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  1. ExpandingUniverse

    Start Your Engines! Making Racing-Themed Stories Interesting

  2. ExpandingUniverse

    Start Your Engines! Making Racing-Themed Stories Interesting

    Two words: Pit Droids
  3. ExpandingUniverse

    Interesting ideas for dangerous Imperial plots?

    The Empire decides to round up all the Ewoks as the Emperor has had a premonition about the assault by the Rebellion on Sanctuary Moon.... therefore ensuring the successful building of the second Death Star
  4. ExpandingUniverse

    archaeology force power

    TBH when I saw the Force Power title I imagined using the Force to dig up fossils and lost civilisations So I'm AFBookshelf... isn't this a version of ... err... umm....Sense? or... you could look at the Time Sphere from Mage : The Ascension for more inspiration
  5. Our very savvy Summoner player broke PFRPG at lvl 5 - the player summoned 4 eagles due to Summoner specials and spell list options (summon Monster I and IV), his eidolon attacks - two claws and a bite, and his own so... is that 10 claw attacks, 5 beak attacks, AND the summoners other attack??? The rest of us were just the mop up crew ... anyway... my next level up I took Gunslinger for shiggles.. I never had time to get in for my Rogue sneak attacks so I played an elf jack sparrow instead.. good times
  6. So.... YOU'RE the reason for me shelling out for 5E stuff when there's no FFG stuff I want? Curse you!!!!
  7. ExpandingUniverse

    Female Advice Required - Fashion

    I assume Trex like females...
  8. ExpandingUniverse

    Female Advice Required - Fashion

    An investigation to what Trex likes/wants in a female of his species maybe - preferred hair colour, build/body shape, intelligence level etc
  9. ExpandingUniverse

    New Thrawn book

    I spotted this two days ago next to the Tarkin novel... I go on hols soon and fancied a SW novel to look like a total geek on the beach. Either of them any good?
  10. ... because he's an actor and doesn't want to work in a 'normal' job like the rest of us... like paramedics in the UK, ****hours, ****pay... and saving lives everyday.
  11. ExpandingUniverse

    Stay Classy, FFG!

    Maybe they should ditch the fiction at the start of each splat.... same as OWoD fluff... always skipped it and reading fiction is one of my other hobbies - just my own preference. That ditched fiction page could be another skill tree, equipment/ship list/ adversaries etc
  12. ExpandingUniverse

    Stay Classy, FFG!

    Maybe they're influenced by Disney more than we realise.... I mean, look at Eps 7 & 8
  13. ExpandingUniverse

    Comedy has Consequences (Spoilers TLJ)

    Yes... comedy has consequences. TBH a real world influenced comedy skit thrown into Star Wars was the beginning of my lack of interest in the film... a few minutes later no B-wings or Y-wings bit still using X-wings. I only stayed for the rest of the film hoping it 'would get better'... anyway each to their own. If the new films pull in new fans so be it and well done Disleen... ...and something completely linked/unlinked the new SJW stuff in films is making me apprehensive about Incredibles 2 - the man at home - 'I have to succeed so she can succeed' trailer and my alarm bells went off - the man who has trouble coping at home is an old cliche. I recently saw the photo of KathKenn's writing team - ALL women - if it had been a man with all men it would have been derided as a sexist, patriarchal, misogynistic, stuck in the 70s/Anchorman kind of mentality.
  14. ExpandingUniverse

    Issues with Cannon

    I thought this was a notification about a Star Wars magazine with a free cannon.... TAKEMYMONEY!!!