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  1. No coffee yet so I might be missing something but with the wording above, wouldn't that mech allow you to flip any face up damage card face down? Except the crits that get turned face down automatically.
  2. "Here's another fine mess you've gotten us into" The Three Stooges
  3. I really don't think that Biggs is the reason that the T65 hasn't been updated. The X-wing doesn't need much in the way of a boost, just a little push. It wouldn't make Biggs OP, just more of a nuisance. An inherent barrel roll would be nice or in the vein of the Vaksai title, the ability to take two mods.
  4. Guinness makes everything look better.
  5. EXACTLY! Said better than I was thinking. And typing. Thanks!
  6. This question came up last night regarding measuring range to a huge ship from a huge ship. Is the cardboard used to determine range, after checking for arc and centerline interference? Under the section on"Targeting" it says, "The range of the attack is determined by the line measured from the closest point on the attacking ship to the closest point of the chosen section that is inside the attacking ship's firing arc". (Emphasis added) The "plastic"bases aren't mentioned so it seems the cardboard is actually used. Can someone confirm this for me? Thanks in advance.
  7. As I mentioned originally, he didn't play Rebels and if you're fielding 3 x PS9 pilots vs a PS8, 6 and 2 x 4s you are inclined to believe you shoot first. I've known this guy for about a year and a half and have never seen him fly Rebels outside of HotAC.
  8. Ever meet one of those guys that appears to be running 2x speed constantly? He moved, performed his action and grabbed the reds in what seemed one fluid motion. The after movement, before combat time phase was very short.
  9. Welcome to the "plastic crack" addiction known as X-Wing! I think that most of the "soul crushers" fall into one of two categories. The first are the very competitive players. They tend to poo poo anything that isn't very strong in competition. The second group are those that have a special ship or ships that constantly gets creamed during play. The "buff this, nerf that" crowd. The number of playtesters that FFG lists in their packaging is miniscule compared to the number of players and the number of upgrades available. You'll find some very creative "evil geniuses" in these threads that put together some odd but very strong squad builds. Obviously some that FFG didn't consider. Hence the over powered builds that show up in every new release. My advice to you as a new player is play because you enjoy the game. As long as you derive pleasure from the game, fly what you want and ignore the naysayers.
  10. A-Wings are great! Take him and Psycho Tycho for a romp. Great fun.
  11. I did that to Vader using Roark Garnett, Cracken and Blount with Swarm Tactics. My opponent was running 3 PS 9 Imps. He doesn't play or pay attention to Rebels. First combat round he grabs his red dice and I say no, I shoot first and showed him Roark's card. Cracken is now a 12. Cracken fires cluster missile giving Blount and a Tala actions. (Pre CM nerf). He goes for the reds again but I say "not yet". Then show him the Swarm Tactics. Blount fires Assault Missiles. The scenario above was repeated again with the Tala. One unhappy Imperial player. He figures to jump Roark ending the PS12 nonsense but Roark is now a 12 thanks to Blount and packing a TLT. Needless to say the game was short. I could almost see steam coming out of his ears! His valued Imperials taken down by a Hawk and 3 x Zs! The call from the Emperor did not go well.
  12. One suggestion I would make is to use a satin or gloss varnish to seal the paint before weathering. It does two things. One it prevents washes from "staining" the paint job. By this I mean if you're just doing panel lines and mess up, it's easier to remove the wash that's outside the lines. The second benefit is being able to remove pigments or pastels easier than if they were applied over a flat coat. Once you're satisfied with the paint job then flat coat it.
  13. We played a 600/side epic last year. My opponent used my Raider and I used his Tantive. Nobody had two of the same epic ships. It was a long but glorious fight! We didn't consider how long it takes to move 400 pts of small based ships when we started the game! We haven't tried a Raider/Gozanti vs Tantive/GR-75 but that seems like a fun matchup.
  14. Torqil Mux! I have an undying hate for that little miscreant. TBH I have a self-satisfied smirk on my face when he's removed, even if I lose the game.
  15. A trick for blast damage/scorch marks. Take a piece of paper and cut/tear a hole to the shape you want. Hold it very close to the surface but not touching and spray directly down on it using low pressure and very little paint. It should provide a soft edge for the scorch mark.