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  1. Warriors rejoice

    Technically.... it's not Anakin
  2. Now that HoM are rewriting the gap between RoTJ and TFA does this mean that all the Legends and EU novels will eventually stop being reprinted (a friend of mine missed out on some Legends novels priced £1,50!!)... I'm not a massive Legends/EU fan but there are a few titles I fancy picking up after finding Dark Nest III in the garage, so I bought I & II with some Chrimbo cash Has anyone heard anything or anything posted on tinterweb? I still have no idea why I had DN III and not the first two...
  3. A curious dice result. Help wanted.

    I had one dice roll ALL COME UP BLANK.... #sortthatoutGMs my dice luck sucks
  4. Who can Slice ? Slicer ? :-)

    I am away from book at the moment so.... First of all, look at your PC group.. if there's no Slicer, design the first few adventures/encounters to play to their strengths/builds/careers etc and give each player a chance to shine.... THEN, bring in the hint about a Slicing Job... If the PCs have a slicing kit doesn't it give them a boost? Also if they aren't a slicer throw in setback dice?? Dunno, like I said, I'm away from book at the moment Hope this helps though
  5. This scene: I've had this for ages. Kept it locked away.... Where'd you get that?.... A good question. For another time. Actually I'd have liked a quick flashback of someone telling someone of a rumour about a lost lightsaber on Cloud City, then cutting to a scavenger in the air ducts finding it.. then selling it to Maz. Now I suspect HoM will want us to but 2 novels - how the lightsaber was found and how Snoke and the FO came to power. I got 2/3ish through Afterbirthmath and put it down
  6. I agree. When I fancy something a little different to a SW movie I just chuck a spaghetti western in the DVD. Why don't FFG just throw all the SWRPG written adventures on the Disney Script Writer's Desk and say: Here ya go, make a trilogy out of these? ....The Merchant of Nal Hutta anyone?
  7. Oh my G**! ... all the time I was home..(they) finally really did it! YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP! D*** you! G**, D*** you all to he**!
  8. Yup... we regularly blow up the door controls to either open or seal a blast door etc unless we need to hotwire for 'plot reasons'
  9. Do want to build a Deathstar, destroy planets afar... I can't be bothered to rewrite anymore of that gadomn film If Disney make a touring 'SW: The musical' or 'SW on Ice' I'm outta this system for good... Alpha Centauri looks nice
  10. Unlimited Power -- Sourcebook for Mystics

    SW Alchemist? I'll take one as a player and buy up all the lead in the SW universe and convert it into gold
  11. I take all with a pinch of salt.. there's one rant vid on Youtube which i think is hilarious ... and we all ranted about the OT Special Editions
  12. Only eps 4,5,6 in my campaigns...
  13. I'll be honest. As soon as I found out HoM had bought the SW rights I thought Oh S***... and for me I was right... They tossed aside 30+ years of (a lot of) stuff and could have selected parts of it to make something as memory forming when I first went to Star Wars - I stood for what seemed like ages with my parents and sister freezing my **** off in early '78 waiting for the doors to open. My son would say at each SW game - you don't question Star Wars but seriously though it's an RPG. It's entirely up to each GM what they allow and disallow. What makes me both laugh and facepalm for the younger/social media generation of gamer is questions like this.. all we had was White Dwarf (before it became WHFB and WH40K monthly), Dragon and Dungeon magazines. We didn't bother discussing stuff like this - WE JUST GOT ON WITH IT!!! LOL and here I am discusing it - *facepalm* Disney has f***** the canon, the fanbase and what Lucas created. I was half expecting musical scenes like Do You Wanna Build A Deathstar or ForceAwakensupercalifragilisticexpialidocious.... I'm just going to wait for Ep9 to come out as a Camrip DVD and I couldn't care less about the Han Solo film - why don't they just take the HS Adventures or Trilogy and make them? Oh well, I've just spent the last few days watching in this order Rogue 1, Ep 4,5,1,2,3, and 6... i may watch Ep7 but I doubt it. I'm happy in my 70s and prequel time warp, setting each Edge/F&D/AoR campaign or adventure '...about a week after a devastating Rebel attack on a major Imperial Military Facility...' I think the main reason we all come to these forums is we're passionate about SW and gaming.. it's a volatile mix... move along, move along..
  14. Or there's this: https://andphilosophy.com/2017/12/19/the-last-jedi-nihilism-ubermenschen-and-a-rey-of-hope/
  15. Another sad day :(