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  1. The ‘first’ Avenger image: then ingame (TIE Fighter) we have Avengers introduced while dropping bombs for some reason. Then we have the launch sequence and the addition of beam weapons around the mid 90s Decipher made the SWCCG and depicted the TIE/ad with a more standardized look: and then X-Wing alliance depicted these craft in yet another way, but did show where the warhead launchers are. i guess I would prefer the standardized cockpit but sturdier fan tail/wing hubs of the last picture.
  2. You are forgetting the greatest pilot ever from that or any set: Epsilon Ace! PS 12 jerks, suck it! Always shoot first!
  3. Very impressive, Zombie Palp Aces, nice. This is what the Empire does, it wins. no GUNBOAT tho, so Fake News. (Actually I’m the jerk who would run 5 GUNBOATS with Flatchet Torps and LRS just to see how people react)
  4. New Ship Ace Pilot #1 New Ship Ace Pilot #2 New Ship Ace Pilot #3 (large ship or mass produced TIE) or New Ship Generic mid PS Pilot New ship low PS pilot (also New Ship Generic Pilot with EPT can replace one Generic Pilot or be added as a third ‘high’ PS Generic pilot) example: Resistance A-wing Ace #1 is gonna be hard core awesome man! Ace #2 is fun but not competitive. See, I can write pilot cards too! Who needs names!
  5. What no cruise missiles? Glad to see some Concussion love tho i think the game is in a great spot and that there’s not much new ships can do without taking from existing ships. Maybe a Falcon remold two pack like HotR and recolor of a TIE or something for the Solo movie but let’s just hold off for a while. Really, since GUNBOAT came home I’m mostly interested in filling out my Imp ships into full squads and getting the rest of the epic ships. I picked up one Silencer because it’s a TIE Avenger on steroids, and it’s a TIE, and because it looks great next to all my GUNBOATS. The only other ship this wave im getting is the Bug because I’m a sucker for prequel ships and adtromechs. And then that’s probably going to make me wanna buy the Ghost finally. So yeahh I don’t want any more waves. Not for several months
  6. V-19 is Grampa to GUNBOAT as far as I’m concerned and is THE ‘prequel’ ship I’ve wanted since I saw it in the Samurai Jack Clone Wars spin-off.
  7. Art? Yeah only SW and ESB could be considered art due to their nature as significant films. Everything else is ‘entertainment’. I’d say Dune, anything by Philip K **** or even Robert Heinlein and many more I can’t think of right now would be the type of actual sci fi philosophical stuff that can be deconstructed and studied. SW, yeah it’s admitedly Space Opera and a tribute movie turned into merchandising franchise. Oh well. I tried.
  8. Funny, I thought SW was about epic awesomeness and finding your way in a vast galaxy. The struggles of Luke, Han’s arc and Vader’s fall and redemption might seem black and white but it’s actually a lot of grey. Old Ben and Yoda even show that the ‘good’ isn’t always right, smart or even just, it’s just different points of view and values based on old belief systems and assumptions. Yeah, Empire vs Rebellion is cast in GvE, but Tyranny is objectively cruel while resistance to autocracy and dictatorship is traditionally shown in a heroic light. But the character arcs were driven by spiritual concerns that eskewed traditional notions of good, evil, right, wrong, etc. Han, Lando, Boba, Jabba, even BoShek, they all exist on a spectrum of light and dark or between the two sides in the civil war. Sometimes these characters are strongly aligned with a faction or cause, and other times they are loners or even clear leaders of their own ‘3rd’ faction. Find your own path, do what you feel is right, Love is stronger than hate, don’t be an *******. That was the point of the OT wasn’t it?
  9. Don’t read any of the even older comics from Marvel, you might become even more shocked! Everyone steals ideas in SW, Force Flying was something I invented when I made all my action figures into Jedi and flew then around the house in the 80s. Also toothpicks and crayola markers for a spectrum of action figure scale lightsabers! If I remember correctly Leia was the most powerful and was basically Wonder Woman and Superman combined. Han was always the weakest...what can I say, I was a Luke Fan. The hardest thing was getting the Toothpick Sabers to stay in their hands and also not poke my eye out during play. Huge fan of SW here, since the beginning of the OT, and I never saw the Force or the Jedi/Sith as being limited to what was on screen. In fact SW wasn’t limited at all in my mind ever so I guess that’s why I’ve embraced the ST for its openness and even have a soft spot for the goofiness of the PT.
  10. While I love GUNBOAT I don’t see how she can be made better without overshadowing all non-GUNBOATs, she’s practically perfect in every way. And bigger? Enough noobs confuse her for the space cow already! that list is pretty comprehensive but my beloved V-19 Torrent is missing, as well as Y-wings and X-wings. Shame. Oh, and Clone Headhunters as well.
  11. 90% of ‘Legends’ came from:
  12. Mineseeker Missiles (missile upgrade, 1 pt) action: [discard this card to perform this action] if a bomb token is in your primary arc at range 2-3 it detonates immediately regardless of normal conditions for detonating. You may not equip Bomb upgrade cards on this ship. or better yet adapt the rules from one of the many existing mine field missions.
  13. *sniffle, sniffle* those surely were the days, GUNBLESS you!