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  1. So basically you get the opponent into range and arc, declare him the defender and tell him to remove a green token? I had hoped that 2e would not have this kind of silliness.
  2. The Homing Missile attack I understand because it's stated as such. With CM and Failsafe you've basically cancelled the attack. It shouldn't progress to throwing defense dice.
  3. The problem is you have essentially cancelled the attack and retrieved the charge. The attack should not progress to defense dice.
  4. So I'm rolling Defense dice against cancelled attack dice?
  5. Stoneface

    Overlapping of an obstacle occurs when?

    Actually I think that rule was from first edition.
  6. BLESS YOU KIND SIR! I knew I read it I just could not find it! Thanks again!
  7. I can't find this in the rules but somewhere it's stated that when multiple ships overlap a prox mine the owner of the mine gets to choose who suffers the damage. Can anyone point out the reference? I'm going blinder trying to find it.
  8. Stoneface

    Overlapping of an obstacle occurs when?

    Because, as you stated, they are exceptions. If you want a precedent for an obstacle causing damage when deployed under a ship look no further than the Prox Mine. It detonates immediately when deployed (dropped) under a ship.
  9. Stoneface

    Overlapping of an obstacle occurs when?

    The sentence, "A ship can suffer the effects by moving through, overlapping or being at range 0 of obstactles", should cover the situation of having a debris cloud dropped on you.
  10. Stoneface

    Who uses crit tokens?

    I always do. In fact I started using tokens from both editions. First edition tokens for crits that can be repaired and 2e for the permanent ones.
  11. Stoneface

    What have you bought to convert 1.0 to 2.0?

    The starter set, all 5 conversions and an A-Wing.
  12. Some questions about interactions. Disabled Power Regulator. After I do the 1 Blue straight, get rid of the ion token and repair the card, I can take a Focus Action. Will that trigger Autothrusters allowing me to take a red boost or barrel roll? Autothrusters and Pattern Analyzer. Will Autothrusters allow me to take a second action when PA triggers? Stunned Pilot. Do you still roll for damage for the overlap in addition to the damage from the card. Just need confirmation that it does. I tried searching for the answers but kept getting a timeout error.
  13. Stoneface

    Bwings & Jyn

    Actually this would've been very useful. @ryfterek got me thinking about something else that triggered the "Aha" moment. I still think the example could've been better worded to convey that nuance.
  14. Stoneface

    Bwings & Jyn

    I appreciate your patience! It's not easy trying to explain something that carries a nuance to someone that's literal most of the time. Ok, I just had the "Aha" moment! Thank You very much! I doubt I would've been able to figure this out without your help!