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  1. It has pierce 1 XD , but I know the answer , thx! And can I consider that the reflective ward's resolve timing is before substrate shield and after resolve pierce effect ? Another question : If a berserker make a whirlwind and has no stamina to stop reflective ward , he rolls 5 dmg with Bearded Axe to 2 monsters with 1 shield and 3 shields, the reflective ward will deal 7 or 5 dmg ?
  2. so... if the monster rolls 2 shields , how to work about this condition ? (the hero rolls 5 dmg , too)
  3. For reflective ward , a pierce value will count into the attack effect ? A complicate condition : A attack roll result with bread axe is 5 dmg , and attacker's defense result is 1 shield , how many dmg will cause on this attacker?
  4. Other questions Can All Knowing work on Divine Fury to get multiple yellow dice ? Can All Knowing work on Bottled Courage to get 1 fatigue = 1 attack probably ? i can't think there is any illegal , but this combo seems too power.
  5. Can All-knowing choose itself and loop with another skill to become a infinity loop? example: make 8 potions in 1 turn
  6. I used Soul Reaper yesterday , it is a power class in RTL(especially Delve or Frost Trial), but there is a little problem on in Blight Extraction. 1.Can I use Stream of Life on my hero with a condition, and then combine with Blight Extraction and Mirror of Souls to get 3 Soul Essence and receive the same condition again?(and then keep loop to get 3 heart token /each round) 2.If I chosen other hero in example 1., and I already had the same condition, can I get 2 heart essence from Blight Extraction? 3.Another skill All-knowing question: Can All-knowing use on a unexhaust Skill or the skill without exhaust-requirement?
  7. In fact , the hardest part of this combo is shadow tome. And we just used vortex , vigilant watch and shadow tome can cause a 5x5 area clear with 8 stable dmg , it is really power and low cost. Astarra with elven boots can move very long distance or just make a rest to prepare the next combo. Other things just was showed how power . Astarra conjurer and marshal are also both power class and heroes separately, I think this can make the overlord to get hot potato
  8. The trigger condition of Vigilant watch is when the monster move out a space adjacent marshal within 2 spaces. So, Can it trigger doom indepently?
  9. There is a none-roll combo to kill monster.... Astarra uses feat to move a doomed monster from a space adjacent Marhsal with vigilant watch(exhausted) and shadow tome(exhausted) into another space adjacent that marshal, and then she uses vortex to move again like above, This monster will suffer... per space ( 1 (vigilant watch) + 1(doom) +2 (shadow tome) + 1 (doom )) = 5 dmg / per space moved and vortex cause 2 dmg + 1(doom) = 3dmg , total is 18 dmg ! Is this correct ? It's a crazy combo without roll ...(don't worry about X ...) Even the monster is without doom , this combo still cause 11 dmg, it almost can kill most of monsters in a large area
  10. Can Rancor feed twice in a round ? (before and end of activation)?
  11. A already KO'ed Hero will make overlord draw a card from Unblinking ? (he can't suffer any thing.)
  12. I tried this quest yesterday , I felt this quest costs long time to win for overlord whatever anyone influence was chosen. Even I pick 4 village tokens in counter 1 , I must make a success attack 6 times and every attacks against 2 gray dice for kill the leader. It's a high risk plan. But ,if I want to play tricky, heroes have time to clear my monster easily. Even they can keep 2 guards and 2 leader (and all remain 1 health) to be the most safety plan. I can receive this plan , if they try. But just cost very very very long time ... In fact, fool heroes is not good plan, too. I'll lose the best fire power in next. And at last , I still must kill leaders with 2 grey dice by many times and "2 royal leaders" will be the hardest choice for overlord . I have a sick for this quest , too long time .
  13. If Prophet and hero A(with insight token) were under a multi-attack and both defeated during overlord's turn 1.Can overlord decide Prophet resolve firstly to prevent Lifeline ? 2.If hero A is resolved firstly and Lifeline is used, can Prophet move insight token to himself with All-seeing?
  14. Thx , because my Chinese version says like that 2nd far
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