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  1. @Spaceinvader, given that this is a non-action, could Anakin execute two barrel rolls in one turn?
  2. @Hiemfire, they're trying to apply some logic and reasoning to the game rules rather than just accepting them. I go through this with one friend who hasn't found a game that didn't require "tweaking" or a house rule of some sort.
  3. Not to be ignorant, but why does it matter? It's not like X-wing is a historical recreation or simulation.
  4. That's one way to look at it. If FFG had written use rather than spend there probably wouldn't be a problem but I don't think they defined use anywhere. I also don't think the devs are totally inept and they did use a term that was defined in the RRG, so maybe it was their intent to limit use of the shields on the Escape Craft. Don't get me wrong, before this I was totally convinced of the intent as you described. I'm now 60/40 in the other direction.
  5. What about the line where the title says you can spend the shields as if they are on the ship card. Does that not imply that the shuttle's shields can be used for anything that the Falcon' s original shields could be used for?
  6. Stoneface

    Missing U-Wing?

    Has anyone noticed that the U-Wing is missing from the Squad Builder App? I couldn't find it under any of the three "good guy" factions. I realise that it's late and I'm half blind so I might have missed it. Never mind, found it under Rebel Alliance. Strange it's not listed under the Resistance as well
  7. In 1e it was ruled that Cracken's ability only worked on the initial shot with cluster missiles. What changed to allow it to proc twice?
  8. That's pretty ingenious! I never would've considered bristles as gun replacements! Thank You!
  9. I believe MajorJuggler offered to do this and was turned down.
  10. Thanks! First time I've heard of this build.
  11. What's the list?
  12. ^ This is what happens when your player base becomes your playtesters. "Get the ship's out, let them figure it out and we'll change the points accordingly."
  13. I really don't think that games will fall under the expanded tariffs. Think metals like steel and aluminum,pipe products, electronics, etc.
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