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  1. A couple of questions 1. Can you use normal movement before you cast mi go brain case (ie move to somewhere no one normally goes and cast it to send a a nasty monster to a safer place) 2. Let’s say u have 2 one handed weapons one is like an enchanted knife and one is a carbine rifle. You go to fight a monster that you may be able to beat with just the knife. Can you roll like You just have the knife and then if you don’t pass the combat check roll the extra dice for the rifle or do you have to commit your weapons that you are using before the check is even attempted?
  2. Got Kingsport horror about a month ago. Some King in yellow mythos cards call for all monsters to move (i.e the next act begins). How does this work with the rift track? Do ( potentially) 3 rift markers get placed because the movement would match three different movement patterns, or do none get placed because the movement on the card does not exactly match the movement patterns on the rift track?
  3. Got the dunwich horror expansion a few weeks ago. Just played a game where we had the gate box item/call friend spell combo, which was very nice. I have a couple of questions about it the mechanics. 1. The spell mentions that the friend getting called cannot have already moved: "Cast and exhaust to choose an investigator in Arkham who has not moved this turn." Does this mean that it cannot be used on a investigator who has gone through his movement phase but didnt move to a different spot (so essentially if you are the last player you cant cast the spell), or does it mean you can cast it to move anyone who hasn't "moved"? 2. When you are in another world can you cast it when you move to from the first to second spot and therefore the "friend" that you move winds up in the second position of the other world or would he have to go to the first position of the other world?
  4. Just got innsmouth horror about a week ago and had a few questions on the falcon point aquatic movement dynamic. 1. Do you have to be on falcon's point at the start of your movement phase to use the location's ability or can you move from somewhere and then use the location's ability to move to another aquatic location. I read somewhere on the forum and the faq that you cannot use the patty wagon to get to devils reef in one turn. Using that logic I would suspect that the player would have to start at falcon's point and use this ability to get to devil's reef, river docks etc, otherwise a player with a patty wagon could just move to falcon point, pay 2 bucks and get to devils reef all in one turn. Is this true?
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