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  1. Happy Turkey/Family Day... I wait until the Chrimbo Season for BIG family & friends get togethers in the UK.... although I do have a friend's wedding tomorrow... I'll be shytfaced by 1pm on champagne and various spirits
  2. The kind of penguins to scare Batman
  3. D>a.m"n....you ninja'd me, my kind of reply
  4. There are reasonably priced (i.e. 'normal) UK preorder options
  5. Late again to the forum I just preordered this badboy
  6. I just *facepalmed* when they deflected ship lasers in SW: Rebels, as I knew eventually it would come up on these forums.....
  7. If a PC is about to die, use a Light Side Destiny Point,.. PC survives, continue with narrative. Wise teams of players will usually keep a Light Side unused each session for using this purpose... if 2 PCs are about to die, tough!
  8. Mine is an Outer Rim farmboy who is actually.... oh wait, that's already been done... I started thinking about having a non-lightsaber obsessed Light Sider.... never got to play it. Part of the back story involved the IMPERIAL DOG PROPAGANDA where, even being a Force Sensitive Emergent, he bought into the belief that it was all myth, lies etc so lightsabers were part of that PCs belief and therefore COULD NOT exist...even once the other PCs started building lightsabers...he was always going to be in denial. Can't remember which race or career path maybe Mystic/Seer...
  9. I always suggest the Bounty Hunter Code..it's a neat, little 'In Universe' sourcebook...: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&_nkw=The+Bounty+Hunter+code&rt=nc&LH_BIN=1 TBH, I reckon it's an extra splatbook for both players & GMs,,,, and it helps prevent '... being approached by an imperial agent...' unless of course you're a freeleance BH, '... he explained that the general was his AoR character that he was using as an NPC..' ( i can imagine a whiny, weepy voice with tears in his eyes LOL) and that is where the problem lies. Even I've got attached to NPCs but,,,, they're NOT REAL. They're just numbers on a sheet of paper. I did kill off a shed load of NPCs in one campiagn as it got stale... I think you got shafted.. with a spear.. up the rear end ...made of nettles
  10. WHAT???? There's an original trilogy? What did I miss?
  11. Use a Light Side Destiny Point, for instant success, to progress the story and continue with narrative. We regularly used to 'blast the door controls' to either break in somewhere or lock the doors.... worked in the movies
  12. We all fly around the UFP in the USS Enterprise, threatening to have ship to ship combat, but actually all we do is sit around in Pickard's Ready Room and we negotiate peace, run Level One Diagnostics, or Reroute Auxiliary Power to the Warp Core...oops, my bad! Wrong gaming universe.. (yeah, I am taking the p.i.s.s. out of ST:TNG, Deep Sleep 9 and Voyager, it had it's moments i.e. the borg, but they were few and far between) I'll take SW any day thanks... move along, move along
  13. Named Js'on Vorr'Hees
  14. Enjoy these times while you can,,, My eldest has flown the coop for Uni, so youngest has stepped in. We introduced to Edge - he opted for a Bounty Hunter (natch) and the way the GM introduced him into the narrative it took him FOUR SESSIONS to get to us, we were on the same planet, same spaceport... FOUR SESSIONS, memories that will last a life time: So (name deleted), you see a squad of stormtroopers approaching the target you are being paid (Obligation) to protect -his PC was on the roof tailing the rest of the party but we had no idea he was there - what does your PC do? My son replied with - 'I'll lob a stun grenade at the sergeant'... All **** breaks loose and chaos ensues for FOUR SESSIONS
  15. Vibro-blade wielding maniac in a salvaged stormtroopers helmet