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  1. Stoneface

    Drinking Coffee - Happy Friday

    Happy Friday CB! Right now, 2e is just different. Not better nor worse than 1e. Still getting use to the change in vocabulary, new abilities, new tokens etc.. It's going to take awhile to get it all straightened out.
  2. Stoneface

    Ruthless Question

    The wording, "a friendly ship" or "another friendly ship" is used from the standpoint of you. In the case of RUTHLESS, it allows you to do damage to one of your ships in order to change one of your attack dice to a hit on the defender of the attack. As an example you have two Tie fighters against an X-wing. One of your Ties has bumped the X-wing and you attack with the other. You roll a hit and a blank. You can damage the Tie overlapping the X-wing to change the blank to another hit. Note that this happens in the Attacker modifies attack dice step before defense dice are rolled so the defender (X-wing) can still avoid both hits.
  3. Do you agree that the situations I presented are correctly resolved? Let's start with that first. Then we'll get to the "While Attacking".
  4. Let's approach this differently. Would you agree that since Qi'ra' s ability allows her to ignore obstacles that she has locked that it follows then she ignores the effect of those obstacles? Would you agree with the following examples? Q'ra moves through an asteroid and doesn't roll for damage or lose her action. Q'ra moves through a debris field and doesn't get stressed, roll for damage and doesn't forfeit her action. Q'ra lands in a debris cloud and attacks but the closest to closest point to the Defender goes through the cloud but the defender does not get an additional green die. Of course the abovementioned situations presume that she has the obstacles locked. Her ability allows her to ignore stress from debris, shoot from within a debris field and deprive the defender from getting another green die and ignore the effects of moving though an asteroid. If you agree that the situations I've mentioned are accurately presented and correctly resolved, why is it the can't attack while sitting on a rock?
  5. I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and relax. Discussions over rules shouldn't become nasty. Someone mentioned the Golden Rule. The RRG trumps the Rule Book. Card abilities trump the RRG. Card abilities that use the term "cannot" are absolute. Using the Golden Rule, Q'ra would work if the ship she's in is sitting on an asteroid that she has locked. If she is to ignore obstacles that she has locked, while moving and attacking, then she ignores the rock she's on if she has it locked. A part of the problem are the exceptions that FFG throws into the game. Can't perform actions when stressed? See Tycho, at least in 1e. Dash is another one. Guri doesn't have the Focus action but can get a focus token from her ability. The list goes on. Before you ask a question stop and figure where it fits in the hierarchy of the Golden Rule. That may stop a few arguments before they start.
  6. I tend to agree with you but using the "upgrade cards take precedence over rules" routine.
  7. Do we have any details yet or just a statement of intent? Before anyone goes off the deep end stop and think for a minute. FFG might have come up with this idea to include as many players as possible during the transition to 2e. Extended for players that have everything, 2e for new players and the restricted lists as a first step into objective gaming. I can see the restricted lists as a test case for scenario or objective play. Could be interesting.
  8. Stoneface

    What should I keep from V1

    Unless you are really hurting for space, keep it all. You may have friends that upgrade slower than you to 2e. Or maybe not at all. Don't be in a headlong rush to rid yourself of 1e.
  9. Stoneface

    C-3P0 timing

    A square is a rectangle and a rectangle can be a square but if a rectangle doesn't count as a rectangle then it must be a square. ☺️
  10. Stoneface

    C-3P0 timing

    It's early in the game. They may outdo themselves.
  11. Stoneface

    Unable to run Squad Builder on Desktop.

    Curious, because it works fine on the Kindle. Kinda slow and clunky but it works.
  12. Stoneface

    Unable to run Squad Builder on Desktop.

    Fire Fox. Not sure of the version but I have the auto update active it should be the latest.
  13. Anyone else having trouble running the Squad Builder on a desktop computer? I keep getting a rather odd error screen with the error code.
  14. Stoneface


    Large and medium based ships use the 1 straight template. Since Decloaking uses the same terminology as the boost and barrel section the barrel roll should use the long side of the 1 straight template.
  15. Stoneface

    Dalan Oberos Kimogila Ability

    The two that immediately come to mind are "spending zero tokens" to trigger an effect or avoid damage and the wording on the Backup Shield Generator card from Epic. I believe it was Torani Kulda from 1e who had the ability to strip all green tokens from a defender. The defender had the choice to shed the tokens or take damage. Logically if you have no tokens you take damage. It was ruled that since "zero" was a valid number you could remove zero tokens to avoid damage. There's at least one other example similar to that regarding a rebel pilot. I think I was the only one that questioned the second example with the Backup Shield Generator. There's a 'Recover Shield Action' in Epic that allows you to spend all your energy to recover one shield. Plain and simple, no problem. The problem I had was with the wording on the Backup Shield Generator card. It says, "At the end of the round, you may spend 1 energy to recover 1 shield up to your shield value". (Italics mine). It was the words in italics that caused me the problem. I maintained, that as written, the card allowed you to recover more than one shield, spending 1 energy for each shield recovered. If the card stated that you could "spend 1 energy to recover 1 shield" it would've ended there. No discussion or interpretation needed. I was those last 5 words that caused the confusion. Since you can't recover something you didn't lose, it was apparent, at least to me, that I could recover more than 1 shield. That was ruled as incorrect. You could recover only 1 shield using 1 energy, period. Sometimes the wording is unclear on the cards and sometimes it's the intent. With all the pilot abilities, upgrade cards and different interactions, it's easy for stuff to get muddled up. Someone figured out the number of possible combinations relatively early in 1e and it was mind numbing! It usually gets straightened out. Eventually.