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  1. love armada, but not much support in my area. folks cry about the squadron game, how much it cost, how long games take, how complicated it is, etc etc but these same group have no issue with legion time, or cost of legion. should them x wing cost more, etc etc. so i wait a few months and see how the local support is 1st.
  2. Primer White, paint black areas and weapon, and done. here a good guide.
  3. Any Good Ideas for how to transport them Mini when all painted and glued together
  4. If your going to a national event, i pretty sure you can take a day or two of vacation to attend
  5. Would use them with AF, drop a double arc, fly up and vomit b wings on the target.
  6. My money is on 50% more lense flares, the title will be "The Jedi have Returned." Expect a supersize superweapon that can br destoryed by a small fighter. Expect it to be a rehash RotJ
  7. Believe it along the lines of when both fleets have deployed, the 2nd pkayer deployes the ion cannon tokens. And spynet tokens say after fleets have deployed you can use the token to changed ship postion.
  8. So on a base attack. The 2nd player deployes all fleets, then the 1st player. Now does the second player deployes the ion cannon tokens, then 1st player uses spy net token, or does it go spy net token then ion cannons token?
  9. Dont think i care for the brace, redirect and double contains. I'm guess this will fill the role of the dictor for the rebels. I can even see a grav well title or upgrade. Wish it was squadrons 4 vs 3.
  10. I take it as raddius personal ship was called depth, like ackbar has home one
  11. Even with it being a mobile repair yard, starwars is losing it. And need to stop with the bigger is better thinking.
  12. Would love to see prequels droids armies, and clone troopers. Even old republic and sith era armies.
  13. Or they haven't release that info yet. They only showed the ship card model and admiral nithing else.
  14. I see a engine tech cr90 racing at speed 5 to drop a mc80 defiant with RLB b wings on the rear of a ISD.
  15. Folks really should start sending emails to FFG rules section asking this. But figure we find out more when they publish the in depth looka each ships
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