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  1. In fact , the hardest part of this combo is shadow tome. And we just used vortex , vigilant watch and shadow tome can cause a 5x5 area clear with 8 stable dmg , it is really power and low cost. Astarra with elven boots can move very long distance or just make a rest to prepare the next combo. Other things just was showed how power . Astarra conjurer and marshal are also both power class and heroes separately, I think this can make the overlord to get hot potato
  2. The trigger condition of Vigilant watch is when the monster move out a space adjacent marshal within 2 spaces. So, Can it trigger doom indepently?
  3. There is a none-roll combo to kill monster.... Astarra uses feat to move a doomed monster from a space adjacent Marhsal with vigilant watch(exhausted) and shadow tome(exhausted) into another space adjacent that marshal, and then she uses vortex to move again like above, This monster will suffer... per space ( 1 (vigilant watch) + 1(doom) +2 (shadow tome) + 1 (doom )) = 5 dmg / per space moved and vortex cause 2 dmg + 1(doom) = 3dmg , total is 18 dmg ! Is this correct ? It's a crazy combo without roll ...(don't worry about X ...) Even the monster is without doom , this combo still cause 11 dmg, it almost can kill most of monsters in a large area
  4. Can Rancor feed twice in a round ? (before and end of activation)?
  5. edcy

    Unblinking OL Card question

    I think so ,too . thx !
  6. edcy

    Unblinking OL Card question

    A already KO'ed Hero will make overlord draw a card from Unblinking ? (he can't suffer any thing.)
  7. I tried this quest yesterday , I felt this quest costs long time to win for overlord whatever anyone influence was chosen. Even I pick 4 village tokens in counter 1 , I must make a success attack 6 times and every attacks against 2 gray dice for kill the leader. It's a high risk plan. But ,if I want to play tricky, heroes have time to clear my monster easily. Even they can keep 2 guards and 2 leader (and all remain 1 health) to be the most safety plan. I can receive this plan , if they try. But just cost very very very long time ... In fact, fool heroes is not good plan, too. I'll lose the best fire power in next. And at last , I still must kill leaders with 2 grey dice by many times and "2 royal leaders" will be the hardest choice for overlord . I have a sick for this quest , too long time .
  8. edcy

    Infection Tokens

    If Prophet and hero A(with insight token) were under a multi-attack and both defeated during overlord's turn 1.Can overlord decide Prophet resolve firstly to prevent Lifeline ? 2.If hero A is resolved firstly and Lifeline is used, can Prophet move insight token to himself with All-seeing?
  9. Thx , because my Chinese version says like that 2nd far
  10. or anyone can offer the text of this section... very tks...!!
  11. When Tristayne Olliven uses Summon Ynfernael Hulk, 1.The text means that I can only put Ynfernael Hulk in 2th far space as below : OOOOO OXXXO OXTXO OXXXO OOOOO O: available space , X: unavailable space T:Tristayne Olliven or other meaning ? 2. if all available spaces are occupied , can I put Ynfernael Hulk on the closest space ?
  12. 1.Synderael's feat (a)Another hero gains his move action, is this before or after Synderael's move action from this feat? (b)Can that hero trade during this move action? (c)Can Synderael attack during this move action? 2.SoN Quest :Respected Citizen counter 1 Can a conjurer use many friends to add green dice on bare attack to Batram ? 3.SoN Quest :Respected Citizen counter 1 The quest rule : Batram can't move into a map tile with any monster. (a)If he is already on a map tile with monsters, can he move normaly ? (b)Can he move through a space occupied by a monster ? (I think it is no) 4.Scourge and Word of Misery If Word of Misery(here after referred to as WOM) is played , Conjuer and another hero are adjacent the Scourge. If a effect causes the other hero to suffer a fatigue, is it right as below ? (a)Because the other hero suffers a fatigue and adjacent the Scourge , OL can choose a image to suffer a fatigue . (b)the conjuer suffers a fatigue and a heart because of the image is defeated. And WOM cause conjuer a fatigue. (this defeated image causes 1 heart and 2 fatigue) (c)Because the conjuer suffers a fatigue(from his image defeated) adjacent the Scourge, OL can choose another image to suffer a fatigue. (b)(c) loop until all image defeated. And per image cause the conjuer 1 heart and 2 fatigue. I am not sure if it is right . Because the Scourge seems become the conjurer's nemesis and just need 1 xp for OL. It's too cheap! And then WOM seems works many times on this combo (per image).
  13. edcy

    Updated Astarra Hero

    Her ability says"you may spend 1 movement point to remove your figure from the map and place it in an empty space adjacent to 1 hero who is within 3 spaces of you." That hero must be within 3 spaces of Astarra, and put Astarra a space adjacent that hero. I think She can teleport to 4th spaces away, right ?
  14. I want to check translation(Mine is Chinese): Counter 1 :the Beast(Ynfernal) was set speed to 1 . It seems be too slow and hard to win for overlord. Is it right text ?
  15. It is very Op and heroes want to flip table.... they just cost 2 points of xp.