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    Interesting combos

    So we've played a few games where instead of factions we can create squads with any ship we want. Would love to hear some of the more interesting combos when one is allowed to have rebels/imperial/scum on the same team. Especially if it's super-trolly (like phantom/Mara stressing everyone out and never decloaking)
  2. Last one for a while, but on a pilot like Whisper for instance when it states you get a token after you hit your target...does that mean you earn the token after you roll red dice and score a hit/crit, or after the defender has rolled and could not mitigate all the hits. I guess I'm asking is there a difference between successfully "hitting" and actually doing damage
  3. So a few questions that came up in our early games I couldn't find exact answers for and I would love some feedback: 1. Do defenders still roll dice (defend as usual) against secondary attacks? I,m assuming yes, and if so, do you still use range to modify dice, ie +1 red for range 1, +1 green for range 3? 2. Etahn A'baht. Does his ability work for other attackers that are shooting at a target in his arc? Like if a friendly Y-wing is shooting at a TIE that is in Etahn's sights, the Y-wing gets to modify his dice? 3. I understand Tycho can still do actions while having a stress token, but if he has a stress and performs a red maneuver, does the rule about the enemy getting to change Tycho to a different move of his choice take effect? Again, I'm guessing yes. Im sure I'll have more questions, and I appreciate any responses from you guys, thanks!
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