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  1. PLOT!!! or as my son used to say 'You don't question Star Wars, you just watch it!'
  2. I apologise if someone has already posted this or linked to it... but after watching TM S1E1 I'm preparing my Edge campaign in a totally different direction... or useful for new GMs:
  3. I managed to pick up a set of 7 SW Legion stormy's for £10 (is that $15??) on Ebay.... unboxed as new... so it's a glue night for me while ep3 plays in the background because ONCE AGAIN THE MISSUS IS OFF TO BAND PRACTICE SO IT'S STAR WARS AT MY GAFF AGAIN!!!!!.... however, I have to remain sober to go pick her up.... dagnabit!
  4. I'd have carbon freezing THE WAY to go to continue colonisation... you could have the players original characters turn up from cryo who set off ten years after FTL travel went t*ts up.. complete with orange pilot jumpsuits,,, Maybe the Corporate Sector (or wherever the Hyperdrive ships are built) re-engineer NEAR LIGHT SPEED Drives.... still make hyper travel take ages Just use Earth history for example ideas.. we're SOOOOO good at sticking it to each other - for money, illegal goods, oil, expanding political borders, disagreements over treaties, disagreements over G*d/All*H/the First Guru/what a prophet said or did - we should cast off our shoes and follow the holy gourd..... etc etc Maybe it's The Force's Will that it happened....
  5. Could someone tell me how many 'sodes the first season is, so I know how long to hibernate for then I can binge watch it later 🖥️ 🖥️ 🖥️
  6. TBH I just need the weird stuff.... I reskinned Wampas waaay back for a jungle/forest planet to make a Swampa..I think there's a six legged reptile/riding thing that orc-like things use.... may just lift the beasty and the riders to make a primitive Gamorrean type culture.
  7. I'm already trying to SAVE money.... they need to reprint stuff I already have, not stuff that I WANT or NEED ❤️
  8. Maybe FFG are winding down for a bit... the generic stuff books (G&G and S&S) may just be the winding down. If they reprint the core we'll know that we may have another year of reprints... dunno, but it's been one **** of a ride!
  9. Along with Gadgets & Gear this will be a 'NAAH!' from.... the collector/completist in me REALLY wants both but the cautious side of me thinks 'Would I actually use it?' when I was playing Edge we usually referred to the Core or a relevant career splat.... those that do purchase enjoy your splat as much as i have enjoyed the 'Blue Title Books' as I call them I'm literally renaming all the NPCs from Rebels and using them in a New Hope Era Edge campaign.. I've renamed the Community made Greedo as Bleedo just for fun.... and a certain Hondo as Honda Suzuki
  10. TBH try Pinterest as a startting point.. there's tons of deck plans on there and I'm getting some ready for my new Edge campaign fracas.. I'm trying to find an excuse to use one of the larger ship deckplans... maybe used as a prison ship and the players need to escape or take control of the flight deck Just found this too:
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