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    VASSAL questions

    Hello, few questions I'm hoping to get answered about VASSAL. For the record, I am *just* smart enough to have downloaded it, got the proper module and latest updates, and I have figured out how to watch other people play a game. Beyond this, I am lost. 1. Is there a place to go to, and how would I get there, to find the commands on how to actually play a game? From start to finish, picking my ships, getting the templates etc, as well as actually playing, like taking a focus or evade, rolling dice. 2. Can I play a game against myself, ie. test a squad and play both sides? 3. Once I figure out #'s 1 & 2, will VASSAL tell me if I've done something illegal? Did I take too many actions, did I land on that asteroid and forget to roll for damage, will it even tell you if I did in fact hit the asteroid? Stuff like that. Any help would be much appreciated
  2. give me a 20point ship to go along Corran, Cracken + VI ? Green Sq A-Wings with Chardaan Refit and Autothrusters clock in at 19 points. Or drop to PS1, add the title and add PtL
  3. Can you field 12 though? I think a lot of those tourneys cap the number of same ship types
  4. piznit

    The Numb

    Yes TLT is twin laser turret. It's also 6 points so changing to blaster will free up more points
  5. If anything, you could lay the range ruler toward the asteroid in question for alignment issues but legally say your just making sure your ship is in the range 1 zone of the board edge.
  6. The Boat ran into one tiiiiiny tiny problem...
  7. piznit

    The Numb

    You could always keep Calculation on Numb if you really wanted, and your 3rd ship could be Roark Just declare whoever you want a PS 12 Roark with Intel agent and a TLT is 26 points, also letting you put your Sensors on Numb
  8. So Greedo states the first time you attack and defend each round the first damage card is face up. Would that mean on TLT if you didn't get a hit the first time, but did on the second time, Greedo would not take effect? I suppose this would also apply to Gunner + Greedo on a YV-666?
  9. What a Piece of Junk is an epic card, lol. That would be a lot of fun, maybe even make it "Falcon Only"
  10. piznit

    The Numb

    Yea, another decent 4 ship list you might like to try: Numb, "Mangler", VI Blue, FCS Greenie, Char Refit, PtL Greenie, Char Refit, PtL If they focus on B's, they have enough meat to hold while the A's slip behind them, if they chase the A's, have fun blasting with all those red dice
  11. Can you activate Vader and take the 2 damage to deal the 1 damage if your ship only has 1 hull remaining?
  12. Yea, you'd have enough points to upgrade your firespray to one of the higher pilots, like Kath Scarlett, Mangler, Engine Upgrade, and still have enough points for something like a shuttle with Vader, a bomber, or even Vader (Tie/Adv). Then let your partner fill in with TIEs/Interceptors maybe. A third big ship is gonna get crowded, as mentioned, and I'd also be leery of phantoms since room to decloak might get sparse As a final note, some of the upgrades that normally aren't seen too much can be fun in a match like this with a lot of ships zooming around. Here's looking at you Anti-Pursuit Lasers!
  13. Yea but that combo of someone flying through Jonus's Conner Net, then eating an HLC blast with 2 rerolls, and a focus token to flip all the damage cards face up sounds like one of those combos worth flying the list 10 times just to pull it off once
  14. Could you imagine if there was a guy you could fly in formation with Jonus who has white K turns and could benefit from Jonus pilot ability, then use a focus token for his own pilot ability? That would be a neat combo...if only someone like that existed
  15. Wouldn't the most "efficient" be 2 TIEs and 1 pt bid?
  16. Arc Dodgers. But it'll tear up turrets. Because range 1? Seems like they could get hit pretty often.. If you mean TWT range 1, yes, that's where the interceptor wants to be. Because actually the opposite is true, it would never be hit at range 1, since TWT can't fire at that range
  17. piznit

    Counter list

    I second the Z95s with feedback arrays
  18. Acquiring a Target Lock isn't an action??
  19. It's really just more for giggles. I ran it the other night during our game night. The tougher part than the damage output is actually keeping Biggs where they HAVE to shoot at him. Usually there would be 1 or 2 enemies that would be in range of my HWK or Z but not in range of Biggs, do they would just shoot at another target. It was still a funny game, and the TL for Biggs while it might have had 1/4 chance of changing a hit, still made the enemy use tokens to "re-hit"
  20. Playing against turrets with what you have there, you want some numbers. Like a Fel or Vader + TIEs would work well. Or 2 Interceptors and 4 TIE
  21. Even though I was joking, it would be neat to see a mod or EPT that functioned based on Pilot Skill. Something like "Lucky Shot" - change 1 blank to 1 eye when attacking or defending against a ship with higher PS
  22. Ticket to Ride definitely a family favorite. With my friends we play a lot of Axis and Allies, Shogun, Fortress America if we wanna go really old school
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