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  1. Or just a straight TIE swarm that has higher PS, something like: Howlrunner - Squad Leader Mithril - Predator DC Obsidian Pilot x3
  2. You need some beef with your Awings. Try something like BBAA or BYA. Or run a Falcon with some A's
  3. Yes the starviper is S&V, but the cards that come in it, particularly the Autothrusters, are what you would be wanting. I think it comes with 2 copies per pack?
  4. Could also use cluster missiles and take advantage or Cracken's ability twice
  5. Well, you'll have enough TIEs if/when you do play others at your store, run a swarm against Falcons, although you won't have auto thrusters for interceptors without buying a StarViper, But that's ok, just load up on TIEs
  6. The card reads Attack [Target Lock], are you saying you don't use the target lock when you shoot the missile, only discard the card?
  7. Aren't debris fields handled differently though? He did change from debris to asteroids half way through the post
  8. 5 Serissu's is also comical. Fly tight is basically 4 guaranteed evades when you are attacked
  9. piznit

    Aces Wishlist

    Olin Garn, for either scum or rebel and I second Ace Az
  10. opponent places fat cheri and soontir, you put down a deployment zone full of pups You better have lots and lots of dials!
  11. I'll recommend again, particularly for the rebels, I would get Aces pack. You get both an A and a B, match it with Imp Aces, you get 2 Interceptors. And the packs are cheaper than buying those 4 ships individually
  12. Wouldn't he be rolling 5 dice, then modifying for Prockets? Its 3 additional dice isn't it?
  13. How about something with Latts Razzi, equipped with a weapons engineer and a K4 sec droid (with or without NaPup), alongside 2 BS enforcers with AT?
  14. Yea, Im wondering if they will change the rules in a FAQ to getting MOV score when the *pilot* is destroyed, versus the ship?
  15. piznit

    Hound' Tooth preview

    So if you had 3 weapon engineers you could lock on to 6 targets and then take away a lot of green dice
  16. You can get them in the rebel aces pack, which would also give you another A-wing and pilots as well as a Bwing. They are also in the YT-2400 which is Rebel Frieghter (Dash Rendar)
  17. Proton rockets http://xwing-miniatures.wikia.com/wiki/Proton_Rockets
  18. I did some exhaustive research, going all the way back to 2013. After running some numbers I believe I found the root of the problem. Roughly 100% of all lists flown have been spaceships. This meta must end. Recently I have heard of a "pancake" showing up in lists, specifically "pancake with turret". This sounds delicious. I'm hungry and need to eat breakfast. Pancakes with maple turret sounds delightful.
  19. I think there is a FAQ that makes tokens count as "dice change" meaning a rolled autoblaster hit is indeed unavoidable. I'll try to find the rule Edit: NINJA'ED!
  20. It's my understanding Jake can only BR once in a round. Similar to Turr Phennir, if he boosts as his action to get in arc to attack, he can't boost again after the attack (his pilot ability), even though it's free, because he has already performed that action once this round. EDIT: I think you're referring to the pilot skill (which is a boost or a BR) which could trigger twice a round, assuming you didn't do one of those moves already
  21. If recommend the rebel aces and the imperial aces packs if for no other reason than 2 ships in each pack giving you a little more bang for your buck
  22. I'll also add, Xizor might be REALLY fun if you have 1 guy deck him out and then run something like either Guri or as many M1A's, then your teammate has a ton of z-95s
  23. What size board are you playing on? Upgrades like Dash (ship or crew), advanced sensors, or people with collision mods like Oicunn are gonna be more useful than normal if the board isn't much bigger. Those, and pilots with abilities that thrive in a range 1 environment will help, here's looking at you Mara Jade... On the flip side, I would imagine stuff like Lone Wolf or a Kir Kanos will be really worthless
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