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  1. Well assuming they want a decent equality in ship options among the factions they'll have to add Resist/FO ships. Obviously the next movie will be an option, but I know I've also seen a few people want the resistance transport Leia was on, and I'm sure they could whip up some new TIE variant.
  2. I would guess episode IX, possibly Solo, or other new standalones.
  3. On top of that, you know you don't like *the thought* of hurting an animal. But, arguably, you don't know if you actually like or dislike hurting one if you've never done it. A philosophical conundrum, wrapped in an enigma, surrounded by a cloudy paradigm of mystery!
  4. All the cool kids buy 1.0. When I show up at the stores to play I make sure Ive got my Members Only jacket and my Sebagos on.
  5. Yea. I couldn't find a good gif from the movie to add
  6. piznit

    Scum in 2.0

  7. piznit

    Scum in 2.0

    BS? You mean sweet, sweeet jank.
  8. Are you trying to tell me Darth Vader cant hit a curve ball?
  9. And just think...if its in French you can play vs us dumb Americans and just "tell" us what the card says. "Yup, this upgrade lets me roll 7 red dice, its really good!"
  10. piznit

    Scum in 2.0

    If you cant run 3 Bots with decent upgrades, I hope they keep IG crew and maybe you can run 2 scaled Bots with a 3rd small crew ship with 2000 Title. Never could use him in 1.0
  11. piznit

    Scum in 2.0

    Could be classic FFG mistakes, but I thought during one of the videos they mentioned you could field 3 IGs. Of course that might mean no upgrades on the IGs...
  12. piznit

    The Imperials in 2.0

    TIE Adv and Echo!
  13. piznit

    Scum in 2.0

    Definitely looking like HWKs gonna be cool. Just hoping they aren't huge point sinks. The higher PS cost pilots, Title, Engine Upgrade, (crew?), but at least you don't have to equip a turret so that'll help. Hoping it's not like a third of the points or more
  14. piznit

    Dace Bonearm 2.0

    I always said you just took "Dace to the face"
  15. piznit

    Scum in 2.0

    Fire sprays, Fang fighters, Ywings and HWKs are the best Scum ships. Edit: I was being tongue in cheek about what's available wave 1, but I suppose the other ships are also available via the conversion kits. Joke fail!
  16. piznit

    HWK-290s Seem Good

    I'm getting verklempt! Discuss amongst ya-selves
  17. piznit

    HWK-290s Seem Good

    Or a useful Sabotuer
  18. piznit

    Force Users

    Id be surprised if Snoke isn't introduced at some point for FO, especially since they lost access to Palp.
  19. Sounds like they'll be priced around 40 points 3 in a squad with upgrades!
  20. Neta Daniels. "Holy crap, you mean I can fly anywhere and shoot a torpedo!!!" How can I lose!
  21. piznit

    "Caption Rex"

    He makes memes so awesome, it slays opponents in their tracks
  22. piznit

    "Caption Rex"

    Yea from this point on, who is this "Captain" Rex to which you refer?
  23. Jar Jar is actually pretty powerful. Enemy ships that have you in their firing arcs are required to attack your ship with Jar Jar as a crew. Downside is they get to roll 14 extra red dice
  24. piznit

    Questions 2.0

    And reinforce changes a die instead of adding an evade, but the attacker has to be fully in the reinforced arc. If it splits the arcs, reinforce doesn't kick in
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