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  1. That would put the diameter at over 1km for just the core ship. It’s listed as under 700 m diameter in online sources. So about 2.5 meters for a 1/270 scale model, although I’d settle for half that scale
  2. *widowed why not ship Vader with Whisper? Who would you prefer, L3-37? He is more machine than man you know.
  3. How big of a ball would we need for just the central sphere? I’d love to have one of those on the table but I’m sure it’s much too big
  4. Flappy wings please. At least the side ones. I’d love for the ventral wing to move as well but that’s asking ALOT. my favorite Republic ship.
  5. Yes, 5 GUNBOATS. That’s the minimum number for true believers
  6. It’s not your fault, English is impossible to use without FAQs. And Interjections are way OP.
  7. No damage, that’s a modified Droid-wing, cut out all that life support crap and you get a super fast a maneuverable monster!
  8. GrimmyV

    Strike 3

    Look at the size of that matte painting!
  9. GrimmyV

    Strike 3

    Ooooo, I just thought of an awesome display option, hanger bays! ISD, Home One, even Death Star! Sorry FFG, guess I’ll need to spend my 2.0 money on some ‘play sets’.
  10. GrimmyV

    Strike 3

    Ratio of Epic casual players to standard tourney competitive players: i haven’t a clue. Of course there’s provably some overlap as well. Maybe we should start a petition to get a poll started. And another petition to start more petitions.
  11. GrimmyV

    Strike 3

    It’s almost willful ignorance to claim you must purchase multiple conversion kits. There is an after market, multiple copies of ship cards, upgrade cards, etc. will be available, just like when Palpy and the Advance fix came in a $100 box. If you weren’t into Epic but still wanted the cards you could hunt around a bit and find them for a price that might seem high just for miniature gaming cardboard but certainly a lot less than a C-note. also, GUNBOAT. Always GUNBOAT.
  12. GrimmyV

    Most Wanted?

    If anything it’s the YV-666 that’s gotten shrunk in the wash, but since CWs and Rebels is ‘canon’ now it’s gonna stay that way.
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