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  1. not worms...whales! Totally more realistic than worms!
  2. I think as a crew, its "7 times per round, she screams 'NO, not that one! NO, NO, NO, not that one" at the other crew members on board
  3. piznit


    Or at the bare minimum an elite talent or mod slot "Roger Roger"
  4. I logged on just to say how spot on awesome this gif is. Well done, well done indeed
  5. If I ran a list like that, my opponent would roll all hits, never a crit
  6. Lighting like people do on their custom jobs for engine glow and such
  7. Stormtroopers all have standard issued iPhones. Because they can't find the droids they're looking for
  8. And now you see why the Rebellion won
  9. Indeed, there was speculation from an unboxing video where one of the team mentioned 3 bots in a list. But like some other things, it's not currently happening. Just an observation.
  10. So no TripleBots huh. 70 points each base
  11. Yea and I really need everyone to be typing the quotation marks when talking about "Genius". That way I can continue to visualize you using the universal "air quotes" move when talking about such a broken card
  12. Last night at our store for my farewell 1.0 game I played a list I named "Never Forgotten" i was just a squad of pilots who didn't make 2.0. I lost in glorious fashion, lending weight to why they might not be in 2.0! EDIT: Derp, the list woulda been nice to include. It was Etahn, Dantels, and Tycho! RIP! As a side note someone did mention it shoulda been named my "Bae". Since it's a B, A, E wing...
  13. piznit

    TIE/ln article is up

    They need to get the inferno squadron pilots in the game though, so they can later release the rebel version pilot cards, where they have upgraded abilities and decreased point costs #rebelbias
  14. Elite talent: Assign "These Aren't The Droids You're Looking For (TATDYLF) to your ship (Must have droid pilot or crew) and assign "Weak-Minded" to enemy ship of your choosing. When defending against a ship with "Weak Minded, change one hit or crit result to a focus"
  15. Resistance: Parentless First Order: Shirtless
  16. Interceptors will have flappy wings, also. After the Xwings shoot them down, they flap all over space
  17. Pssh, you have to have opponent in arc? Broken indeed!
  18. Modification: Name whatever you want You may regenerate more than 1 force point per turn
  19. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand your dreams of playing a squad you like have been crushed
  20. Wes Janson getting Nera Dantels pilot ability confirmed!
  21. With the app, the website, and printable PDFs I'm surprised you even need the physical card for a tourney. Show up with the ships, have your squad printed out and available on the app, and call it a day. But I'm sure it's in the official rules somewhere you need the cards
  22. Whats with those GIFs? Ive played Xwing Miniatures for years and don't recognize any of those ships ??
  23. So apparently concussion missiles would also make you flip friendly ships' damage cards. I like it
  24. Grievous would be cool. Perhaps an ability denying force powers at range 0-2 or something, similar to Carnor Jax. Or adding a modifier or red dice against force users
  25. piznit


    May your Rick Roll be cooked perfectly and served with the best ginger and wasabi
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