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  1. So now that I know what I want to put on paper, do you know of any programs to help with putting it on paper?
  2. Wow! Thanks for all the support guys! Really means a lot that you're help a noob like me. I have an idea of what I want to make. My group has finished Perlimian Haul, so I want to follow up on that with an attack on an Imperial salvaging base. Based on information gathered from both freighter M226 and Whisper Base, Rebels have identified an Imperial operation that is salvaging a former Separatist base for droids and other equipment. The base is protected by ground turrets and a vindicator-class, but the alliance will have the element of surprise (although the empire know the rebels captured M226, they don't know about Whisper Base) and, of course, the PCs. How does that sound?
  3. So want to attempt to create an adventure for my PCs, but I have no idea where to start. What are some good resources for organizing your adventures and putting your words on paper in general?
  4. Oh, ha. It helps to read stuff. AT-ST. Okay, so for one, I would just give the enemy stormtroopers some missile launchers and have them do vehicle-scale damage starting at 2 (instead of 20 character-scale damage). And give them the Gunnery group skill. Several stormies at once, firing with 3 Proficiency dice and 2 Ability dice, are sure to generate at least a few solid crits on your AT-ST. It also helps that their difficulty to hit is at -1 Difficulty die since the AT-ST is Silhouette 3, and likewise the difficulty to hit the enemy infantry units is +1 Difficulty. If your players think to use the AT-ST, good on 'em. I've run 2 groups all the way through Operation: Shadowpoint, and neither group used any of the vehicles in the final battle! Although, on both occasions a PC managed to command a squad of Beast Riders and their mounts in battle, and that was pretty epi But if it's still a problem, then yeah there's always the ships that can be used, although I don't know how much damage any airborne enemies could inflict before being decimated by the base's anti-air battery. Yeah, there's a difference between an AT-ST and an AT-AT. Also, Dardano only brings Army Troopers to the fight, so there won't be any stormtroopers. I'll probably bring three groups of three gunnery troopers and have a Lambda be called in if the AT-ST is still a problem. BTW, what would be some good stats for the AA-Gun?
  5. So tomorrow evening my group will be finishing off Operation:Shadowpoint. One thing that worries me its that they their AT:ST will just tear up the entire enemy army... Any ideas on how to prevent that from happening? Or anything else that I should watch out for?
  6. My group is going to finish Operation: Shadowpoint soon, and I'm planning on runing Perlimian Haul afterwards. Is there anything that logistics command would like to get ahold of?
  7. I plan to run a dogfight with both sides in a Lambda shuttle. Reading the Starships and Vehicles chapter it looks... complicated. First off, whats the use of Gain the Advantage? Seems useless when you could just shoot the enemy. Second, can a pilot shot two different weapon systems at once? Third, are players other than the pilot unable to shot forward-mounted weapons? Fourth, how do you in general simulate the action of dogfighting, such as trying to stay behing an opponent?
  8. I'm going to have to tell this to my party's pilot... even though she barely understands the game.
  9. Personally, I'd forget the credits and make it an adventure. Run a pan galactic treasure hunt / goose chase looking for old CIS supply bases, bunkers, comms stations, and convert strike bases trying to get parts and untampered programming needed to get Toor back to 100%. Have him know (or claim to know) the location of a lost trade fed reserve fleet worth significant credits credits in salvage. Of course an imperial security team already has a head start.... I was planning on running the Perlemian Haul adventure after they successfully defend Whisper Base, and I planned on having battle droids of some kind on broard freighter M226, (for the sabotage duty) but there could also be info that leads to an adventure as you recommended. Thank you very much for the idea!
  10. I've read the part of the beginners game adventure about Toor, and appartently he was "...rebuilt and refitted for the demeaning task of cleaning the base." What I get from this is that most of his limbs were replaced and he has little of his armor left. His programming is still intack though, (and probably messed with to make him less agressive) so if rebuilt, my PCs (also known as my family) will have a droid companion! "That'll be 35,000 credits."
  11. In the Age of Rebellion beginners game he's a commando battle droid that was salvaged in a junk yard and was refurbished to do janitorial duty. I was guessing about 30,000ish credits because that close to half the cost for an assassin droid, but I'd like some input.
  12. About how much $$$ would it take to restore Toor to his full potential?
  13. I recently rewatched all of The Clone Wars on Netflix, and based on my observations, I prefere the later seasons (when everyone got new designs) more than the first ones. I think it was because the stories were more well-designed, but it could be something else that I can think of. Edit: Also, anyone got an idea when Rebels will be on Netflix?
  14. Hello forum! So a few weeks ago I got the Age of Rebellion beginners game and convinced my family to play it with me. Last week we completed the adventure that came with it, and I just bought the full rulebook. Skimming through it, I could see many differences between the two. I plan to run Operation Shadowpoint tomorrow night. What are many of the important things that will need converting?
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