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  1. balerino

    Unofficial Campaign Tracker for Descent!

    We played the The Incident (Shadow of Nerekhall quest) this weekened. Here, the heroes receive 25 gold per research token in their play area when the quest ends, regardless of victory or defeat (in addition to the 25G per hero if they win). There is no option to register this in the campaign tracker. I had to check additional search items to compensate for this in order to get the gold balance right after finishing the quest.
  2. balerino

    SoN Price of Power encounter 1

    Ah, thanks for clarifying this! Now everything makes sense.
  3. I have a question regarding the chaotic rifts in the Price of Power quest in Shadow of Nerekhall. The rules state that when a hero starts their turn in, or moves into a chaitic rift, they must resomve the rift's effect. The outcome is either none or disfavourable for the hero. My question is: Why would a hero ever move into a chaotic rift when there is no benefit from doing so?
  4. balerino

    Shadow of Nerekhall finale

    Thanks for all your comments. Of course it might very well happen that we will play the other finale instead, but I like to be prepared. Depending on how powerful the heroes seem to be I might modify the corruption roll so that it has to be less than instead of less than or equal to the corruption level.
  5. We're about to start the Shadow of Nerekhall campaign with 5 players total (me as the OL). Since I won the Shadow Rune campaign the heroes are eager for revenge. I've searched this and other forums for balance issues in SoN, and I'm a bit concerned about the finale. From what I've read, the Black Realm finale seems nearly impossible to win for the heroes, even if the odds seems to improve with a full party of 4 heroes. Of course I don't mind winning the campaign again, but it's going to feel cheap if we end up with the Black Realm as the finale and the heroes find it being unfairly hard. To those of you who've played the Black Realm, how did you experience it? I'm especially interested in replies from those who played it with 4 heroes.
  6. Thanks for the replies. The setup text actually says: "Sir Alric Farrow, equipped with the Duskblade relic". Period. and that he won't be present if the heroes won either of those quests. I agree that if he is present he should also have the relic for that encounter, even if the quests that give it as a reward haven't been played.
  7. On our next play session we will be playing The Man Who Would be King. As part of the setup, Sir Alric Farrow should be equipped with the Duskblade relic. My question is: We have not played The Dawnblade or The Desecrated Tomb quests. Thus, the Overlord hasnt't received the Duskblade as a reward. Is Alric Farrow still equipped with it? I assume that the answer is yes, but if so it feels like he gets a "free" extra reward.