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  1. 4 Biggs. Technically they would all be untargetable? Well, depending on the range of each one to the opponent I guess
  2. piznit

    Decimator design

    Was SWG the one with combat engineer? I had the best time just roaming around planet to planet collecting from my hoppers and making custom poison and health packs. I remember making some script where you could go AFK all night and your guy would sample 1000's of components over and over
  3. Carnor Jax would also be a great Ace to try, annoying little bastard similar to Dark Curse
  4. As an aside to the person mentioning title cards face down, we have an interesting way of playing some of our casual games. Build squads as usual but everything is face down, even the pilot card and marker for the figurine. Once you move, use a pilot ability, or a modification you flip that card face up. Makes it interesting not really knowing what tricks your opponent has up his sleeve. Is he looking to close the gap to fire some cluster missiles or keep his distance for tactician? Only problem we have is when you announce your lowest PS for activation phase, you can guess the pilot but oh well
  5. Ah gotcha PTL and boost on him is definitely an intriguing combo. Makes him more offensive. I will say that the main difference in comparing him to Soontir would be the agility. Soontir can BR/boost and stress himself because he has better defense dice and I think more green moves to clear the stress. The Bwing wouldn't have to do a green move if he attacked and cleared stress but still has a less pilot friendly dial than the interceptor and would have to worry about not having a target to clear the stress
  6. Doesn't the crew slot take up the modification spot you would normally put engine upgrade?
  7. piznit

    Vessery's new pals

    Yes this is why I ask. I feel like if I DO what the card says I would get another TL. I use the first one, while I'm attacking mind you, I roll attack dice ( you know, the red ones), I would get a another TL. It doesn't say "the first time you roll attack dice", or "once per round" etc like other cards do. You're also not modifying dice. I'm not changing a blank directly to another result. I'm rolling again the dice I want from the TL. Edit: I think this will give the answer we are looking for. Under combat, step 2 "Roll Attack Dice" only happens once. Using a TL falls under step 3 "Modifying dice" so no extra TL for that
  8. piznit

    Vessery's new pals

    So if friendly has a TL on someone and Vess attacks them, he gets the TL. If he uses the TL to reroll attack dice, does he gain another TL to be used next round, like FCS?
  9. piznit

    Vessery's new pals

    Cool. I *thought* that's how it worked, but it seems worded funny , so I wasn't sure if there was some amazing synergy/combo I was not seeing.
  10. piznit

    Vessery's new pals

    Could someone explain Vessery's ability to me? So if someone else has a TL on whoever Vess attacks, he immediately gets a TL also? And can use it to modify the attack he is currently performing?
  11. My two sons, now 4 and 6, have been fascinated any time the moon is out and visible. Until last summer, when they watched Star Wars, they never understood my response to them when I would say, "That's no moon..."
  12. I would say 1 of everything with exceptions of 2 core sets and 2 IG-88's would get you pretty much what you need. After that you might add another Bwing, phantom, z-95, or Y-wings depending on the numbers you want in a squad
  13. If I were running for Imperial Senate, I would "approve of this message!"
  14. No strike. They are just using ink jet printers. Having a hard time figuring out what's not working
  15. Probably, I'll find out in a few hours hah
  16. This thread has made me want to at least try flying a few ideas so I'm gonna try: Tarn + R7 Dutch + R7 Kyle + Moldy Crow + blaster turret Jake + Char Refit We'll see what happens
  17. Or R4 argomech and R4-B11 for a scum which would be funny. Roll your attk, spend the focus to change eyes to hits, then get a free TL that you can use to make defender reroll his evades
  18. Similar to some of the pilots that can steal action tokens, I always thought a good one would be able to change an enemy's token to another valid option. Could be useful in a high PS pilot, to change an enemy's evade token to a focus or TL, then you shoot first during combat
  19. Yea the Dash I would use with those A-wings would be PtL/Mangler/Outrider/Kyle/Engine Upgrade. We'll see how it goes tonight I guess!
  20. Yea sorry, bad example, better explained by the other posts
  21. Wanting to play Super Dash and looking for something different to try other than Corran. Not that I expect it to be highly competitive in a tournament setting, but has anyone played around with the A-wing "Not Tycho's"? Looking to try Arvel Crynyd - A-Wing Test Pilot + Chardaan Refit + Intimidation Gemmer Sojan - A-Wing Test Pilot + Chardaan Refit + Intimidation If only I could use Oicunn with them instead of Dash...RAMMING SPEED GO!!
  22. E'than Ewing would be one that would matter if its unlimited range on just the arc. Edit: never mind it states range 1-3
  23. It is used as your action. But lets say your interceptor has push the limit, you could take a focus, then as your second action, use EH and lose a target lock.
  24. When it says "the attacker cannot reroll the die changed by this card", does that just means abilities like Han's rerolls or a target lock? Or does that also mean if the attacker then uses a focus token, that one cannot be modified. Its says rerolled, and focus tokens aren't really rerolling.
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