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  1. Then, tell me, what did you say with this post: It is likely to have availability in the following months, yes or not?
  2. I’m a little confused by the question. Are you asking if you’ll be able to get IA products on clearance soon? If so, I’d say it’s not likely. I’m sure you’ll be able to find some sales though. Thtat was what you said.
  3. Well you said won't be likely to get products of iA anytime soon, that's why I found it contradictory about what a1bert said.
  4. The the expression should be: It's not likely to be discontinued.
  5. I've been crunching numbers and in 4 months I will get all the expansions + blisters to have the complete game. Do you think that, by that time, it will be on sales?
  6. In Marketing there is something called the life-cycle of a product, which is bassically that every product except some exceptions (Coke, Big Mac, etc) will eventually die. I don't know what these people want from the company.
  7. Since it came out in 2015 I've always had a lot of interest in starting to play this game, however for economic issues I was not asked to allow to start buying games, expansions, blisters, and others (I like to collect well the games with all their components). My idea is to buy this month the main box, and from the following to buy an expansion and a blister of characters per month. Max would leave me 50-100 per month, so in a year I have a good material to enjoy. The question is that right now I can afford it, however I am afraid that after these years the game is not so popular anymore, there is a risk that in a short time it will be discontinued or that a 2nd edition will be released as happened with X-Wing. Anyone who is involved in the game has some intuition of how the game will go in the medium-long term? By the way, with the App that you got, can you play your solo against the App or do you need more people? Greetings.
  8. What does that mean? I never saw Fallout miniatures? Are their size like Imperial Assault or Descent? what about the quality?
  9. For me IA is not a miniature game like X-Wing, Armada, etc. More like a Boardgame, since it has a "board".
  10. I'm talking about the categorization on the forums. Star Wars IA is categorized inside the "Miniatures" subforum while Lord of the Rings Journey in Middle-Earth and Descent are in Board and Card games. Taking into account that Descent and SW:IA are has almost the same mechanics and content in terms of miniatures, why are both in different categories.
  11. Both of them the same almost the same amount of miniatures in their starting boxes (LOTR: JM comes with 31 while SW: IA comes with 34). Also, Descent is also categorized as Board game, which is very curious since IA is basically a copy of Descent with a few variations. What makes them different in terms of being categorized?
  12. "What sort of assurances are there that this game will be supported long term?" It depends on the sales. It seems that some of you think that FFG decides not to support a game based on random variables or just to puke you. If the game succeds it will be supported, if not, it won't. FFG is a company, so they need to follow these standards. We're are talking about one of the most known IPs in the world along with Star Wars, so the game must be really bad if it's not supported. "
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