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  1. On one hand I agree but on the other I personally think that FFG have the SW 'thing' by the balls and think $$$$$$. Arkham Horror 3 edition was the final straw 'let's chuck out ANOTHER Arkham Horror Files games. I'm sure the HPL Arkham Horror geeks/fanboysgirls/nerds (which I am) will lap it up making us loads of $$$$$$' ( no I didn't buy AH 3E) There will no doubt be expansions - I'll be surprised if it is a One Shot but I doubt it... I can imagine a Tatooine expansion maybe as a Jabba's Palace/Bounty Hunter expansion and a Shadowport/Smuggler expansion.. dunno, but for me Enuff Znuff... I found out about this from a whatsapp photo text off a friend.... I won't buy it... I'm hunting down Eldritch Horror expansions... I'm done with SW now... happy with the RPG but i wouldn't say no to a playtest. It could be alot cheaper if it was marketed as a generic space smuggling/bounty hunter game but no... paste the Sat Wars logo somewhere and it will no doubt sell. I've seen AA and AAA batteries in the UK with the SW logo on the pack *facepalm* Xwing to me is not a one off.... there's a SHED LOAD of extra ships - expansions - that add extra rules and then they make the initial release superfluous with the 2E with force rules.... they could have easily just released 2e as a box as with extra cards etc not the ships box... but no they also release a TFA box.. P.S.How can you delete your FFG forums account? I'm outta here!!! So long fanboys
  2. coz nerf herder games is the site/shop *facepalm* https://www.nerfherder.co.uk/
  3. if they come down with the SW equivalent of the 'flu they should be out of game for at least week.. I had what I thought was 'a sniffle and a cold' on Friday 25th Jan (which was basically the onset of my immune system fighting the virus) kept up the paracetamol and fluids, rough as a bear's a--- on Sat & Sun, went to work and fought through it the following Monday, big mistake, out of action for Tues 29th to Sat 2nd Feb.. absolutely awful, felt like s--- on a stick... but I did catch up on reading CoC 6th edition, going through the cards for Eldritch Horror, Forgotten Lore and Cities in Ruin, reading the Official SW Atlas, surfing various forums and finally watching 'The Eagle has landed' as the last time I watched it I was a teenager and it was a UK Bank Holiday Monday Yeah SW 'flu should be even worse.
  4. I assure you it ain't my shop as I have to work for a living and alas do not run a LFGS.. but if I won the lottery... Google a certain 'scruffy looking' SW animal in the UK to find some splat IN STOCK!!!!!!!!! You're welcome. Posting this as I know how frustrating it can be to get splat. The shop should pay me for advertising 😃
  5. Each to their.. i liked bits of Solo tbh... but my dislike/anger/hatred for the new stuff didn't make me want to sell/get rid of all my FFG SW stuff... EDIT: I deleted a lotta stuff that in hindsight when posted would have kicked up a right ----storm 🍺
  6. ... you're GM states he loves the new Disleen Canon and want's to run an Eps 7 - 9.2 era campaign..... oh wait... he sold all his FFG SW rpg stuff.... oh well, it was fun while it lasted
  7. TBH I do get annoyed with release delays but eventually the product drops on my door mat.... I just read through other stuff to keep me going like the official atlas or the vehicles book
  8. Let all the human PC's handle this and claim it was a 'nasty, brutish alien race. Can't remember the species as they're all back stabbing scum.' Grease their palms... done... Other PCs of non-human or droid slant stay at the cantina until registration is complete
  9. As far as weight I'd make it no bigger than the hyperdrive they needed in Ep 1... I mean it takes no time in the RW to format a hard drive etc. You can argue the fact that Ep4 was written waaaaay back and tech hadn't progressed like it did now but having something as a big as an average house or even a YT1300 just to wipe the memory of a droid is stretching it a bit far even for an RPG but each to their own I'm defo going for the size of a the Ep 1 hyperdrive and associated cost/registration... maybe only produced by the companies that manufacture droids so they have the monopoly on price and availability.
  10. TBH I wouldn't purchase 2E.. I got stung with D&D 3.5/PFRPG (missing out 4e - "Travesty Edition") and went straight to 5E but only bought the DMG, PH & MM1, Strahd and Tomb...there's enough splat and stuff to convert from anyway I too have spent a shed load on EoTE and F&D. If FFG announce SW rpg 2E, I'm outta here... I'm hoping that this splat is not reprints of stats from other sourcebooks but completely new stuff... I'll still probably pre-order though
  11. I had the thought of having the MemWipe(R) System a Restricted piece of equipment and Needs to be Registered with the local authorities... but that's up to you... *more house rules - facepalm*
  12. Well tbh I have 2 weeks off over Chrimbo, so the day that the wife is off to see her auntie I'm getting all my Edge and F&D books off the shelf and onto the dining table... along with nibbles and alcohol.... sorted readafest
  13. Hmmmm 8 hours in and 18 views (including mine).... tbh I have the published adventures as a collector/completist reason,,, we stopped playing about 18 months ago.... I have only really played FFG SW not GMed so my advice would be check out other threads regarding the published stuff or even other RPG forums...
  14. '... 5 hours later...' Good job you only had two players!!! 🎅
  15. A school of flying space critters... coz it ain't SW without critters
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