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  1. Fantastic, all the better then if its a green move
  2. Yes, if you barrel roll in front of them, when they move and crash into you, you roll 1 die for damage, they take no action, and cannot shoot at Oicunn.
  3. Well I get 1 stress for dauntless and 1 for daredevil, right? The green move to start the first crash wouldn't make a difference would it?
  4. Just to make sure I understand how 1 round might play out, please tell me if this is correct: I use Oicunn, with Dauntless title, Daredevil, Engine Upgrade, Vader, and Gunner. If, on my movement turn, I can crash into a higher PS ship using only the movement dial, they take 1 damage. Normally I would take no action due to overlap/touching, but since I have Dauntless, can then do 1 free action. So I use daredevil, do a hard turn, crashing into them again. They take another damage. I receive 2 stress tokens. Then they move, do action, whatever. Assuming we aren't touching now, I can then fire on him (pray I don't actually hit him, and activate Vader). Then I can activate Gunner, hope I hit him, and activate Vader again? So at a minimum that would 2 damage and 2 crits he cant mitigate, and I would take 4 damage. Am I doing that properly?
  5. Don't upgrade to Vrill unless changing the outrider title
  6. which, given the other options, is sadly not saying much Makes me wish Wingman were what it intended to be. Removing stress after the activation phase doesn't make Wingman useful when so much stress is caused during the combat phase these days. Man, flying around in the emptiness of space while lasers are zinging around your head is stressful!
  7. Wouldn't 5 Scimitars with cluster missiles throw 30 red dice on first volley? If your looking to blow something up Ah, but unable to modify. You've been calculating that in, never mind
  8. Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line
  9. That's what I wanted to check though. And she can angle it either way, correct? So, when decloaking she has the choice of bank left, bank right, or 1 of 4 barrel roll directions. Thanks!
  10. So with Echo using the 2 bank templates, when she decloaks, is she still allowed to do the barrel roll with the template, effectively changing her arc angle the 45 degrees? Because that's pretty awesome
  11. 1. Yes 2. Loses a shield first, no damage cards issued at all till shields are gone 3. Slave (Firespray) does have pilots and cards for Scum, yes. If by ally, you mean use their ships (other than Ywing and Z's models), no, they don't ally. They have their own pilots and cards 4. No idea 5. If you want it to it can 6. If it doesn't have any other stress tokens, yes
  12. From games, books, and the way missiles work in real life, I've never understood why rockets/missiles have to be in the same range as primary weapon attacks. In the game, it's usually even closer when you consider you have to have a previous target lock. Seeing as you also only have 1 shot with them, wouldn't it make more sense to at least be able to shoot at range 4, then close the gap and engage with primary weapons? Soften up that fatty before you get within return fire range
  13. The article and the way the card reads makes Strom sound as though his effect is global, but I'm assuming it's when an enemy is in range 1 of him specifically.
  14. So is it turrets that are making you upset, or the "Fat Falcon" that is the problem? Other than ion, aren't turrets range 1 or 2? What if they just changed the Falcon's primary weapon range to 1or 2, would that help at all?
  15. Or just break the game completely and release a Kyp Durron piloted Sun Crusher Special ability: Can not be destroyed, missile ordinance: whatever the hell it's called that he blew up an entire star with
  16. Pulling from the books I would love to see in no particular order: 1. Talon Karrde and his ship/crew 2. The Chiss (Jagged Fel or Admiral Thrawn) 3. Hapan Consortium or at least Hapan Battle Dragons 4. Maybe even a 4th faction, the Yuuzhan Vong, with all their organic ships and weaponry
  17. Manufacturing bomblets that you have to drop every turn wouldn't be hard to make. Should a ship hit one it could make them take a stress token and you could simply use the current stress tokens you already have 10000 of in your case
  18. Canceling 1 ship off each other's list would be funny until 1 person brings 12 TIEs and the guy brings Fat Han and some other stuff. Guy 1 "I'll cross off Han" Guy 2 "Hmm, guess I'll 86 that...TIE Fighter!"
  19. Or something that uses both Title and Mod slot. Then there's even the possibility of "ship specific" multi-slot upgrades. Like a X-wing could get something like: "Recon-X" upgrade Requirements: Title slot / modification slot , squad cost XX X-wing is refit as Stealth-X fighter, gains X/Y/Z Basically allowing you to use same ship models, but its like adding another ship type to the game. Cool, dumb, I don't know, just a thought
  20. Or better yet: Soontir: Royal TIE, PtL, AT Phennir: Royal TIE, VI, AT Alpha Squadron Pilot w/ AT x 2 Thread Hijacked!!
  21. piznit

    Interesting combos

    Might be bad for game balance, yes. But still fun to read and see some of the interesting combos you can pull off
  22. Fair nuff, so I did not in fact find a Super Secret Vader Combo!
  23. So why does it call it a "free" barrel roll? Just free to a ship that normally doesn't have it?
  24. If I have Vader equipped with Expert Handling, do I basically get 3 actions in 1 turn? The free barrel roll, then 2 more actions from the evade/TL/focus choices?
  25. piznit

    Interesting combos

    Ha! Didn't think about Kagi. We did the Biggs/Carnor combo, adding that to it would be funny I like the Serrisu/Biggs too
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