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  1. Since the rerolls come from ONE ability, you have to choose how many will you rerroll. So yes, if you want to reroll both you need to do simultaneously. You don't have to do it simultaneously only when the reroll come from different abilities.
  2. Ok, let's talk about this rotation? This is the best topic ever on skirmish, let's keep it alive.
  3. https://github.com/nickv2002/Imperial-Assault-Skirmish-Map-Project/blob/master/IA_300_DPI_Skirmish_Maps/42.jpg
  4. Ezra bringing lothcats to town Hondo it could be plausible, but Maul? Maul don't fight for the rebels
  5. Hey guys, someone can help me? If I want the dimensions em inches, I have to divide the size by 300? Like, Jabba's palace is 4800x7200 in jpg right? Just divide both by 300 that I have the measure in inches? And many of them have 7200 as the second measure, is that right? Thanks in advance
  6. but, but...... I editted my topic with the link T.T
  7. Not on steam or appstore as far as I know
  8. Title self explanatory EDIT: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fantasyflightgames.iaca&hl=en&rdid=com.fantasyflightgames.iaca&pli=1 EDIT 2: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/star-wars-imperial-assault/id1310959130?mt=8 (iOS)
  9. Third page? WTF, this needs to go back to the first, absolutely amazing work
  10. And Leia also says that the figure that you choose must attack the same target as her, if she couldn't attack a target how the chosen figure could perform the attack? It's like he don't have a valid target because Leia targeted no one.
  11. So 0-0-0 has a self focus action? Really? Maaan, this changes things for me
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but nowhere it says to discard other story missions when a new comes into play. One friend of mine was saying that in JR's campaign, the book says to discard the others unused (I never played) while HotE was lacking this written on the book, so he had the same doubt.
  13. I was using the new rule of giving half of the total starter deck. Gonna try with the suggestion of half of what's left, never tought about it this way, seems more interesting.
  14. I gotta admit that I underestimate the Jawa Scavenger but maaaaan, he is goood.
  15. I guess we can say that now we can put some effort making a Heroic Effort list Sorry, I'm leaving now
  16. So in the secondary effect of shrapnel rounds, it could add the two "blast 1" effects into a "blast 2" and then using the effect of shrapnel for 2 dmg? Or you have to use it on only one of the "blast 1"?
  17. I think that he wants the extra attack from Jyn, and if Lando is making a run for objectives it kinda breaks the idea of the "Smuggler's box". So I think Jyn is better thinking about how the list works.
  18. "Almost certainly bound to be designated as the "muscle" in your Rebel team, Drokkatta wades fearlessly into the beginning of any battle with the devastating MGL-9, which the Wookiee has dubbed "Boomer." " Taken from the campaign article from FFG. In all articles the make the maximum effort to not use "her" or "his", always using its name or "the Wookie". WHY FFG? WHHHHHYYYYYY?? PS: might began to call it THE WOOKIE, just to put fear on disposable troopers.
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