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  1. Stoneface

    Kyle, Crits and destruction.

    Thanks! We were wondering about it. Now does that crit stay with the condition card or can the owner assign another (different) crit? We don't see a lot of Kylo down here.
  2. This probably has been answered before so I apologise in advance. What happens to the crit, assigned by Kylo, when the ship is destroyed and not by the assigned crit? Does it get recycled or dies with the ship?
  3. Stoneface

    Medium bases

    Bingo! I'm still figuring out what I want to be when I grow up. At 66+ I think it's a lost cause. ☺️
  4. Stoneface

    Classic TIE swarm VS 5 X-Wings in 2.0

    The problem is someone reading your post will ignore the disclaimer, focus on the points spread you used and go on a rant about Rebel Favoritism, 2e needs a faq before it's released, it'll be DOA upon release, ad nauseam. We don't know the rules, points and a lot of other info that may be pertinent to the argument. Doing What ifs like this leads to a lot of potential arguments. I agree there should be some discussion on the topic but out of necessity it has to be kept really generic due to our ignorance of so much information.
  5. Stoneface

    2.0 Is a Ship in its Own Firing Arc?

    I can't wait for the rule book to be released. The I get to re-learn all the terminology that's been changed.☹️
  6. Stoneface

    2.0 Is a Ship in its Own Firing Arc?

    Sort of inline with the original question, has Range Zero been defined yet? This might have a bearing on the answer.
  7. Stoneface

    That Yellow Fighter from Star Wars: Resistance

    Well If I'm looking at it right I think it resembles the German Natter. Late war design to be used as an interceptor for allied bomber formations.
  8. Stoneface

    Any use for ships with less than 8 hp?

    ^ Beautiful response!
  9. And I have you by 28 more!
  10. You're not old enough to get the reference. Which is ok, getting old sucks but it beats the alternative'
  11. Stoneface


    For your birthday some words of wisdom from a Roman philosopher. "Semper ubi sub ubi".
  12. Stoneface


    Happy Birthday Boba! May your dice always show paint and you have a focus for the conversion!
  13. Stoneface

    Hera crew Store Championship ruling.

    This is where I disagree. Hera' s ability takes effect after the movement is revealed. It's here that I would need to play a card that changed the difficulty of the maneuver, if I was stressed, or do the two straight. Hera' s ability triggers and ignores that section of the rules. We're now past that point and pivot wing can be played. If the above isn't convincing enough, consider this card combo has been available for over a year and only now a T.O. is denying it.
  14. Stoneface

    Hera crew Store Championship ruling.

    I'm with Bitter Fig on this one. Hera allows you to reveal and execute red maneuvers when stressed. I hope everyone agrees that Hera can keep the U-Wing stationery for multiple turns. The pivot wing card allows the rotation after revealing a stop maneuver. The only prerequisite for the rotation is revealing a stop maneuver. No mention of being unstressed, no limitation on the number of times it can be done or that the rotations can't be on consecutive turns. The T.O. was incorrect in his ruling.
  15. Stoneface

    Imperial and scum conversion kits? Wave 1 previews?

    Check YouTube. I remember seeing some unboxing vids. I believe it was Alex and one of the guys from Team Covenant and not just the Rebel set. Edit. My bad. It's Dicehate on YouTube. It's the rebroadcast of FFGs live stream.