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  1. Am I right in saying that Reanimates are not affected by the forest combat restriction when performing an attack? From the rules: "A unit occupying a forest hex rolls a maximum of two dice (before modifiers) when attacking. Additionally, a unit rolls a maximum of two dice (before modifiers) when attacking a target unit that occupies a forest hex." The Reanimates base combat value is one, but then they have the Legion ability: "Add 1 die to each combat roll performed by this unit for each figure remaining in the unit". The Legion ability is a modifier, meaning that it is applied after adjusting for terrain effects, or?
  2. Regarding Compelled units: Is it possible to spend 2 lore and move two different compelled units one hex each? (Or 3 lore to move 3 units...) I would say yes, otherwise I dont understand the purpose of the rule "A player can use a unit’s Compelled ability only once per turn."
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