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  1. Isn't there a Boba Fett movie already green-lit? And I'm pretty sure they'll do a Lando movie, especially if Solo does well Plenty of opportunity for OT ships!
  2. Because he trades the Xwing for 2 TIEs with other local gamers (if lucky)
  3. If that's the actual wording, you're sure to have a few also say it doesn't mention needing a shield token. kinda like Expose on a zero agi ship...
  4. Ah yes. Totally forgot it was mobile arc turrets now. Good call
  5. Do we know what the red linked actions on Dengar are? After a focus or lock, he has that red triangle with the the 360 swoosh. Turret? But he has to focus or lock? If he rolls, its primary arc only that round?
  6. Leia flies through space like Superman, they can engineer a side gunner
  7. Plot twist: The Sabine from Rebels is a clone. The original was Jango Fetts wife
  8. Just use the rebel TIE template and she can be in Imperial. So that covers 3. Just gotta get her in Resistance and First Order. "Old Sabine" resistance pilot, and "Dead Sabine" FO crew card?
  9. What? You don't want to see a 100 hull/100 shield ship with a single laser cannon. But missiles get to roll 100 red dice per attack? I can't see how that would be broken
  10. Is when will the app be available? Oh that's not the question? It should be
  11. Not to mention that's not the max from old edition. You could slide the template up to the edge edit: it is the max, since you have the final spot pushed out past the template
  12. But bullseye in bases Cant wait for the inevitably upgrade "Chicken" card. "When you have an enemy ship in your Bulleyes arc, and that ship has you in their bullseye arc, you must both perform 2 straight manuveurs until an overlap occurs. Whoever causes the collision suffers 30 damage"
  13. https://media1.tenor.com/images/66892c5a68dcebdb2c388ef7343acf73/tenor.gif?itemid=3871481
  14. piznit

    2.0 Upgrades

    it wouldn't be too hard theorycrafting with a variable cost as long as it was something uniform across the upgrade cards eg. "this upgrade cost 1 point for pilot lvl 1-4, 2 pts for pilot level 5 & 6
  15. piznit

    2.0 Upgrades

    Whats also nice, is they could do that based on the new Threat Level indicator. Higher the level, higher the upgrade cost
  16. And while you're waiting for the later waves to be rereleased, it's a perfect opportunity to make your own changes in casual games
  17. Waiting for the day when I can get a (possibly) slightly larger movement dial and on the back is the selectable list of pilots. or the other way around, where each pilot card has the movement dial listed on the back
  18. Well I was originally meaning the one the snuck out on and flew to Cantor Bight (I think there's even a LEGO set for this one). But I guess the luxury stolen craft could work too :P
  19. Did I also see somewhere that pilot abilities will be different depending on the "call sign" of the pilot? Or is it just different load outs preprinted on the card but same pilot ability?
  20. I suppose if they really wanted to, they could make the ship that Finn and Rose piloted in the last movie. It has more screen time than the Quadjumper as well as a few older ships
  21. piznit

    "Stop your crying"

    What tax are you paying to play 1.0? As far as I can see, you can play 1.0 the same as always just the way you like it. This is the only problem I can't understand. People are upset something new is being released, but it effects the current game in no way whatsoever.
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