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    Questions 2.0

    I think it was stated you only gain 1 force regardless of the number of users onboard but that the starting pool is total of both
  2. I think we overestimate what FFG can do on their app They can do all these things! I think I'd better keep my expectations low else I might be really disappointed
  3. piznit

    Max stress in 2.0?

    Does no bode well for Psycho Tycho... RIP Celchu!
  4. So no big deal. As this graph clearly shows, if you're worried about Han being nortoroously hard to kill vs the 1.0 edition, simply attack him only once per round to maximize the defensive nerf. He'll die super fast that way
  5. What are these upgrade "cards" you may have concern over? Theres an app for that, the glorious 2.0 app. That I'm sure will have no bugs whatsoever!
  6. Not needing Scum/FO/Resistance conversion kits is awesome. Get the new core, grab the galactic and rebel conversion kit and have fun. Added bonus: you'll have the conversion kit components for other ships you do even have yet. So if/when you want a new ship like a Yeing or Defender, you can find one of the 1.0 models cheap
  7. Is it 14 ships of all different factions?
  8. Get a lambda, if for no reason than to get one. It'll be cheaper than the 2.0 version iirc i think all the prices are going up
  9. A good number of the triggers are tied to when you do an action or attack, so I don't think it'll be too bad. Like moving a mobile turret. It's an action you elect to do so shouldn't be something you forget too often. My main concern when playing with my younger kids is its more requirements to touch the arcs to move them, and they are not particularly careful to keep the ship in the same spot. They'll just pick it up, move the arc and plop it back down. Drives me crazy lol
  10. Exactly. Bigger problem such as: Is this the inevitable Robot Takeover Armaggeddon? And where is Kyle Reese when you need him? Who cares about Xwing when Terminators are bearing down on your location
  11. Yes, I'm hoping for shuttle w/ Sloane accompanied by as many ties as possible. If dropping Howl, maybe squeeze 2 lower ones in there
  12. piznit


    Because Sithborg wrote, and I quote: "Han can double reroll. Hera is the same." It can kinda be interpreted either way, especially if English is not your native language...
  13. True I didn't think about overlapping similar abilites. But since howl was the most expensive TIE, maybe can squeeze in that 5th fighter with an ability
  14. No change in purchases. Waaaay more excitement to see and use the APP!
  15. And hoping you can fit in 4 or 5 TIEs with pilot abilities too. Like Mauler, Scourge, Howlrunner and such. Sloane on carrier of choice and 4 named TIEs is something I'd like to try
  16. Got stuck here. The rest was a haze
  17. Then you find out it costs 182 points to kit out your buffed ship, can't fit anything else with it and decide to take an 18 point bid. I doubt it's that much but without knowing the cost, it's really hard to say one way or the other
  18. FWIW, Dace effects small base ships too and waiting to to see the points cost, but I wouldn't call Guri a nerf. She can get calculate and focus from her ability, along with linked actions and at In5. Looking forward to Guri
  19. piznit

    Dace Bonearm 2.0

    Good Ol' Conner Nets
  20. Like a possible crew spot for bombardier... One can only hope!
  21. Or in future 2.0 expansions of those ships, they could include upgrade cards that "turn off" or change the current effect in some way. Plenty of room to modify in the future
  22. It was just for purposes of framing the question. As as an additional bonus, it's seems a nice way to turn the lumbering YV around without stress. Just fly off the edge, redeploy in the same spot of you want facing the other way
  23. Yes, sorry that's what I was trying to ask. Flying him off my left edge then putting him behind your ships on your right edge seems pretty cool. Assuming you'll get to angle him however you want. I suppose it adds some more strategy for your opponent when they see you lined up anywhere near the board edge
  24. Also what does mean "while you're evading, rerolls die". Do you have to have an evade token to be "evading"? MF title seems weird
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