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  1. Took a bit of a break for a week. I did end up buying 4 boxes of P2 clones. I'm a bit torn up about the P2 clones myself because, yes they are super easy to assemble and fit together perfectly. The detail is superb, moldlines almost nonexistent and they just simply look great. However, the one thing I was hoping for, more out of the box assembly options for variation, is not there. All the models are more or less mono-pose models. I think this is a missed opportunity. Especially for people like me having bought 4 units of P2s, it will be very hard to make each and every one of those models look unique without cutting them apart and doing some major repositioning and greenstuff work. That being said, of course I could not resist going over the top with the first Phase II trooper I assemble. I picked a P2 captain. I always wanted to include an "execute order 66" model in my army, and the Phase IIs are perfect for this. The conversion is more or less done, needs a bit of sanding here and there but that is minimal. It's a mix of P1/P2 parts and a blue stuff mold I made from the cloak from Rex. I think it turned out quite well! The mini palp was probably the most fiddly thing I ever tried to sculpt with greenstuff
  2. I like the soft light colours you use. Makes hem look very crisp. Well done!
  3. That is actually pretty clever! Nice job 😁
  4. Another update, finished painting the ATRT. I had a few minor hickups when painting it, so it's not as smooth as I would have liked, but still it's not bad. Managed to rescue all things that went wrong. I think it turned out quite well in the end and fits nicely with the rest of the army. Spent a little more attention on the cockpit controls as well, just for the fun of it I've been delaying painting Obi, but maybe I should paint Obi up next...
  5. It's definitely not bad for a first attempt. What I can recommend looking into is a paint called "wash", which actually looks more like an ink. It's a great tool for shading. Just remember to shake before using, and work from a palette to be able to thin the paint down and have more control of what is in your brush. Your models have all the colours in the right spots, but they lack some definition. Some shading in all the grooves and recesses will help with that. Keep up the good work!
  6. Hey guys, I've been asked a bunch of times how I do my bases. I made a few pictures, one of each step. 1) Glue your model to the base, along with some random bits you might have lying around. This can be pieces of an old model kit or a building, or just pieces of cork or bark to represent rocks. You can also use some small rocks to add some more different textures to the base. It can be interesting to add the model on top of some terrain to really make it feel like it is part of the surroundings. What is important in this step is that I keep the firing arcs in mind and keep them clear as much as I can. 2) Earth is never really flat (besides the Netherlands then maybe). So a flat base will always look mechanical. To make it look more organic I add modelling clay to the base. This can be any clay, as long as it dries up/cures hard. The cheapest option would be Das Klei or some other clay that dries by air. Do note this needs some PVA to remain stuck to the base. I still had a lot of greenstuff lying around that was getting a bit chunky so I used that instead. What I do here is I fill in some areas around rocks so they look half burried instead of just lying on top of things. I use a sculpting tool to spread the clay around, and carve in the firing arcs when I am happy with the look. 3) Now it's time to add your sand or texture paint. Cover all places you want to have sand with PVA/texture paint, then immediately when you added the sand clear out the firing arcs again. I used the same sculpting tool for it as I did for the previous step. Now leave it to dry. If you added actual sand to the base you might want to give the whole thing a coating of watered down PVA to prevent it all from chipping. After that you're ready for priming! And for good measure, here is a finished base! I hope this is of some help for you guys. Best of luck with all your bases!
  7. Update on the ATRT, Finished it for the most part. I have to work on the driver now, make him a bit more presentable for the ride. It's mostly filling, maybe adding a detail or two. And I need to order some magnets for the guns!
  8. Hey guys, I was suddenly hit with some inspiration. I have had an original core box since Legion first came out, but never did anything with it up until the "lockdown" began. So I had a leftover side cart from the BARC, and a Rebel AT-RT. Since Clones are getting one soon-ish I figured I might as well build one now, kitbash it from the parts I have lying around.I never liked the sluggish pose and feel of the Rebel ATRTs, so I figured I would try and make it run. The legs are actually easier to cut apart than it seems! It is still very WIP and just dryfitted together for now, but this is more or less going to be the pose. Tonight I'll be doing a bit more greenstuffing and tomorrow I'll be building the rider.
  9. Hey guys, just finished up the BARC Speeder. It was an interesting experience to paint because I have no real experience painting "large" vehicles. I think he turned out ok though! Fun fact: the Aurebesh reads "McFly" 😁
  10. I couldn't see it on the photo, it was a bit blurry, but you could be right
  11. I really like the conversion, the weapons just scream too much "Eldar" to me, I would have stuck with the original guns. Can't wait to see this guy painted up, curious to see what you'll do to him 🙂
  12. Minor update, got some tufts in the mail that I thought might fit with the army. Perfect match! Then of course you get carried away and start updating all the finished clone troopers.... Also just spotted I forgot to paint the clothes of this one around his armpit area 😂🤦‍♂️ What has been done: Cleaned up the white a little bit and painted some detail into the visor to add a bit more colour to the model.
  13. Took a litle painting break and went back to assembling. Built the BARC from the core set. I decided to leave off the side cart because I didn't like the look of it. The model is a loot sleeker without it. Also building a base with the lines intact was a bit of a learning curve, but I think I got it done nicely. And prepped and ready for priming. The model will be kept loose for transport. The fit is quite snug and it doesn't move around. I'll probably start painting it tomorrow.
  14. And Rex is done as well! Rex was a lot of fun to paint, I really like the sculpt. Also gave freehands a bit of a shot again, that has been a while. I'm happy with how it turned out however. Nearly screwed up the model in the varnishing step, but I managed to rescue it quite well. Also couldn't resist adding a bit of a joke to his shoulderpad. Now onto Obi!
  15. Thanks guys! The numbers plus matching white patterns are basically for me to keep my squads apart on the table, all while sticking to the same colour scheme to make the whole look unified. It should be effective enough 🙂 Before starting on Obi (I'm a little nervous for painting him) I wanted to have a bit of a practice run to properly practice some of the techniques I thought I might need to paint him. I still had a Yoda model lying around from Alternative Gaming Miniatures that would fit with the army and would be great practice. Sadly he doesn't have a place in Legion yet, but I'm sure he'll have some use eventually. The main thing I wanted to practice was painting robes and Object Source Lightning. The hardest part was getting the green glow on the green skin to look right. Luckily I won't have that problem on Obi Wan 😁
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