the angle shown, reminds me of a kid's bathtub toy. Not quite a rubber duck but...
  9. Panel Lines

    I've had good luck using a MICRON 005 pen. I picked mine up at Pat Catans but I'm pretty sure that Michaels carries them too but you should be able to get one at any paint/craft store.
  10. It was good while it lasted I guess

    I think a month is not enough time to shake out five new ships. A little patience, please.
  11. Taking Notes & Outside Material

    The prohibition of taking notes during a game might be there to prevent it being a cover for slow play. The prohibition on bringing outside notes, that aren't available from FFG, might have been included to prevent, or was in response to, someone bringing movement notes. Not the movement charts that are included with each ship but custom ones that show how far a move displaces your base for a turn or bank. I don't think FFG makes rules like this JUST because they can but in response to a situation that occurred. Probably during a tournament. There are those WAAC players who will do things simply because "it doesn't say I can't". I could be wrong and the developers have become megalomaniacs pulling weird rules out of the air instead of issuing rulings on stuff like the TLT+ Harpoon condition.
  12. Taking Notes & Outside Material

    You'll have to go back about two years but there was an instance at one match where a player had a paper note attached to his Phantom that Read either "cloak" or "decloak". I think this is where the rule originated from. In the case you mentioned, I believe the player was breaking the "spirit of the law" at the very least.
  13. Albion tubing is available on Amazon in several different materials. They sell a slip-fit package of 4 tubes in 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 and 0.9 mm. The smaller tube will telescope into the next larger one. The smallest is about 0.012" O.D. Not sure how that compares to a paperclip. That's about the thickness of 4 sheets of notebook paper.
  14. Not really a bad idea for the micro tubing. The fabric pins are a better idea though. Easier to cut with nippers because they're not hardened like syringe needles. Paper clips are just too big to be good replacements for some of the guns and too soft to boot. The micro tubing from Albion is very useful, relatively easy to cut and available in the U.S. and U.K. It can be cut with an Xacto blade by rolling it on a hard surface. I haven't seen a tubing cutter small enough to be effective.
  15. Happy Friday

    Not sure if that comparison holds for vitamin c. But I'm not an immunologist. Just an old dart. My doc knows what I take atnd hasn't issued any cautions. Have to charge the beast. Going offline.