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  1. ExpandingUniverse

    Selling Stolen Ships

    Totally offtopic/ontopic.... my group acquired a Firespray and six B1 battle droids complete with control console at the end of an adventure.... we were so happy about getting six (crappy/incompetent/useless/comedyrelief) guards we sold the Firespray for about 15K... Roger, roger!! and kept the credits in a pot to repair the droids after every shootout.... each to their own we named the droids Pewpew, Barley, McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grubb after this:
  2. i found this.. messing about with options eventually give you a decentish map: https://watabou.itch.io/medieval-fantasy-city-generator
  3. ExpandingUniverse

    Intercepting, bocking with and Boarding a ship in Hyperspace

    .... or just pursue them until they run out of fuel
  4. ExpandingUniverse

    Intercepting, bocking with and Boarding a ship in Hyperspace

    You'd need a better hyperdrive (i.e. heavily modded) than the target ship just so you can catch up Very fast, very dangerous.... yep even the slightest miscalculation would result in both ship's wreckage spread across several systems - and there's a plot hook in itself (which I've already used!)
  5. ExpandingUniverse

    Amazon shopping

    Is it Disleen canon? *goes off to vomit*
  6. ExpandingUniverse

    Strain for using the Microwave

    Strain for using a microwave... I just order pizza instead
  7. ExpandingUniverse

    Amazon shopping

    Book of Sith, Jedi Path, Bounty Hunter's Code, Imperial Handbook.... I still have an 'early night' - the wife comes up an hour later and I'm sitting in bed reading one
  8. ExpandingUniverse

    Sooooooo how do you destroy a dark side vergence?

    Sooooooo how do you destroy a dark side vergence? Destroy the planet with a Death Star! 😁
  9. The days of getting the car and driving to my not-so-Local FGS are looong gone.. in the UK I don't think we have the supply from FFG. Every time I phone up they have everything I've got so now I just pre-order. I'd REALLY like to support a LFGS but the stock just isn't there and the way the stuff sells out pretty quickly I have to preorder. I used to regularly go to a LFGS (which closed down due to tax evasion or somesuch) when I was getting the OWoD stuff,,,, I could just stroll in, peruse the stock and walk out with at least one splat (usually 2 or more)... good times.
  10. I'm still looking for Endless V_a_G
  11. ExpandingUniverse

    Pay grade for a senator?

    Loads if you're human... sweet F.A. if you're any other species
  12. ExpandingUniverse

    Knights of Fate Already Shipping?!?

  13. ExpandingUniverse

    Unlimited Power -- Sourcebook for Mystics

    The Force is with me.... the wife is going shopping with my mom... Star Wars day at my house... all welcome,,, there's room for rpg's, card games and board games. I plenty of 'adult' soft drinks etc etc Slagging off new films can be done in the garden 😁
  14. ExpandingUniverse

    KENOBI: A Star Wars Story....

    Oh right...maybe they will then
  15. ExpandingUniverse

    KENOBI: A Star Wars Story....

    But would Disleen use this? Probably not, as don't they want to start writing new canon instead?