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  1. Thweek copies Alex Davy's pilot ability
  2. Alex Davy is Vaders father One time, Kylo told Alex Davy IWSYTDS. Alex responded, "Been there, done that, bought the Tshirt"
  3. Alex Davy won the 2017 World Championship Series. He upgrade cards included Expose, Sabotuer, the Nine of Clubs, and Draw 4 card, and the Old Maid
  4. If they just followed a consistent rule, such as "enough generics to run a 100 point squad" it wouldn't be so confusing. 38 point generic? 2 bases. 20 point generic? 5 bases
  5. My bad. My original post was in response to someone hoping Tycho made it in 2E. I didn't quote him hence confusion. But if the new resistance Awing is resistance only I would guess no Tycho unless they change him from strictly Rebel timeline. But he could always be added later to original Awing rebel roster
  6. I wonder if a new A-wing will be Resistance only since it's now a separate faction. I would guess yes
  7. And you can now TL obstacles. So potential that if you have a TL on an obstacle, and shoot an enemy ship behind said obstacle, you prevent them from gaining an extra die
  8. I suppose he participated as much in battles as other already in the game. He's looking at you Jabba, Mara, Isard, etc etc. And don't forget, in your example youre only referring to Old Ben...there's 3 entire movies of Obiwan Kenobi where he participates in plenty of battles. Both in starships and with a saber, cutting one guy in half and tossing him down a shaft, and straight up cutting off some limbs and watching another dude burn in some lava...
  9. I noticed one of the Y-wing generics was also called a "Bomber". I wonder if there's any plans in the future to have different upgrade slots on ships. Like a Bomber Y with something like 2 bomb slots and a crew, vs a Turret Y with no crew or bomb slots, but a turret and gunner crew. Something like that
  10. At least she can do it more than once
  11. Maybe there's a cap on stress? If you have too many stress tokens you can't continue the cycle. I dunno
  12. Ewing Ethan is renamed Gavin Darklighter
  13. Was it really necessary to make Airen Cracken ability be treated as a red action? Lol I like Jake, you can still BR, take a focus, then boost all for 1 stress. And without an EPT interaction, so could be even better
  14. What Initiative are your force users at already? I mean Luke, Kylo, and Vader are already shooting pretty early to begin with. Inquisitors, Asajj?
  15. You can definitely have moveable Starviper wings. In fact, someone in the repaint and mod subsection did a fantastic job on exactly that. Trying to search for it from my phone is giving me blood pressure issues, so..... sorry no link
  16. Faction identity must be maintained!
  17. If they release it for Scum though, I wonder if they would include a Han pilot for that. Since they are trying to do more faction identity I would think he would be Rebel/Resistance. But I suppose they could make a scum version and also do the full Sabine treatment and release Han in a TIE fighter as well since he spend 3 years in the Empire. "Fat" Han in a TIE would be humorous
  18. I think the intent also is there's the generic units, non faction specific, then there's the unique named versions that are basically the same with either more charges or some other benefit (and surely at a higher price)
  19. Agreed. I think one of the reasons I liked R1 was because, while it was tied to the main storyline of Empire Vs Rebels, the characters were "one and done". In a universe of thousands of planets and billions upon billions of people, not everyone is Luke/Han/Skywalker. There are people who will live and die and no one will ever know their name.
  20. Sorry it's odd. Just wasn't sure where in the official timeline Leia and Luke are born vs how old Han is...I mean Chewy is 190 "years old".
  21. Is Maul in this movie before or after Obiwan sliced him in half?
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