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  1. In casual play, it is kind of a harsh thing to do but in a competition, that's different. Would you let a guy put 4 focus tokens on the Moldy Crow because he forgot the last four rounds?
  2. So is the city in Michigan, I think.
  3. THANK YOU! I'm assuming that the "legal maneuver" can include one that flies the ship off the board, correct?
  4. Can someone point out where in the RRG, FAQ or Tournament Rules what happens if a the wrong dial is assigned to a ship and the assigned maneuver is not a legal maneuver for that ship? This happened last night and I wasn't made aware of it until the match ended.
  5. In the best traditions of a S & V player! You my fuzzy friend, were taken.
  6. So...can we get a little patience? G4H isn't even released yet.
  7. Without an updated FAQ we won't know for sure. Personally, I don't think they will have an effect. Harpooned might but it won't affect the section that wasn't hit if it follows the ruling on Assault Missiles. A Debt to Pay might but that's iffy. I don't see Kylo or Rex doing anything.
  8. You're not looking in the right places.
  9. I agree the game has problems but Biggs isn't one of them. Whatever metric the Designers used from the start was off. They admitted as much in the interview. It didn't matter so much early on except for the Phantom which turned out to be just bat crap crazy OP. IMO where their model really broke down was the Jumpmaster release. Some of the blame rests with the playtesters. Some of these OP combos should have been caught in play testing. Then again, we don't know how much time was allotted for this portion of the development cycle. One of the things we do know is the Devs were under a lot of pressure to push things out the door. That's evident by the number of releases per year and the number of complaints from players that things were coming out too fast. I believe they said they were working two Waves out from what's been released. Look at the stuff that's not considered a wave like Aces pack, Veteran's pack and Epics and you begin to see that there's not a lot of time to debug a release. Another thing to consider is scheduling production time for the models and printing. That "window" is probably reserved either before or shortly after design begins on a wave. There's more things to consider but I'll stop here. Is there problems with the game? Yes, it's very evident. Are the designers incompetent? I doubt it. If they were X-wing wouldn't be as good as it is. I worked in engineering for a long time and we had a saying that is relevant to this situation. "It's difficult to make a chicken sandwich when all they give you is chicken s**t".
  10. I agree with your frustration but that's about it. They may release a 2.0 but I doubt it's going to happen while new movies are still being released. Without rebuilding the game from the ground up the best we can hope for is titles for some ships and maybe a points adjustment. Unless you're a published game designer, saying they don't know their job, is just grousing. If you were an FFG insider, then you'd have some insight into the constraints they operate under.
  11. It can be said that's the price to be paid for a long lived game. The new ships need to be different enough from previous releases to be both interesting and desirable. If the new ships didn't bring new weapons or mechanics to the game, who would buy them?
  12. Actually this is kind of interesting. Currently if you overlap, you stop short and fiddle with the ship to get proper alignment. If I'm understanding these templates correctly, they represent your position after you avoided the collision. The problem it solves is the bump to fortress. It also effects the bump to slow roll on some builds to keep them in a tight formation. It's actually an interesting idea. Sort of like the concept of scatter when applied to some artillery bombardments.
  13. Looks like he crossed a Tie Silencer with an F-22 Raptor. Nicely done!
  14. Happy Friday CB! Hope all is well. You've asked some good questions. Can't wait for the responses.
  15. I gave some thought to your reply and your analogy is pretty good. I would think that if you're going to continue to frequent that establishment, you'd want to talk up the meals that are "quite nice" and refrain from bad mouthing the other meals, the restaurant and chef.