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  1. GrimmyV

    X-Wing 2.0 - batteries required.

    on sale summer 2019! No word on the battle droids or astromechs yet also if you don’t have access to a public library at the very least then you probably don’t have access to purchasing miniature spaceship games. If you are on this forum complaining about cell phones and apps it just rings a little.... disingenuous.
  2. GrimmyV

    What is a Tie/In?

    When I was an imperial cadet I noted the TIE designations in the d6 SWRPG by WEG even before flying Defenders and GUNBOATS in the service of Admiral Thrawn in THE GAME.
  3. GrimmyV

    Reload and Bomblet Generator

    That’s what people seem to be saying but who knows.
  4. GrimmyV

    What is a Tie/In?

    IT can be the ‘off brand’ or maybe a prototype designation. Or a variant of some kind. Let your imaginations run wild! or it’s the TIE Information Technology and it’s job is to ask if the computer is plugged in and turned on.
  5. GrimmyV

    What is a Tie/In?

    Carrier Vessel? Makes sense to me. TIE/ca could be Capital Assault, meant to attack capital ships. A TIE Punisher looks like it carries enough munitions to be a serious threat to small and even medium capital ships, and a squadron could threaten a large capital ship. Eh, works for me,
  6. GrimmyV

    What is a Tie/In?

    strangly there are many TIE designs that appear to use completely different engines than the /ln and x1, but i suppose they all use a variant of the engine design. Still, I wish TIE had been ‘bacronymed’ to have more meaning than just designating an entire line of spacecraft after an engine type. But then when the line includes Starfighters, shuttles, bombers, scouts, Interceptors, landing and boarding craft and even submarines and ground based tanks, trying to pretend that Twin Ion Engine has any meaning just gets thrown out the window.
  7. GrimmyV

    What is a Tie/In?

    Surface Attack, presumedly. the TIE Fighter should have had a more sensible designation, or just had TIE as its designation, standing for something more descriptive of its function like the IRD (intercept/recon/defense) or AT (all terrain) series. Something like Tactical Interceptor Escort would cover its main role as seen in the films. Then the x1 TIE Advanced sorta makes sense as a variant. The TIE Bomber/shuttle/boarding craft...I don’t know, maybe a totally new acronym, or Transport Interdictor E...something. Eh. and obviously the Interceptor is the further specialization of the I in TIE if it stands for Interceptor. Anyway, just done thought experiments of mine going back a quarter century at least.
  8. GrimmyV

    Old factions vs New factions

    FO and Resistence need some help and fast. Scum started with 3 new and 4 borrowed ships (though one of those is Scum exclusive now), so we need 2-3 ships added to each to at least approximate what a new faction needs to compete. The new animated series and movie(s) will help somewhat. So it may break down this way: new Resistence ships- A-wing RZ-2 (or repaint A-wing) Troop Transport/B-wing T-85 X-wing New FO- Xi-class shuttle FO Bomber (possible repaint TIE Bomber) Stormtrooper Transport but how to do it? Two waves of nothing but ST stuff would get things going for sure, especially if the A-wing and TIE Bomber get the Most Wanted Treatment in the conversion kits. (Maybe throw in E-wing, K-wing, And Defender) Anyway, TIE/fo, /sf and Silencer are just too much fun to play with, and T-70s are great. Just these ships make it great for casual games, much less Rey in her super Falcon.
  9. GrimmyV

    How many 1.0 maneuver dials can be used with 2.0?

    Well, hopefully TIE Mk2 engines are a thing. I would say the one speed turns are more important than those one straight/banks, from a ‘knife fighting’ perspective. And for keeping ships in formation. If the 2.0 TIE costs more than 24 pts then I would agree that it needs a better dial, more actions/linked actions, etc. I’m actually hoping for 23 pts just to have room for super cheap upgrades. And we have to remember that the X-wing is way more expensive, and always has been, yet has been far behind even the humble TIE Fighter since the beginning. Extra hull, better dial, more actions, the T-65 needs all this just to pull even to the same ship from wave one back in 2012. That is crazy.
  10. GrimmyV

    All Screenshots from Unboxing

    So they specifically said Palpy can’t fit on the 2.0 Reaper?
  11. GrimmyV

    All Screenshots from Unboxing

    The box they come in is 2.0 compatible. Why include a general crew upgrade for 1.0 only? Krennic made it, but his death Troopers didn’t? I know FFG can be major trolls at times but really... I’d assume the folks doing the unboxing just forgot all about the Reaper. I don’t think it’s in the kit, since it’s a new release that already includes all the 2.0 stuff.
  12. With both a more granular point structure and variable upgrade slots we should see much better balance with many many more ship types becoming viable. Besides, the initiative restructuring alone will let many genetics have a fighting chance, altho I do wish stress (and maybe ion/tractor) had some effect on initiative. A stressed Vader or Wedge should be a bit slower to react unless they had a special ability to ignore the effects of those tokens on their initiative. Soontir or Han would have been the perfect pilots to have ‘anti-stress’ abilities to preserve their initiative order. oh well.
  13. GrimmyV

    How many 1.0 maneuver dials can be used with 2.0?

    Well T-65s still don’t have speed one turns or speed 5 anything.
  14. GrimmyV

    No Light Scyk configuration?

    Glitterstim is a helluva drug.
  15. GrimmyV

    A guide to complaining about 2.0

    Meerick Stele better be on at least three ships. If Sabine can be in a TIE then Stele can also be in a GUNBOAT. Get it right FFG.