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  1. Another player told me that FFG doesn't have a presence this year at Gencon. Hard to believe. I haven't been able to confirm or refute that statement.
  2. Try three Ups with Dormitz and Hyper Wave Comm. You're on your opponent's front porch before any movement.
  3. It's no wonder that this combo is hated!
  4. I think that 150 pts for the fighters is too much. You could take 9 Zs with IPM and have points left over. Not that I think it's a good idea. You also need to balance your weapons loadouts. With a zero agility you don't want a R1 donut hole. And once in your baffles there's little you can do to shake a fighter. You're right about the builds. Every trick needs to be used to extend the life of the ship. I'm not sure if the standard setup of running the map edge would be worthwhile. It does provide protection for one flank but makes you predictable for turns. This should provide an interesting version of the game.
  5. This may be a good level to start. The idea is to get the Raider off the board. I don't want the Rebels or S&V to kill it only damage it.
  6. Also in real life. Thinking Repulse and Renown. The scenario I have in mind is for an unescorted Raider. I need it to be a somewhat "fair" fight. Looking at 3-4 scenarios for a mini-campaign. 200 points would be better for and escorted Raider but the first scenario is for a naked capital ship.
  7. In a fighter vs a 150 point Raider, what do you recommend for a squad point value for the fighters? My initial thought was 150 points but I'm not sure that would be a fair matchup. Working on a couple of scenarios for a mini campaign and could use some input.
  8. Wrong Forum
  9. I like it. Adds a little different flavor to the standard 100/6 fare. It's also going to force the players to think deeper than normal. You should see some very different squads on the table.
  10. Playing the first scenario from the raider last week I tried to finish the game early. Did a 4 straight and missed two of his ships by less than 1/4". Didn't cause me any grief but left me short of energy for a turn. Did manage to side swipe one the next turn though. Always good fun!
  11. When we play Epic it's usually with 4-6 players. One for capital ships, one for the fighters and one for the bombers/strike squads. That way you only have to remember what upgrades are being used for your ships. As mentioned above, quantity over quality. You want as many guns as possible. Z's are decent, cheap missile carriers for the Rebels. XX-23 Thread Chasers on a couple of Z's can do wonders for breaking up a Tie swarm. Make sure your team coordinates their movements! Nothing worse than steamrolling a couple of your own fighters because someone mixed up port from starboard! There's a couple of ways to spread up the bookkeeping. An inexpensive, dry erase board with the ships listed in ascending order by PS makes the "who moves next" ordeal easier. A check mark when they move and a cross bar when they shoot aids in bookkeeping and keeping things straight.
  12. I once thought it was pretty obvious but after reading the FAQ and RRG I'm on the fence.
  13. Did you read anything past the first comma?
  14. I agree with most of what said but for different reasons. Regarding squad builds being crucial to tournament standing. I don't think this has changed since 2012 but it has turned into a bigger part of the game. With newer ships and upgrade cards, small changes in your squad can have a much bigger effect than in earlier years. Look back at a previous worlds when Heaver faced an almost mirror match vs another Fat Han for a minor build change and an opponent's tactical error. R2-D2 vs Gunner was the difference in the 1300 build. Players have become more, sophisticated, for lack of a better word. Placement of obstacles is now more science than just throwing down a rock and checking range. During building they have access to more upgrades, looking for added action economy and efficiency with newer ships and pilots. With the number of games being streamed now, players can scout the competition from the local gaming scene up through Worlds which can give them a distinct advantage. The RPS analogy falls apart faster the more waves are released. Where once BBBBZ was a force to be reckoned with it's easily dealt with now. The same applies to the 4 x TLT Y-Wings that was a boogeyman for a short time. As more options enter the game, the further some builds move away from being viable. Power Creep, Accretion or whatever you wish to call it doesn't just affect red dice. I don't think the game is as warped as you feel it is. I do think that certain builds highlight the not so subtle changes in the game that tend to upset some people.