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  1. Howlrunner is cut out of hyperspace. I can barely muster the energy to leave the house.
  2. Good. Good. Let the hate flow through you. Your experiences don't track with mine. Swarms bleed MOV. I always had to press the attack lest my opponent pop one TIE and run for the hills. Now with partial points it seems more urgent to do damage quickly than to play for time. Most of my tournament games in 1.0 would go to time and I would always have to hurry to get to the next table.
  3. Afraid to listen. Afraid you won't sound like Dr. Cottle and my understanding of the universe will become unraveled.
  4. Zactly. In 1.0 when I built a list I'd check voidstate's squad builder to see if anyone else had thought of already.
  5. Never forget the victims of the cowardly attack at Yavin. Imperial heroes all. Proudly the First Order holds memorial services every year to celebrate those imperial heroes.
  6. And so is your state sponsor, terrorist.
  7. Because they were part of 1.0 and we formed our attachment to them in game play, not just Black Squadron but Obsidian as well. Poor Gundark....
  8. um. https://www.samhsa.gov/find-help/national-helpline
  9. Oooh, sexy. Maybe my regular opponent could get away from half-remembered shortcuts and the associated undo steps.
  10. Arschbombe


    So does the wingman/wing thing mean that Vader does a 1 bank and then the TIE fighters get to do one to stay in formation with him despite not having the maneuver on their dial?
  11. So what about the official dice app? People who use it will have their phones out on the table the whole match. There was a guy using it on stream at regionals in 2016 in Krayt country.
  12. Arschbombe

    Rules for 3d??

    Altitude mechanics are important for aerial combat in atmosphere because different airframes have different performance characteristics at different altitudes. Some perform better at low altitude. Some are better at climbing. Some better at diving. None of that applies in space. 3D mechanics in Star Wars just gets you 3D firing arcs. There's no advantage at being above the target. There is no up and no down.
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