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    Blocking is back baby!

    Not gonna lie that squad sound like it needs a Moldy Crow Jan Ors with Informant Crew. Helps to see where someone is moving, and adds a die to Wedge or Arvel when you land a sweet shot
  2. Even with no horizon or "down" in space, I can at least see the use of a gyroscopic cockpit, in that you can move the craft without the pilot seeing everything in his field of view spinning around making him sick
  3. 29 points for a generic Syck!! that's so overcosted!! Oh wait, 200 points now
  4. Yoda in his little green LEGO ship is a certainty!
  5. But it's 10 points for what basically amounts to another whole ship. You use the ability when a ship would die, it lives to continue fighting, effectively meaning you got another ship for 10 points. Especially great if your opponent used something like a torpedo, or a force charge/one time ability and you give them the "Nope Card"
  6. I suppose you could run predator to get offensive mods. I don't either one is a bad choice. It would give you another point to spend elsewhere on a system/cannon or a better astro
  7. X, B, and A's? First list I want to run is Wedge, predator, foils Ten Numb, Elusive Arvel, Intimidation Jake, Elusive, Prockets and that leaves 4 points for an astromech or something on the Bwing
  8. Well screw that then!
  9. Speaking of Gavin...lets say he accompanied by some friendly Homing Missile carriers. When they fire and the defender decides to suffer a hit, can that be flipped to a crit? Or is a "result" different from suffering damage?
  10. The Emp wouldn't exactly be no cost either, since it forces you to fly a ship you might not want to fly
  11. I love that movie so hard. Definitely in my top 5. "OH! You mean TENTACLES! He put his TENTACLES all over you..."
  12. Someone should take it upon themselves to track and monitor every xwing player in the world and where they reside on the globe. Denser populations of players would receive weighted bonuses to moving the tournament needle closer to their location. Once all of this information is collected, and posted for peer review, for player approval, the tournament location should be held at this composite spot (Note: should this location fall over a body of water, you will need to procure some sort or portable floating island stable enough to host games. Power will also be needed to charge laptops and tablets for the app, cellular and wifi data will be the responsibility of participants). If on land, simply rent and possibly build a suitable venue for the tournament. This is the preferable way vs the island. Now that the perfect neutral location has been decided, you will next need to focus on advertising, as well as prizes for the winners. You'll need to set up rounds and brackets as well as procure volunteers or paid employees to manage the games. You'll reserve the right to sell video rights and replays to whatever organization you do choose so that those who do no attend cannot complain they have no way to view this most perfect event (why the **** aren't they here anyhow, amirite?). Any permits required by local governments (county, state, country, etc) will need to be handled as well. This will ensure that you really stick to FFG and in no uncertain terms, show them how to do a real tournament. Honestly I'm surprised this hasn't been done already, it seems like less effort that what some do on these forums
  13. I watched that last night! They concluded a company trying to shave costs to make more profit sometimes suffers a lower quality product. I was shocked...flabbergasted, dumb stricken, stupified...thunderstruck even!
  14. Yea on the cheapest list are you counting the core? Because you could run a Loaded Defender and Loaded Bomber from Imperial Vets if not including the core
  15. I augment reality almost every time I play xwing. The normal method is beer, but sometime I change it up with liquor instead Oh...move along, this is not the augmented reality you're looking for. My apologies
  16. piznit

    App release date

    Which would win? 42 point Sabretooth or the 44 point "skinny" Mammoth https://www.theonion.com/unearthed-cave-painting-of-wooly-mammoth-saber-tooth-t-1828258738
  17. I say throw em for loop, Dash is his own Best Buddy Outrider, Lone Wolf, Contraband, Luke Skywalker, Perceptive CoPilot, Stealth Device, Missile of choice! GFI!
  18. How bout Rexlar , Juke Echo, Juke, Collision Detector, Kallus Scarif Reaper, Krennic
  19. Logged in just to upvote The Office reference
  20. If he excels at combos...teach him the art of the Jank. Ween him off Boba and let him fly Koshka Frost, 4-LOM, and Viktor Hel! Throw 0-0-0 as a crew on there somewhere and Boba if he wants
  21. Bombers seem fantastic now. If you set up a pair of bombers on one side of the board and Ryad with Lone Wolf on the other, it'll make target priority difficult EDIT: if you really wanna do it, you can run 3 bombers with barrage rockets with LW/AS Ryad. 200 points on the nose Id probably agree on dropping the cannon, though.
  22. But doesn't the white straight turn red? Since you are increasing its difficulty?
  23. "After fully executing a ludicrous speed manuveur, you may perform a free raspberry jam action"
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