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  1. I'm of the opinion that a lot of the flavor of the game comes from upgrades. A large portion of the uniqueness of different units and builds come from the upgrades attached to the unit. Moreso, the feel that each faction has is pulled mostly from the upgrades they have available to them. With Runewars, like most of the FFG miniature games, the base game is simple and the upgrades are what makes the game great.
  2. Name the faction Winning faction - Daqan Most represented faction overall - Latari Least represented faction overall - Waiqar More or less - simply answer if you think there will be more or less than the number we have given Number of six tray archer blocks in the top 8 - 3 MORE Number of single tray siege units in the top 8 - 10. LESS Average number of heroes per list in the top 8 - 1.25. LESS Number of units in the winning list - 5. MORE Give us a number Number of uthuk in top 8 - 2 Number of daqan in top 8 - 2 Number of Waiqar in top 8 - 1 Number of Latari in top 8 - 3 What do you think? Most common unit in top 8 - Deepwoods Archers Will a podcast host make the final - YES Will Aliana be in every Latari list? - NO Will Ardus or Maro make a showing in the top 8? - YES
  3. Most WM/H tournaments I've seen prevented this by forcing you to use each list at least once. If you played list 1 three out of four rounds, you would list-lock yourself into list 2 for the final round. I think that's a bit more fun in that you can't bring a stupidly skewed list just to spook your opponent.
  4. Today, I was the TO for Court of Gamers' Regional Championship. Shockingly, despite the recent release of new Uthuk stuff, not a single player played Uthuk. Several lists seemed to be designed to counter them, however. Rankings 1.GY - Waiqar - 25 - 270 MOV 2.MG - Latari - 22 - 188 MOV 3.RT - Latari - 18 - 92 MOV 4.SB - Daqan - 18 - 70 MOV 5.DH - Waiqar - 15 - 137 MOV 6.FA - Waiqar - 15 - 2 MOV 7.SS - Waiqar - 14 - 70 MOV Rounds Round 1 Demoralize Their Forces/Standoff -DH (8 - 70 MOV) - BYE -GY (8 - 70 MOV) - BYE -SS (8 - 70 MOV) - BYE -MG (7 - 31 MOV) WIN vs RT (4 - 0 MOV) LOSS - 7-4 -FA (6 - 2 MOV) WIN vs SB (5 - 0 MOV) LOSS - 6-5 Round 2 Confluence of Magic/Unprepared -RT (12 - 70 MOV) - BYE -GY (15 - 119 MOV) WIN vs SS (12 - 70 MOV) LOSS - 7-4 -DH (15 - 137 MOV) WIN vs FA (10 - 2 MOV) LOSS - 7-4 -MG (13 - 46 MOV) WIN vs SB (10 - 0 MOV) LOSS - 6-5 Round 3 Supply Raid/Careful Approach -SB (18 - 70 MOV) BYE -GY (25 - 270 MOV) WIN vs DH (15 - 137 MOV) LOSS - 10-1 -MG (22 - 188 MOV) WIN vs SS (14 - 70 MOV) LOSS - 9-2 -RT (18 - 92 MOV) WIN vs FA (15 - 2 MOV) LOSS - 6-5 Lists GY - Waiqar Ankaur Maro 1x1 -Violent Forces Heavy Crossbowmen 3x1 -Tempered Steel -Rank Discipline Reanimates 4x3 -Raven Tabards -Aggressive Drummer -Lingering Dead Carrion Lancer 1x1 Carrion Lancer 1x1 Carrion Lancer 1x1 MG - Latari Aliana 1x1 -Malcorne’s Bequest -Ambush Predator Deepwood Archers 3x2 -Maegan -Wind Rune Frontline Scion Close Quarters Targeting Leonx Riders 2x2 -Bull Pennon -Rank Discipline Leonx Riders 2x2 -Bull Pennon -Rank Discipline Scion 1x1 RT - Latari Deepwood Archers 3x2 -Maegan -Tempered Steel -Frontline Scion -Close Quarters Targeting Deepwood Archers 3x2 -Tempered Steel -Frontline Scion -Close Quarters Targeting Leonx Riders 2x2 -Aliana -Bull Pennon -Triumphant Cry Scion 1x1 -Vicious Roots Scion 1x1 -Vicious Roots SB - Daqan Kari 1x1 Oathsworn Calvalry 2x3 -Column Tactics Spearmen 3x2 -Lance Corporal Heavy Crossbowmen 3x1 -Rank Discipline -Marching Cornicen -Tempered Steel Heavy Crossbowmen 3x1 -Rank Discipline -Marching Cornicen -Tempered Steel DH - Waiqar Ankaur Maro 1x1 -Violent Forces Reanimates 3x2 -Executioner -Raven Tabards -Aggressive Drummer Reanimate Archers 3x2 -Tempered Steel -Raven-Standard Banner -Close-Quarters Targeting Reanimate Archers 2x1 -Combat Ingenuity Spined Threshers 2x1 FA - Waiqar Ardus 1x1 -Ardus’ Fury Renanimate Archers 2x1 -Combat Ingenuity -Tempered Steel Reanimates 3x2 -Deathcaller -Simultaneous Orders -Support Carrion Lancers Reanimates 3x2 -Deathcaller -Simultaneous Orders -Support Carrion Lancers Carrion Lancers 2x1 -Mastercrafted Weapons -Combat Ingenuity SS - Waiqar Carrion Lancers 3x2 -Mastercrafted Weapons -Combat Ingenuity Reanimate Archers 2x2 -Raven-Standard Bearer -Fire Rune -Close Quarters Targeting Ardus 1x1 -Obacasium’s Gauntlet -Ancient Technique Reanimates 2x2 -Dispatch Runner
  5. That looks like an easy one to counter with Deathcall Disco. The archers and crossbowmen are the only thing that wouldn't get rick-rolled by the disco. You'd have to play carefully, but Kari is too fast to be able to move into range to shoot without getting killed by disco. After she falls, everything else is downhill from there.
  6. I know my group gets a kick out of the fourth one. Runewars is a great game for it. We try to call out our opponent's dials over the course of the game, trying to see who can get closer to 100% accuracy. There's nothing better than the look of consternation on your opponent's face as you call out their jank trickery that they banked their entire turn on.
  7. Look at Heavy Crossbowmen, Carrion Lancers, Wraiths. All have Yellow modifiers. And a lot of units have Yellow actions with White modifiers.
  8. The color doesn't mean anything thematically, it only controls what modifiers you can use. Blue action = Blue modifiers, Red action = Red modifiers, Yellow action = Yellow Modifiers. Easiest way to get rules wrong is to assume.
  9. You can check this yourself, if you've kept the packaging. The paper packaging in each component lists the playtesters that have tested each item. FWIW, I recall seeing playtesters for the blisters. Haven't specifically checked, though.
  10. Having played a good amount of deathstar blocks, they have two main weaknesses: The size reduces the total number of units you can take A big unit gets less actions than multiple smaller units Capitalizing on these weaknesses is the way to overcome them. There are a couple of ways to use each. First, fewer total units. This will mostly play into objectives. Certain objectives will allow you to easily control the objective points because you just have more units than them. In rotation right now is Supply Raid and Demoralize Their Forces, both of which having more units can allow you to get a big advantage. It also gives you the advantage in positioning. You have more units to move and take positions, where they mostly have to blunder around their deathstar. Secondly, fewer actions is a downside to a big unit. If I'm playing a 100 point deathstar, that's 100 points that gets 8 actions, max, a game. Denying those actions value can severely neuter a unit. Forcing them to go around terrain, making them miss a charge, canceling their dials, or feeding them cheap and disposable units, etc. If a 100 point unit of spearmen spend eight turns and kills two solo Spined Threshers the whole game, you're doing well. Moral of the story, spending 80+ points on a single unit can make them extremely dangerous. But if they're forced to do anything besides charging and attacking, they're not going to be worthwhile. Also, due to the way scoring works, killing one tray can be worth nearly 20 points. Killing a tray then running away for the rest of the game can be fun too.
  11. I've found the Spearmen can usually block pretty well for the Crossbowmen, at least long enough to take a decisive advantage. And Hawthorne will usually spend a round or two Skill-Rallying, then roll out. I've found Hawthorne to be extremely effective. I curse and complain whenever he rolls an attack, but I've gotten pretty good at placing him where he's just swinging freely without any form of retribution. Plus, Steel Rain falling all around him. So an attack may not do much, but it's usually free. And very distracting. Honestly, the decisions it forces on my opponent is usually more beneficial than the attack itself. Also, Hawthorne is good because he sits on a single tray, allowing Spearmen and brossbow bolts to go right past him with little effort. That has a definite value in and of itself. Bah, who needs mortal wound when you can do raw damage? The crossbowmen are much scarier than I initially thought, tossing 9 damage pretty regularly. Plus, very few things have a defense over 3, which makes both infantry units good at hitting multiples of both 2 and 3. I so rarely use their surge, and when I do it's usually just icing on the cake. I can't think of the last time it felt particularly influential.
  12. Oh, I used it all the time. It's really good. It lets me stick Hawthorne into places my opponent can't get easily, where he can swing freely without fear of retribution. It's also fun to make a charge, square up into range of another target, and go to town. It really makes him a huge hassle for my opponent, and can save his skin from time to time. I've had his death rate go to nearly 0% since switching away from Shield+Might.
  13. So, I've been playing Daqan for a while, looking for a list that really caught me. Played Spearstar for a while, played Calv for a while, tried MSU, nothing really felt like it was the list for me. Then Crossbowmen came out and I started playing around with them, and I struck upon the following list that I really liked: Lord Hawthorne (34) -Unique: Sweeping Strikes (5) --Total Unit Cost: 39 Spearmen x6 (40) -Champion: Lance Corporal (6) --Total Unit Cost: 46 Spearmen x6 (40) -Champion: Lance Corporal (6) --Total Unit Cost: 46 Heavy Crossbowmen x3 (27) -Equipment: Tempered Steel (3) -Training: Rank Discipline (4) --Total Unit Cost: 34 Heavy Crossbowmen x3 (27) -Equipment: Tempered Steel (3) -Training: Rank Discipline (4) --Total Unit Cost: 34 I found this to have a very flexible playstyle that I really like. The Spearmen with Lance Corporal can do many things, ranging from long-range charges, enhanced early melee attacks, or melee with a defense modifier. The Crossbowmen are suprisingly lethal, being able to toss a ton of damage out reliably. And Hawthorne with Sweeping Strikes is able to both provide support through inspiration, as well as go into melee without fearing return strikes. I was wondering, though, if the forum hivemind has any improvements that I may not have considered.
  14. Start with two 4x1 Oathsworn, add Tempered Steel and Rank Discipline for flavor.
  15. So, now that Lord Hawthorne's been out for a little while, what do you think of him? How does he do personally? What do you think of Lessons of Seragart? Any luck with using him as an upgrade? For me, I've been enjoying him a lot. His inpiration spread is pretty good, and I've flanked many an archer with Hawthorne alone. Being faster than an Oathsworn is really good, particularly if you're willing to take a panic to engage from outside range or before init 5. Once in combat, he's sorta uninspiring (see what I did there?), like most units without rerolls. Doing four or six damage is cool and all, but he's not exactly slaying Ardus or the like. That is, until you tank him up, upgrading his defense with Might of Daqan and giving him the Shield of Margath. After that, he becomes a beast, tanking to defense 5 and nearly doubling his damage with a single shield slam. Lessons of Seragart is really cool. I've been doing a lot of 4x1 Oathsworn, which combined with Tempered Steel and Rank Discipline is a sight to behold. So much damage for such a cheap unit. I've also got ideas for 4x1 Spearmen and 4x1 Rune Golems, both of which seem fun (Two red dice, threat 6!). One thing I intend to try is a 1x2 Rune Golem with Fire Rune. Seems like it could be alright, and Rune Golems have historically failed me because of the lack of reroll, rather than the difference in threat 3 and threat 4. As for the upgrade version, I must admit I haven't played with it. Extra white dice is cool, but I so rarely fight multiple units that I wonder why I'd really need to take it. I do want to eventually put it on a Oathsworn unit, go flank with it, and have Moment of Inspiration so I can toss two dice of every color. That's just achievement hunting, though...
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