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  1. I want this sooooo bad! It's amazing!
  2. In the name of the Emperor, purify that corruption! Sheev commands it!
  3. Freehand inn Aurabesh that small is no easy task, are you doing that in more miniatures?
  4. The paint job is spectacular! How long did this take to paint?
  5. Wow! They look amazing!
  6. Cool design, but why did you post it here? Why not put it out in the general forums?
  7. I think it was part of a collectors pack I bought back at Target years ago from the Titanium Series, it's still on sale as Amazon if you're interested. Yeah, it sucks about the blaster - I wish FFG would sell parts so I could get it from them, but I'm looking to make a replacement during the scratch-build.
  8. It's a different ship entirely! Well done!
  9. Crafty! Pretty neat!
  10. Thanks Barry! -Mike
  11. Here is the last item for me to finish painting until pressing forward with the build: a Neimoidian Shuttle modified into a tanker or supply ship. I don't care for the cardboard pieces like the cargo containers or diplomatic shuttle so I went with this one. I'll buy large base and hopefully make an information tab for it, adding a bit of depth to the gameplay. I wish I bought the actual Republic Shuttle toy years ago, since I would have used that instead.
  12. I was thinking about having them as an environmental trigger, like if you get too close to an item they activate - something like a bees nest. I have six more to paint so I'll have plenty of time to figure it out. I have been debating for my scratch build to have docking slots on it, and have them act like regular units.
  13. So if anyone has an extra blaster shaft, please let me know.