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  1. It's been a while, but I've managed to paint a few more things, Legion's been on the back burner for a bit, but hopefully I'll be able to paint a bit more during the holiday season And a Better look at my TFA Han and Chewie
  2. This might be interesting to some, buldings that would look great on any Tatooine table
  3. Company B has a service that does custom decals: http://www.companyb.biz/ But if you're only after 1 decall for a single ship, that might be a bit too costly, you can always buy decal paper and print your own, which is probably a lot simpler and cheaper
  4. It really doesn't matter much, use whatever you can find and is small enough, just make sure you match the size of the drillbit to the size of the wire you use. Personally I mostly use paperclips as they're easy to come by, and come in a few sizes, I just buy the drill bits to match those.
  5. When I did my research to buy an airbrush both Iwata and harder & Steenbeck were the ones recommended to me, they're both excellent quality, but depending on where you live parts may be easier to source for one over the other, H&S for Europe, Iwata for USA, since I'm in the Netherlands I got an H&S evolution, and am very happy with it. As for a compressor, I got an AS-186, this is the one that was recommended to me: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Airbrush-Compressor-Double-Action-Airbrushes/dp/B074QTDVBW But shipping was very high so I found something similar without the airbrushes locally for a similar price with free shipping. Just look for an AS186
  6. Contact FFG customerservice and they should sent you the correct parts https://parts.asmodeena.com/partsrequests/
  7. Did a quick pic in photoshop to show how I would do it, I would take of the wings and drill a hole straight through the body (in blue) then connect the wings with a pin (in green) through the hole in the body, this will allow the wings to rotate along the (blue) axis. If the hole and pin are the same size friction will keep them in place, but more than likely they won't stay in place, so I'd add a few sets of magnets to either sides of the hole and pin to keep it all in place . in hindsight I'd probably not put the magnets as close to the hole as I drew in the pic, but you get the idea, just keep both pairs to an equal length away from the axis and with the polarity at the same side so they stick at both orientations
  8. For an airbrush the advice I've been given was get an Iwata if you're in the US and a Harder & Steenbeck if you're in Europe, the quality of those should be similar but sourcing parts will be easier, although from what I've heard the H&S is slightly easier to clean, I've got a H&S evolution myself, bought it December, and while I've used it a bit, I still haven't had the time to properly try it out yet, so I'm no expert, but I did do a lot of research before buying it. As for a compressor you don't need something specifically for an airbrush but you do want something with at least a regulator and a moisture trap. I've got an AS186 for about $80 works like a charm
  9. All my rebels have a Rebel Alliance starbird symbol painted on somewhere, I don't know how confident you are in your paintskills, but with a bit of practise it's really not that hard, although ymmv The Rodian and the second from the right have theirs on their back packs
  10. Nice that's exactly how I was planning to do my Fett, just haven't had the time to build the phase pulse rifle yet, where did yours come from?
  11. Aren't the vehicles already cast in HIPS, at least I used plastic cement to glue together the vehicles from the core (apart from the drivers/riders which where PVC like the rest), so I would assume that's the way they would go forward with the rest if they changed to "hard plastic". But I guess you're right not to assume anything untill we have the final product in hand.
  12. One thing I Always do is before glueing the mini, is take a mug of hot water, assemble the mini and chuck it in the water for a few minutes, the hot water softens the plastic and will give you a better fit especially if you press down a bit you can remove most gaps, this is worked for so far and I haven't had to take out the greenstuff yet
  13. Here's even better news, you don't even have to sculpt them, just look for Quest miniatures on etsy
  14. To post pics from imgur copy the direct link URL then on the forum insert other media and pick insert image from URL and past the link Another option is and that will also work with other filehosts is to right click the image, press properties and copy the Address (URL) and again insert the image from URL in the forum Hope that helps, I usually never click on links, if you can't be bothered to post a pic, I can't be bothered to click a link
  15. Still working on mine, but I think the easiest way to make him look better is to redo the hair, a bit more putty to hide that receding hairline does a lot IMHO, a second quick and easy fix is to reposition his left arm like @Matroskin did, the trenchcoat you can take or leave, but if you shorten it, it will be a lot of work to fix it, you'll need to resculpt his right leg and add his holster. There is one more option, Brother Vinnie did a Han Solo sized for Legion, although personally I wouldn't say it's necessarily better than the FFG one, it does have the bonus of having his iconic clothes instead of the trenchcoat, but IMHO the pose looks a bit like he's about to take a dump
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