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  1. They look great !!! Where do u get the extra prob droids sir Thanks. I bought two core sets.
  2. Thanks for all the tips Sorastro. Here's some of my stuff that I have painted so far. Just Finished up the probe droids last night.
  3. More affordable compared to Armada/X-Wing (which is of much better quality) yes, but for the most part IA is not very good quality for what it costs. Don't get me wrong though. IA is my favorite FFG Star Wars game by far. I just wish purchasing it and it's expansion didn't also always involve having to contact FFG customer support...
  4. Probably. Would explain all the curved cards. Seems like damage from humidity.
  5. I fixed Vader's lightsaber and IG-88 pose with a hair dryer and cold water, but the warped base on IG didn't stay fixed.
  6. In that case, I would definitely recommend contacting CS. I had 2 Probe droids completely off their bases in my second Core set, so I took a picture with my phone and contacted CS. No hassle at all. They sent two replacements out to me as soon as they were available. So if a card is printed off-center, then I'm absolutely sure they'll be happy to make it right. Basically, a picture is worth a thousand words. And FFG knows the importance of solid customer service, so I'm pretty sure you'll be fine. BTW, I haven't noticed any bending problems with any of my cards so far. I had broken droids in my second core set as well. they replaced them no problem. It's just pretty sh*tty that they would release cards like this in the first place. Pretty terrible quality control. Also my Kayn Somos figure has a warped base like my IG-88 did as well. This stuff certainly isn't worth the prices that they are charging for it IMO.
  7. just got my wave 2 expansions today and all of my deployment/skirmish/agenda/mission cards are noticably curved as well. When I sleeved them they didnt lay flat at all. none of my cards from the core set were curved like this. pretty disappointing. also one of the skirmish cards was printed REALLY off center as well.
  8. Never mind. I found some better quality photos of droid from movie.
  9. If a figure is killed by a raider token's end of round +2 damage during the raiding party skirmish mission does the opponent score the VP for the defeated figure? It's the last figure remaining in a group or a deployment card with a single figure. Thanks.
  10. This is what I've been trying to figure out, googling hasn't help me find a confirmation at all. Has this been confirmed 100% anywhere that during skirmish Imperials/Rebels using Temporary alliance can also use First strike or Devious scheme? To me it seems like an obvious Yes. but I just wanted to make sure 100% before Regionals this weekend. Thanks.
  11. Player B was one those who drove from 4-5 hours away. It WAS inconsiderate of player A to drop out after the pairings were made. I was standing at the next table when player A conceded... He should have just told the TO before the round started, he knew when he had to be at work and he knew he wouldn't have time to play the next 75 minute round/finish the tournament... but there was no collusion whatsoever. Player B wanted to play and had never met player A before. A few people at this regional event dropped out after the pairings were made, it happened to me in the very next round, and I drove 4-5 hours to play not to get left without an opponent in the final round because he "didn't want to just lose another game" and left without telling the TO.
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