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  1. Cease & Desist and Online Events

    The cost of a C & D is trivial. The lawyers are already on your payroll. The shotgun approach is often used. From what I understand that was the approach of GW a few back.
  2. Cease & Desist and Online Events

    Sometimes it becomes ridiculous. Take for instance the music industry. Radio stations pay to play their music. To listeners it's free. BUT if I own a business and have a radio station playing in the background, I have to pay or face a lawsuit! THAT is B.S.!
  3. Cease & Desist and Online Events

    I was referring to streams and vids posted on YouTube and Twitch not play on line services. I think their bottom line is better served by the guys that stream and post than by squashing them.
  4. Cease & Desist and Online Events

    That was what I was thinking. That poses the question, does Asmodee, Lucas or Disney want the backlash from putting out C & Ds or should they sit back and enjoy the free publicity? My best guess is they'll enjoy the publicity.
  5. Cease & Desist and Online Events

    I wonder if streaming or posting games on line could be open to a C & D?
  6. Ion Drift?

    For me at least, it was only the one opportunity. Oicunn rammed a ship, killing it but was pointed at the board edge. Two ion torps followed the next round by two ICT attacks was enough to seal his fate.
  7. Ion Drift?

    Only did it once myself but to an almost full health Decimator. Felt bad for awhile.
  8. We want the X-Wing FAQ now!!

    Ok, so you want a faq NOW. How about we give them some time to GET IT RIGHT rather than getting a knee-jerk reaction faq like the one that basically gutted the Jumpmaster? I'd rather wait for an intelligently engineered faq than a piecemeal hodgepodge one. That might be too much to ask for but I can hope.
  9. Hired Scum??

    Why even have a card? Just house rule it. Keep crew a certain upgrades faction specific. No Imperials or rebels on S&V ships. Limit it to one unique pilot. IIRC there was a post awhile back about a tournament that allowed one scum for hire if you were flying rebels or imps. Can't remember if there was a point cost limit or any other restrictions.
  10. X-Wing a Dead Game?

    There are two lgs in my area. Both put on weekly casual play, a monthly tournament and a monthly micro tournament. All with good attendance. Picked up two new players that have all the makings of full blown XWM addicts. So no, X-wing is not a dead game. I really don't know where you come up with some of these ideas. As for the Last Jedi hate, I will say this. It was a good movie but it was not as satisfying as Rogue One. I think that some of what was included was designed as a merchandising money grab, added nothing to the story and should've been omitted.
  11. New Ship Mechanics, Hold the Ships

    Oh, ok. I think your original statement needs a bit of refining.
  12. New Ship Mechanics, Hold the Ships

    This confuses me. So a YT1300 couldn't shoot straight ahead but a YT2400 with the Outrider title and a Mangler or HLC could?
  13. New Storage post.

    I'm at a loss. Too many ships and too many cards for one case and one binder to hold them all. Plano and Flambeau cases work well and stack nicely and you can carry 4 boxes in the big Plano tackle box. It's gotten to the point that I can only carry one faction in one of the big tackle boxes. That leaves room for the small folios for the upgrades and your templates. The upper compartment will hold one or two large based ships. A couple of the guys have resorted to using the stackable tool boxes with a wheeled carrier. It works but it's very cumbersome. There's also the Feld Herr and Battle Foam carriers but those are very expensive.
  14. Mistakes were made and it’s Friday.

    Happy Friday CB! It's too depressing to list them all. And yes, mistakes were made. Sometimes several in one day.
  15. Please explain to me the rational....for this!?!

    I thought about the evade/focus actions before this discussion came up and decided they could have been implemented differently. Both could have been either free actions or maybe as a ship action. If you find yourself in the middle of a furball and chose an evade action, you gain the token but your attack should suffer. It could be a penalty as strong as rolling one fewer red dice or a boost to the defender's green dice. Play testing would be needed to determine a fair penalty. The same situation applies to the focus action. You're in the middle of the furball but decide you want the kill more than trying to avoid being shot at and choose the focus action. In this case you get the boost to your attack but some type of penalty to your defensive roll. Again, play testing is needed to determine the strength of the boost to the attack and the penalty for defense. This would change the focus action to being strictly offensive in nature and no change to the evade action. It would make both actions available to any ship but with the associated drawbacks. This is just my musings to make these two actions make more sense in game play. Whether or not it's a viable idea remains to be determined.