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  1. Help a shorthand impaired player out. What the heck does "FTFY" mean?
  2. Maybe it's too early in the morning or I haven't had enough coffee but this went over my head.
  3. I start out with one of each release. If I think a ship has merit or I really like it, I'll buy a second or third copy. When I started playing X-wing, I tried my best to field a homogeneous squad. Four X-wings, four B-wings etc. Easy to fly and remember what was going on but not very effective. After two years of playing I'm a little better at squad building. I look for combinations that compliment the other ships in the squad but don't rely on them.
  4. Is anyone else having trouble viewing HTML5 videos on portable devices?
  5. True. My point was you're paying to compete, basically for bragging rights, and the stuff you get for paying the fee is free to you. The stores hope to make money on sales that happen from hosting the event.
  6. My point regarding the kits is this. You don't like the contents of the kits, you're not going to use the cards or the tokens so save your money and don't enter. Stay home and get a pickup game with a friend. Order a pizza and call it a win. It doesn't make much sense to complain about stuff you get for competing and then pay money to compete for stuff you don't want or use. People still love this game. Some people aren't happy unless they are complaining about something. Some people aren't happy unless other people aren't happy then they're fine. Podcasts and these forums share something with the news. You'll seldom hear about good things happening on the news. It's all about headlines and "look at me". In other words it's the squeaky wheel that gets noticed. I'm not saying all posters on the forum are that way. Some have valid complaints. Some need an ear to vent to. But you have your trolls. They hit the hornet's nest and sit back and watch.
  7. The simple answer is don't enter. Save your $ and you won't have a crappy card that you won't use anyway.
  8. Think a little outside the box. Last night I played against two Punishers and Pure Sabac. The Punishers were loaded with prox mines, seismic torpedoes, homing missiles and sensor jammer. The seismic torpedoes are under appreciated especially vs unshielded ships. They also had LRS. Just for that extra bit of annoyance. I was running Fenn, Cobra and Kavil and made the mistake of fighting in the rocks where the seismics and prox mines were used to good effect. My op won on points and time but it was one heck of a game! Can't wait for a rematch.
  9. Look at it from a different perspective. You get free stuff for playing a game you love. As Spock said, "Sauce for the goose".
  10. I'm hoping this was a little bit of a tongue-in-cheek thread.
  11. I might be wrong but when prox mines first came out, they didn't detonate immediately when dropped on a ship., correct? It was based on movement. That was changed to fix some oddities in ship positions and movement when the mine was dropped on a ship. Now there's no drawback to dropping a prox on your ship and an opponent's ship.
  12. I think you're right. After a brief interlude of the sky has fallen and the Emperor is dead, Imperial players will find out the sky hasn't moved and will revel to shouts of "Long live the Emperor". There wasn't a lot of time between the nerfs and the latest tournaments, so players chose a "safe" replacement list until they can figure out new builds with the new restrictions.
  13. Ok, gotcha. I was reading your response as the whole CM and not an individual segment. That makes sense now.
  14. So yor saying if I drop a cluster mine and two different ships are hit by two different segments of the mine, I get to choose which one actually detonates? Now that seems a little odd.
  15. Being able to drop 5 heavy hitters on the table is fun. Can't do it with the X-Wing. I really think that the Khiraxz can be a serious threat to many builds. I'm not talking final table at Worlds level threat but at places where "net lists" aren't used. Like the flgs.