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  1. I tell my 3rd and 1st grader all the time that the only true rule of English is that something will always break the rules of English
  2. Ah, well then...that sucks
  3. Dash would take 3 tokens to move him, but aren't you considered "tractored" when you have 1 or 2 tokens? Kinda like being focused or evading
  4. All the cool kids will have the misprints from the expansion. Sell them on the black market to the other newer kids who only have the lame "correct" versions. ??? Profit
  5. That's when he's flying crew with Whisper. Or a TIE Silencer!
  6. Easiest was Whisper/Echo with an Academy TIE...pre nerf to Phantom Hardest was trying to get Xizor to work. Closest I got was running him with Autoblaster Y's instead of the Z's
  7. Leave Caption Rex alone! He never hurt anybody!
  8. Ha! It got removed, but I was really just adding some humor. I totally agree it much tougher to refute garbage, much in the same way it was tougher for Ol' Randy to top the previous record of 8 Courics
  9. It's good to be the Sith Lord
  10. Towel? The RG-400 when it's released will be so OP
  11. Anything other than FOUR "Quad"Jumpers makes my eye twitch. Also allowed: 4 naked JM5Ks dubbed "Quad"Jumpers
  12. Because I want games to be fast pace and "active" (rolling dice, damage cards, things like that), so I basically don't give a flip about making the best move. If I know I'll have a shot I'll do that. Even if it means having a bad trade/joust
  13. piznit

    Darth Maul Crew 2.0

    Not to mention the imbalance you account for in the players intellect/skill. Now Rock, Paper, Scissor. Theres a balanced game
  14. Doable, sure. Simply print the bulleye dashed lines on a ship with a rear arc. Don't know why that couldn't be printed... Bullseye Mobile Arc? NOW youre talking!
  15. piznit

    Darth Maul Crew 2.0

    Its cuz we was wearing black. So evil
  16. One of the most memorable lines from TLJ is "let the past die" You can't restart much harder than that
  17. Its probably because I'm a real cynic at my core, but I would temper expectations that the app is ready to go day 1. They have a safety net in place with the threat cards, and when safety nets are in place, people get lazy and rely on said nets. I am imagining there will be a period, hopefully short, where they tell us to use agreed upon threat levels to make squads until they "fix" whatever is wrong with the app. I would doubly temper expectations that the glorious app will be able to handle all the things people hope it can handle, like list building, custom mods, point adjustments, save features, etc etc. Perhaps I'm wrong and everything will be perfect and available from the start, and if that's the case, I'll be smiling and wasting the next several weeks using the app
  18. 1.0 Sabine could also use 2.0 Sabine ability instead. Starts the match with token for each status effect, adds one of choice when bomb is hit (stress, ion, Jam, tractor, maybe even WD ?)
  19. If he has a copilot and Bistan, is he really a lone wolf? Deep thoughts...
  20. Honestly if you're good with inlays or routers, just putting "Star Wars" or "Xwing" on the tabletop would be a nice touch
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