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  1. Neither. Empire and First Order only for me.
  2. So what about the official dice app? People who use it will have their phones out on the table the whole match. There was a guy using it on stream at regionals in 2016 in Krayt country.
  3. Arschbombe

    Rules for 3d??

    Altitude mechanics are important for aerial combat in atmosphere because different airframes have different performance characteristics at different altitudes. Some perform better at low altitude. Some are better at climbing. Some better at diving. None of that applies in space. 3D mechanics in Star Wars just gets you 3D firing arcs. There's no advantage at being above the target. There is no up and no down.
  4. Yeah, far from making the third party apps irrelevant, the official app has just reinforced how valuable they are. I'm using x-wing squad designer on android.
  5. Didn't like launch bay in 1.0. Don't like it for 2.0. My preferred app in 1.0 was x-wing squadron builder that went defunct around wave 11. Since then I was using X-wing squad designer which is available for android from Google drive, not the play store. It was updated for 2.0 so I'll be using that going forward.
  6. "Howlrunner cannot be used in selected game format." Game format is second edition....
  7. Well, durn. Coulda sworn OL was a she. Maybe just confused with Quickdraw...
  8. It was in the TIE FO reveal article for the wave 8 pack.
  9. RIP Chaser, Backstabber, Gundark, Dark Curse, and Youngster. You were replaced by a bunch of stupid gits from Inferno squadron. Your passing will be long mourned. ?????
  10. We had that. There were no dice. Used chits for everything. And when it came to generating numbers after switching to AD&D, our DM was a computer guy. He had a commodore PET 16k (and later a Vic 20). He generated all the numbers randomly in software and printed them out in advance. Every die roll was on his long sheets of computer paper. He thought it was the greatest thing. We players hated it.
  11. Are you sure? It'll cost you even more for Afterburners...
  12. Dude, you're, like, doing it wrong. It's all a lie, man. Big FFG is going to take your lunch money and your cookies and kill your puppy.
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