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  1. FWIW, I think Sunny' s ability triggers once per attack or once per defense for one simple reason. OR. The ability reads …roll or reroll, not roll and reroll. I could be wrong. There's are numerous examples of BADLY worded abilities but I don't think this is one of them. Ninja'd!
  2. Thought I could make the correction without getting caught. ☹️
  3. Yea, just realised I committed a major faux pas! Sorry! Between the snot in my head and the antihistamines I should go back to bed.
  4. Per the rules, it's the ship or the ship's movement template that has to overlap or pass through the Buzz Droid token that allows the Buzz Droid to relocate. Under the conditions you mention, #1 is the result. The Droids are easy to launch but difficult to get good results. They can be used to good effect to block off routes though obstacles to deny your enemies some movement area. One thing to be aware of is they are not very useful against ships with barrel rolls. The ship can just barrel roll away from the droid token.
  5. A little harsh. I think of it as a craft pushed into a roll it was never designed for.
  6. In 1e I believe it was called the BSF-17.
  7. To be clear Trajectory Simulator allows you to launch bombs not mines. It's harder to catch an opponent with a bomb with the changes in 2.0. You have to be a little more creative. The Tie Bomber with the agile bomber and the bombadier card allows you to drop a bomb or mine with the two speed templates. Two straight or banks gives a large area of danger to opponent's ships. Bombs are harder to use against a good player with ship than move after the maneuver. Boosts and barrel rolls can offer get a enemy out of the blast radius of a bomb. One way to increase the effectiveness of a bomb is flying through obstacles. A lot of times this will prevent an opponent from doing the boost or barrel roll to avoid the bomb or mine. At the very least it should get him off your '6'. Avoid putting all you bombs on one ship. It ether becomes target #1 or is avoided until the end game. I've used Y-Wings effectively wit a mixture of bombs and mines to spread out the threat. Don't be afraid to take some damage from a bomb to block an opponent's ace to keep him from boosting or barrel rolling out of the blast zone. Y-Wings are pretty stout and Empire aces usually aren't. A crit on a shielded Y is a good trade for a crit on an unshieded ace. The Scurgg with Sol Sixxa is another good bomb carrier. Finally, I know there will be disagreement on the next statement. Sometimes the effectiveness of a bomb comes from the threat of using it rather from its actual use. If the fact of carrying a device causes your opponent to change his play style, you can count that as a minor win. It just might throw off his game enough to rattle him.
  8. How can that be? Aren't you directed to the latest version when you log in? The only change made was having to reset my password. Numbnuts here accidentally erased it. You are right! Went in and re-tagged the site and I'm getting the correct point cost. Strange.
  9. Stoneface

    Cost of the VTG

    Just ran into a strange situation. YASB 2.0 is showing a cost of 8 points for VTG whereas FFG is showing 10 points. Anyone else notice this?
  10. They don't suck but they don't always produce tangible results. They require a little more finesse than proc mines do. An ace with good post maneuver repositioning can be tough to hit. BUT if he follows you into an obstacle field he's less likely to be able to boost or barrel roll out of the blast radius. This works well against the Empire and First Order because most of their ships are light on shields. Bombs can be useful to protect a severely damaged ship. If you suspect an enemy is going to try for the kill shot, drop one where you think he'll end up. If he doesn't see it coming, he takes one in the kisser. If he suspects a bomb drop, he may forego the attack. Either way could be win for you.
  11. Ok, I'm about to ask a stupid question. In 1E, the rules stated that upgrade cards that granted actions, those actions were added to your action bar. That statement is missing in 2E. The Advanced Slam card specifically states from your action bar. Does this preclude the use of Afterburners after Advanced Slam? With 1E mantra of "Do what the card says and don't do what the card doesn't say" I had to ask. 2E has some very subtle changes from 1E and I was wondering if this was one of them.
  12. So you feel it's ok to be rude during a discussion if you think it will bring your opponent around to your way of thinking? You don't think that a tirade directed at the person you disagree with, will cause him to ignore you? And you don't think rudeness is a sign of immaturity? I'd like to know if you behave like this in a face to face debate.
  13. You are correct BUT the fastest way to lose a discussion is to resort to rudeness to reinforce your arguments. The person you are trying to persuade just thinks "F.U." and ignores the rest of the rant regardless if your arguments are valid. The only reason for rudeness is a lack of maturity.
  14. To this I disagree. If you fail to persuade someone with dispassionate logic, resorting to a tirade just shows your lack of maturity and possibly intelligence. You'll never win an argument with a brick wall no matter how many names you call it. In no way am I implying that the OP is stubborn. Please see my response to Stay OT Leader above.
  15. Try misinformed or ill-informed. Neither implies lack of intelligence or out of touch with reality.
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