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  1. Am I understanding correctly the wording on Eval? Turn 0 I line him up only he left side facing left and fly him off the board. Turn 2 and place him on your side of the board (your right) range 1 of the board edge and potentially behind your ships?
  2. In regards to Dengar they did **** his dial on the JM5K. So that'll help
  3. Question. Onyx TIE Aggressor for instance. Are there no indications on the pilot cards that show what upgrades they can take? I don't see where it says it can equip a turret or how many mods. Is that something you'll only see on the app?
  4. I'm also kinda hoping its priced to the point you can run just the ghost and a shuttle/sheathe.
  5. I'd have to check but I understood it to be the other way. BR/Boost linked to a red focus. I'm probably wrong though
  6. Guri seems pretty buffed with In5
  7. That is awesome! Is he untargetable while off board?
  8. Does AS take the spot of ATC or is that built in now? I mean I can see the flexibility of AS on Vader even if you can't do multiactions in the phase. It allows you to do one action prior to movement or regular multiactions after movement. But if it takes ATC spot I wouldn't want it either way
  9. 1-K's nice. Waiting to hear the combo where a striker can 1K, shed a stress (somehow) and plop a bomb on someone
  10. With the Lambda getting that rear arc I wouldn't think the dial would change much.
  11. piznit


    It made my eye twitch when I saw it as well. But I'm trying to move along
  12. He rules in favor of any Empire player, when asked why, responds, "I've made a deal with the Empire that will keep them out of here forever"
  13. Along with your example I would also think it cool if you could for one round choose an enemy ship. You could move after that ship, shoot before that ship, regardless of PS, but other order would remain unchanged
  14. Snap Shot Krassis shooting out the rear! Major jokes incoming!
  15. GTFO... sounds very First Order.
  16. Double mods! So hardcore having a token for both offense and defense. It's the new OP hotness
  17. Waiting for more info obviously, but hoping you can even fly 4SV and Sunny in 200 points
  18. But it wouldn't be Xwing if you didn't already play all the new ships and cards months in advance to the actual release date. Then on release date, complain about lack of new content and how broken the combinations are... Dude, why are you sucking all the joy away!
  19. Now if you combine those moving Bwing foils with say, that magnet mod that allows for the rotating cockpit, well, ****...I'd spend good money on that
  20. piznit

    Scum Aces

    Crossing my fingers that's new point costs will allow for that exact list with at least some decent upgrades. Boba flanked by Talon and Fenn sounds great
  21. I know Empire is generally considered the favorite of all the movies, and I have seen a few rank the original above it. I'm curious to know why some like Empire better. I know growing up, before I knew the names for the different movies, I would always ask for the one where they were in the trash, or where the Death Star blew up, so I always gravitated to ANH first. Just interested in seeing why others like Empire better
  22. Lol, *shatters lamp in the living room* That Siesmic kicks ***!
  23. FFG really wanted another 400+ page thread on the forums screaming about GUNBOATS! After releasing the GUNBOAT! the original thread died off. Therefore, FFG created an entire new edition, one where the GUNBOAT isn't rereleased yet, not tournament eligible at the moment, and thus creating more threads on the forum for GUNBOAT discussion. Means you thought they made 2.0 to fix other issue...pssh, now you know the real reason
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