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  1. Allow both Chewie and Han as possible pilots. Rewrite crew cards as needed for Luke, Leia, ect. Allow all TIEs except Defenders, Strikers, First Order stuff, Punishers and Bombers. Optionally include Defenders and Strikers. Also option of a Decimator starting at generic pilot and 30 pts of TIE fighters and/ or upgrades/pilots just to shake it up a little
  2. Non-action maneuvers are always confusing. Well, non-action anything.
  3. I wood Like 👍 this more than once if I could.
  4. 5 rookies vs 4 academy and 4 obsidian, all naked, just as God intended.
  5. Not a full rewrite, just a couple paragraphs on a card. B-rolls don't work too well with nubs in the way tho.
  6. I preferred the lime flavored tokens, sour apple just doesn't do it for me.
  7. Every card in the game: tldr
  8. A lot of folks would say a 2 PT bid. Me? Blowing up rocks is just cool!
  9. GUNBOAT, naturally. V-wing for scummies Eta-2 for Imps N-1 for Rebs And for large base: Guri's Stinger, delta class transport from the space sims, and skipray blast boat
  10. It's more of a bounty hunter ship than the IG2000 since it actually has a crew slot. Where else are you gonna throw the 'captured bounty' crew upgrade that's should have been out 5 waves ago?
  11. I'm sure the trekkies will envy us now, with their 3D chess being so passé these days.
  12. Punisher needs a title to help it out. Badly. But I don't see them releasing this thing again just for one card. So because of the 'no cardboard only' packs we may never see that fix for our favorite buff bomber
  13. For everyone fretting that Imps aren't getting any cool toys: GUNBOAT. Wave 12. I can feel it.
  14. Maybe it's a Wookiee wearing a Trandoshan skin.