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  1. I think the fact that there is a discussion about it is grounds enough for a proper FAQ or amendment in the rules reference. It should be 100% clear for everyone. Discussions like these are a waste of time and totally unnecessary. I'd rather play x-wing.
  2. Nope, and that is the whole point of why I made this thread. The intention is there (weapons disabled token in the box and use of the word "reload"), but the fact that you missed it and that you're probably not the only one who did, means that it needs addressing.
  3. Agreed, still, could have been clearer.
  4. I get your reasoning, and I already know how the rule was intended to work. My point is exactly that it could have been clearer. You don’t need to convince me. And trust me, I have read the rules reference and played the game, so no need to be condescending.
  5. I disagree, because the RR explicitly says that a "reload" instruction is not a "reload" action. The steps taken under "reload" action are only there for the "reload" action with the reload symbol. There is nothing in the RR that tells you what to do when you get a "reload" instruction. The reference only states that it is not a reload action. I agree you should get the weapons disabled, I just disagree that it is clearly in the rules. Which is why it needs clarification.
  6. Yes there is, which is why I think the intention is that you get the weapons disabled. However, it is not clear in the rules reference that you do since there is no text that addresses how a reload instruction works, only how a reload action works and that a reload instruction is different from a reload action.
  7. Hello FFG forums. The Energy Shells action wording is a bit hazy. I think the intention is if you perform the action on the energy card to "reload" the card (reload instruction), you suffer the effects from performing a reload action by getting a weapons disabled token. However, the RR only describes how the Reload action works (1, choose ordnance, 2 recover charge, 3 get weapons disabled) and that a "reload" instruction is not a "reload" action. I assume you get a weapons disabled from a "reload" instruction, but the rules can be explained in 2 ways. Option 1) You have a reload instruction for the card, which is not a reload action so you do not follow the steps for reload action, flip back the charge Option 2) You have a reload instruction for that specific part of ordnance, then follow steps 2 and 3 for the "reload" action.
  8. There is a simple fix to reduce the bidding wars: reintroduce VI and adaptability and widen the PS spread from 1-9. The fact that bidding wars are off the charts right now is purely because we went from 11 to 6 options for pilot skill, which makes going last an even larger advantage than before. It's is a very logical cause and result. This is what 2.0 is, deal with it.
  9. I'd say Vader Crew and Gunrunners are the worst offenders.
  10. The higher bids is a logical consequence of reducing available PS options from 1-11 to 1-6. Removing close to half the PS options means that your initiative bid will be way more important. If you think that a PS bid is bad game design, they should not have gone with only 6 options for pilot skill. I do think removing VI was the best course of action, but reducing all available PS options might not have been the greatest idea if you did not want to unleash a bidding war.
  11. Lame, they’re handicapping the first new 2.0 meta defining competition by handicapping listbuilding with obligatory upgrades. I like that the public gets a vote, but this is not the right way.
  12. Just booked my flights to the US. Can't wait 'till it's October!
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