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  1. Bad miniature paint job: rub bacon on it!
  2. How can I get ahold of some of these?!? We’ll still play 1.0
  3. Someone’s insurance rates just went up, haha! Great job man!
  4. I would still love to see everything in one scale. Could you imagine a tabletop battle with a Star Destroyer in 1/270?! Awesome!
  5. I'm trying my hand at being a necromancer of old forum posts, and I thought here would be as good of any place to start. Almost two years or so ago I modified another Y-Wing for more of a "snubfighter" look, but with an increased bomb load, and streamlined bomb/thermal detonator dispensers. On the bench I'm planning on converting another one into a courier that was seen in the Star Wars comics. A comparison shot between the stock and my modification:
  6. 150 meters in 1/270 scale is 1.8 feet, or .54864 meters. She looks about 1' 9 1/2" - honestly, its nice to see folks modeling in 1/270 scale other than FFG's "1/270" Reference:
  7. @MacrossVF1, do you do this as a full-time career, or is this still a hobby for you? I look at the limited time that I have and have been wondering how you do that level of detail - its really a high level of craftsmanship! If you don't do this as a full time profession, I'm convinced you have a time machine (haha).
  8. That is a possible solution, however, I contacted another modeler on the forum who offered to send me leftover blasters from the miniatures he modified. I'm just waiting for a response that he can still ship them to me. Thank you for the alternative solution @emsgoof !
  9. So for awhile I was thinking that Imperial pilots have to go through flight school, and that they wouldn't start out with a fully loaded TIE. I modified this one without cannons, and removed the forward solar panels for increased visibility. The windows have a green shade to them ("that rookie is green") with the cockpit ball with training stripes. Of course the veteran pilots (the instructor and chief instructor pilot) have fully loaded fighters but with a red tint to the main and upper canopy. All the fighters were striped, painted, and washed to added for a color scheme I'm considering doing all future TIE fighters in. Of course, I may need to invest in a photo setup to get the quality pictures I would like for you to see the detail. The red cockpit theme was inspired by OtaKing77077's short film: 'TIE Fighter.' Its an excellent animation in classic the 1980s anime of high detail and shading. Link is below:
  10. Here is my newest Z-95! She has more of a slanted wing like a Corsair from WWII/Korea, as well as a single engine on each side with an intake on the bottom. It took awhile to do, but I feel the finished product is nice (especially with the dry pigment I used for the blaster marks). I also built a hyper-drive generator with the panels off with my attempt at star streaking for the effect of the Zed traveling at light speed. I'm still learning... Other than that error, she came out great! I will be posting more of my other products soon!
  11. Lol, true. I was reading up on some wreckage ideas, noticed this, and fired a torpedo...of course after the ship sunk, haha.
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