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  1. Upgrade: Pilot title "Dutch" Known as the anti-Predator When attacking an opponent with a higher PS than you, you may reroll 1 [blank] result. If you scream "Get to ze choppa!!", you may reroll 2 [blank] When defending against an enemy with a higher PS than you, you may reroll 1 [blank] result. If you tell them "I ain't got time to bleed", you may reroll 2 [blank] results
  2. I've had limited success running Laetin, title, mangler, stealth device Serrisu, wingman, stealth device Z-95 binayre w/ concussion missile x3 Similar to the other list up there, it's pretty glass cannon, but Laetin and Serissu pilot skills work pretty good together
  3. Or forget TC on Fel. Try: Fel, Title, AT, PtL, Stealth Device Howl , determination DC Black Squad Pilot w/ DTF x 2
  4. You aren't focusing twice with that chewie. You're getting a second focus token from the recon specialist
  5. Yea, similar to the one above me, I rolled crit, crit, crit with an Ion cannon, not once, but twice in a game...which is great, cept for that whole "do 1 damage" and cancel dice part
  6. It almost seems like a sin to have Mux in a squad and no one have Predator, though. Seems like a combo meant to be
  7. Sweet, I thought so but wanted to make sure. If that's the case in a perfect set up with: Biggs - R7 Kyle Katarn - Moldy, Jan Ors, Ion Turret Garven R2-D6, VI Tala pilot I could move Biggs, acquire TL. Move Kyle, focus. Move Garven, focus. Combat starts, give Biggs focus from Kyle. Then at PS8, Garven attacks early, uses focus, and gives it to Biggs, Jan would change to an evade. Giving Biggs a TL (for defensive reroll), a focus, and an evade that round.
  8. Garven's skill says to "place" a focus token on a friendly after he spends it. Would that trigger Jan Ors and you could change it to an evade instead or is "assigning a token" different from placing a token?
  9. Or get really sneaky like : Kath Scarlett - "Mangler", Calculation, Rebel Captive OGP - Mara Jade Tactician Black Squadron Pilot x 2 Mara Jade helps keep enemies out of range 1 , else they get stress, then at range 2 you can enable tactician
  10. Yea, a list I've been running that's a lot of fun is Boba - VI, Gunner, Engine Upgrade Palob - Moldy, Recon crew, blaster turret, wingman Kaatos Leeatch - opportunist The opportunist and wingman is interchangeable on the Z95 and HWK. But the combo of focus token stash and stealing/borrowing btw Palob and Kaatos is great, then triggering opportunist is icing on the cake. I usually fly them formation while Boba is blasting ahead doing his Boba thing
  11. Palob is sad that you forgot he can also strip tokens. He mentioned something about "everyone only thinks of Wes, and forgets about me". He seemed really upset
  12. Let's say Ten is attacking Boba at Range 1, cause that's what happened. If he rolled blank, 1 hit, 2 crits and Boba then rolls 2 evades, how does Ten's pilot ability effect that (if at all)? Do the evades simply cancel the hit and 1 crit, then 1 remaining crit lands, or does Ten's ability prevent the cancellation of that 1 crit evade?
  13. If you're not set on having specifically 2 large base ships, you could really focus more on a swarm with benefits Something like: Colonel Jendon, weapons engineer, ST-321 Colonel Vessary, HLC "Howlrunner" Dark Curse Backstabber Academy Pilot x 2 Fun with Target Locks!
  14. If it instantly destroys a ship I say up the squad limit to 200, small ships only, and 30 secs to set dials. Screw shooting at each other, just see who can live the longest without crashing
  15. I never played before the rule change happened but if I'm understanding correctly, it's worse now because the timing of decloak makes blocking and overlaps actually possible. It also makes you commit to decloaking before the enemy has moved. Assuming no obstacles or board edges were in play, before the rule change a phantom could wait for an opponent to move, then decide to decloak left or decloak right and move. Now they have decloak first, then the enemy may actually move to a position that blocks the phantom
  16. Well, dang. So much for that idea
  17. Sounds like those Z95's both need Feedback Array, and you'll be at 99
  18. If Xizor suffers a crit hit, do you flip the card first, then decide to pass it, or do you have to pass it first? Specifically, if I'm flying Xizor with Determination, and 3 Ywings with Salvaged Astromechs, can I see the damage card to find out if it's "Ship" or "Pilot" before I pass/keep it?
  19. Oh wow. So unrelated to sensor jammers, a die can only be rerolled once? So Han with predator wouldn't interact too well then? If he enacted Predator to reroll a die, and rolled a blank, then used his pilot ability, he wouldn't reroll the blank one a second time?
  20. Carnor Jax - VI, RGT, AT, SD PS 2 Scimitar x2 - prox mine, ion pulse missile PS 1 Academy TIE x2 It's not seismics, but here's a few bombs
  21. Right. That's why I was asking. I was looking at making a list with Kyle and Jake and debating on PtL on Jake but I think I'll pass on that talent seeing as he'll most likely take a focus triggering 1, then receive a focus triggering the other. Not sure if I want a stress to pick a TL or evade And thanks for the answer/confirmation
  22. So if Kyle assigns a focus token to Jake at the start of combat phase, Jake immediately gets the free boost or barrel roll, correct? I realize that's exactly what the pilot skills say, but I want to make sure Jake would get the action even though it's not his turn. Jakes ability about being "assigned" a focus token doesn't have to be when it's specifically his turn, right? It could be at any stage and he would then immediately get the movement effect
  23. It also forces defenders to spend focus/evade tokens, when they know and have to decide because there's a second attack incoming after the first 3 dice hit the table It also adds more interesting combos when combined with pilot skills or crew members. (Gunner, Bossk, stuff like that)
  24. Biggs can't use Determination (EPT)?
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