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  1. My friend bought 3 of those big detachable keyrings, kinda like a carabiner, for the baseplates, 1 for each faction (v1.0) its kinda awesome. Just thumbs to the bases he needs and pops it off. Stores pretty flat also
  2. You do that and I'll sit at the next table. When I hear you, I'll shout "YEEHAW, JESTERS DEAD!" Scare the crap outta the whole room
  3. Ok, Scum Falcon has been previewed...imma need a custom card of Kevin Spacey SNL years auditioning as Christopher walkin doing the Han Solo scene "Shes fast enough...for you...old man"
  4. piznit

    Tokens - S-Foils?

    Ive also got a friend who is into goofy small job fabricating things. I asked him if he could make an articulating "X" slightly larger than a focus token that has a hinge out of a metal. You can have it either opened or closed to denote the foil positions We'll see how it turns out
  5. Reminds me of a small tourney we had a year or 2 ago where you had 30 points to build the worst ship possible for your opponent to use lol
  6. Also funded by Coalition of HighSchool and College Genetics Foundation. XX and XY. Teaching kids about genes and birds and bees 1 Death Star at a time
  7. Does Rebel Nym with with Proton bombs? That'd be fun, him and some loaded out Ywings
  8. I'm concerned that as the popularity of Star Wars grew during the late 70s and early 80s, that something nefarious happened to Bigger Luke. There are clear scenes and multiple occurances of Bigger Luke in both ANH and ESB, but by ROTJ we really don't see Bigger Luke. Wanting to avoid a scandal that would plunge the franchise in a downward spiral (eg lip sync Milli Vanilli scandal) there are concerns that Bigger Luke wasn't just pushed out of the films, but literally pushed out, like a window. Some even theorize they targeted the regular Luke first, but failed, and that is why he had scars during ESB, and wrote in the wampa scene on Hoth
  9. Lol at the Bigger Luke hypothesis citing ObiWan as knowing about the size difference. "You've taken your first steps into a larger world" therefore he's a Bigger Luke
  10. I saw a guy win a Championship with a list of 5 HWK-290, each with a Flight Instructor. The name of the list was "Alex Davy". It was unbeatable.
  11. Alex Davy slingshot around the sun and warped into Hogwarts where he Vulcan neck pinched Buck Rodgers before stopping the assassination of King Arthur
  12. Kamino is actually the accumulation of the salty tears of Alex Davy's defeated enemies in Xwing
  13. Imma put mine stapled to a lampshade and wear it on my head. Perfect way to incorporate stereotypical drinking party wardrobe, as well as cosplaying the guy from the Legion TV show
  14. Successfully navigating an asteroid field has odds of 3720 to 1...it would be zero, but Alex did it as a teenager when obtaining his pilot's permit
  15. You're not spoiling the thread. You added what a great guy he was during the weekend is simply adding to his legend. Little known fact: When Disney bought Star Wars rights, Alex Davy was the first canon character
  16. The Game within a Game. May the best organizer win!
  17. Obiwan Kenobi was thier only hope because Alex Davy had a prior commitment.
  18. When Director Krennic plays Xwing, he is humbled as he stands amid Alex Davy's achievement
  19. When Alex Davy puts "Countdown" on the mat, it's not the ship, it's a timer letting you know when you will lose ...I can do this all day lol
  20. Alex Davy is so S-tier, he dubbed his winning list "Paul Heaver walks my dogs"
  21. Alex Davy is not too short to be a stormtrooper
  22. Alex Davy can simultaneously do his chores and waste time with friends getting power converters at Tosche Station
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