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  1. There right. Though there may be players who bought a ticket and are not interested in AHlcg. There is a small chance.
  2. I will probably be doing something similar. I will probably have 2 main games going that I record. The campaign I play solo. And the campaign I play at my flgs when a new pack comes out with my friends. Other then that, might play side campaigns to test out decks or investigators, and in those games I may be more liberal with the deck building rules for play testing sake. Another concern I do have with the campaign aspect. Is lets say you are playing a campaign at the local flgs like I am planning to do. Well what do you do when some one can't show up? Or a new player wants to join the campaign. Lets say you are on mythos pack 4. It presents some natural problems we will probably have to house rule to resolve. Any thoughts ?
  3. When I do play solo, Ill probably play 2 investigators at a time, just like I played lotr lcg 2 handed. Besides having the added benefit of each investigator more able to focus on a specific phase of the games. I also like that playing 2 decks allows me to experience more of the games mechanics and cards per play through faster.
  4. I don't know if we will see this from ffg. But I am positive players will make fan made content. It would be fun if a fan made something like this
  5. @ Deck Building Another big difference in this game is how a deck levels up. You are not going to have access to all the player cards like you do in Lotr, only the level 0 cards. You also can't just swap cards from scenerio to scenerio like you can in Lotr, or build completely new decks. I really like how deck construction and leveling up works in this game. It's one of the big draws for me. I also like how adding future level 0 cards to your deck in future building cost experience. Later in the life of this game I am sure deck construction will take a lot more time, not as long as Lotr, but as the game grows we are going to have access to more and more level 0 cards. I am mostly looking forward to playing Roland. The guardian seeker combo seams to fit my play style nicely. Having access to cards like magnifying glass and encyclopedia can really help round him out. And his .38 special is solid. And Police badge will be amazing in multiplayer helping the investigators make it through a touch pinch. I'm also most interested in learning more about Agnes Baker. I am very curious to see more of the Mystic cards and how they work. Because to me, she seams a little behind the other investigators. But that being said, she very well may round out once more of her cards are revealed. And finally a question on deck building if anyone has found the answer. We know the core heroes are restricted to there class, neutral cards, and there secondary class. We also know after your decks initial construction 0 cost cards cost 1 exp to add level 0 cards. And each white dot is 1 exp cost for the card up to level 5. My question is, does anyone know if there are restrictions out side of that. Let's say you have to by x amount of level 1 cards before you can buy level 2 and so on? Can you buy a level 5 card let's say with your first purchase or is there a progression?
  6. Yea, a lot of wait and see. A lot of information hasn't ben released yet.
  7. TBH i kind of wish there was a better middle ground. I do think LoTR LCG was a little too heavy on the deck building. My perfect scenario is to make a deck I like and maybe have to tweak 3 or 4 of the cards in the deck to succeed in an encounter if i find it too difficult. Maybe like a side deck of options to sub in a la MtG. LoTR went the extreme and forced entire new decks to be built specifically catered to the mission on hand which i dont like. It feels cheep to me for some reason lol. This game however seems like it went the other route where you build your deck and just use some experience to level up the stuff you have in it without really making too many alterations. Maybe im wrong.. but i HOPE its like my ideal scenario... where you make a deck and then you have about 5 cards in your deck that are sub outs with about 5 other cards (or more). and you switch them in and out depending on the situation. A system very similar to hearthstone when you make say for example, a shaman deck of 18 different cards, but 4-5 of them are slots you can swap other things in an out based on the meta. I do agree with you on lotr getting to deck building heavy at times. Some of the AP were frustrating for me because I would have to sit down and build a deck to beat a specific scenario mechanic, shadow effects comes to mind. Were as I liked to build 2 decks for a cycle and play 2-handed to the end of the cycle. Like the cycle was a book and each ap is a chapter. Unlike Arkham Horror lcg, it appears you build your investigator's deck for the cycle, then make changes to your deck (level up) in between missions. I like this method a lot for as it fits my general play style. I look forward to trying this out in October. Hopefully they release an article on deck building soon.
  8. And how did he get a hold of the game so early?
  9. The video only adds to my excitement. I like that he help back with spoilers
  10. Be ready to house rule some stuff at times. But yea, same as others. You should be able to make it work
  11. It will be like all the lcg. The boxes and the packs will all include playsets.
  12. Hi. I am looking for a co-host for a you tube show dedicated to Arkham Horror the card game. I am planning for a rough outline for the show to be recorded once a week. It will take about 1 to 4 hours a week to record depending on the episode. The main purpose of the show is to play through the scenarios on both normal and hard. And may include looking at the individual cards, as well as investigators strength and weaknesses. If you are interested in dedicating the time and talking about this upcoming card game. You can reply here or contact me through the shows page on Facebook in my signature. Or if you have any questions you would like to ask me.
  13. Looks like big changes from other Lcg. No core set cycle since we start with a deluxe cycle. I kinda expected something like this because of the core set campaign spoiler only showed 3 quest. I think you may be accurate suggesting that they will not release investigators with the mythos packs. That may be good, since our card pool is going to be very limited. And I think each mythos pack will focus more and more on upgrade cards for the next quest.
  14. In the scenario. When we arrived to the docks after our research for the final showdown. The game spawned all the tiles but nothing else. Then started spawning monsters
  15. and for some reason they put the brawn on the bottom with lots of room on top were you can see it. They also should have put any important keywords on top of the base too. And the description or rules underneath incase you dont have the trait memorized
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