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  1. Openers

    I guess it all depends on: the list you brought-aces, flankers, jousters, alpha strikers, etc, ranged abilities present or not... obstacles, what kind and where Where the other guy is putting his ships what the other list is if you are going to do something the first round reguardless of what the other guy does. this all goes back to Turn Zero. Necessarily any talk on the subject will be general advice vs very very specific strategies based on one list at a time. And there’s much more experienced players than I am to listen to... do why are you reading this?
  2. I want a harpoons thread too!

    Ok, so let’s look at Harpoons. It costs as much as Clusters or Cobcussions but keeps the TL. There’s 50 % chance of the condition (applied on a hit) causing one extra damage to the ship. There’s also the Deadman’s switch effect and the splash damage and faceup damage card when hit by an uncanceled crit (which is pretty easy to do). This condition is basically a faceup damage card that doesn’t count as a damage card. The condition being removed on an action is almost the same effect as a jammer token, but not quite. And there’s Plasma Torps for one point less that throw the same number of dice and remove an extra shield on a hit. And assault missiles cost one more point and include the splash damage on a hit. So on paper Harpoons seem to be balanced with other ordnance because the condition it imparts is....conditional. There’s a chance the defender won’t get hit by a crit or be damaged during the removal action, while other ordnance have auto effects. So a Missile with a chance to cause extra effects and doesn’t spend its TL is ‘equal’ to a Missile that has a built in Blank to hit mod but spends its TL. They would both do similar damage on average but keeping the TL is a huge advantage on any ships that can take EM or reload. Huge ships would love Harpoons. So when do you not take Harpoons? When you get hit in the face by your own Harpoon splash. When that extra damage doesn’t happen for you...ever. And that’s probably a lot of players.
  3. N-1 Naboo Starfighter for X-Wing

    I bought 5 GUNBOATs. That didn’t save X-Wing? ok, so Statline time! 2 att 2 agi 3 hull 2 shield Focus, TL, Evade, B-roll Torp, Astromech EPT PS 4 and above PS 2 Bravo Squadron Pilot 16 pts PS 4 Naboo Guard Veteran 18 pts PS 6 Leia Organa 20 pts (friendly ships within range 1 may change one focus result to evade when defending, yes this includes her too) alternate ability might be: one friendly ship within range 3 may treat red maneuvers as white during the activation phase. PS 8 Anakin Skywalker 22 pts if you did not overlap a ship or obstacle while performing your maneuver you may perform a free B-roll.
  4. Harpoon Change: Store uses this rule

    I think that was the original stat line for the TIE aggressor. But it was too aggressive. So instead we got the TIE *****.
  5. Video on Starfighters vs shields, etc.

    He’s not talking about Legends, books or comics, he’s just using the films, which are the media that SW fans are most familiar with. Any arguments supported on works outside the movies aren’t following the premise of the video.
  6. N-1 Naboo Starfighter for X-Wing

    Who needs dialogue with amazing sound design and dramatic silence. One 2 minute wordless cartoon still tells a better story than most of the PT. And better love story than twilight. I mean AotC.
  7. N-1 Naboo Starfighter for X-Wing

    And The Clone Wars is even more awesomer.
  8. N-1 Naboo Starfighter for X-Wing

    There’s a Rodian kid (possibly greedo) in TPM, as well as a Gran podracer. The Niemoidians are basically green versions of Duros. Jawas and Tusken raiders feature in the PT as well thanks to Tatooine being in every **** movie. And let’s not forget the Wookiee planet was finally featured, as well as Yaddle, another ‘Yoda’. The PT had lots of returning species with some in prominent roles. And even though numerous previously unseen species were shown they were usually present throughout the PT as multiple individuals. What the PT didn’t have is aliens almost exclusively speaking alien languages. This takes away a lot of the strangeness of the aliens and shows them more as stereotyped humans in masks or cgi. The OT had only one species (besides Yoda and a few lines by Bib fortuna and some Ewoks) that I remember that spoke ‘english’, the Mon Calamari. Ackbar and his race are already very strange looking to humans so having them speak understandably for the audience makes them less creepy and more enduring, and also more empathetic. The good admiral and his crew seem like people on a warship fighting against desperate odds and not some alien creatures doing alien things. This does mean that in a way the mon cal seem like humans in masks more than a species of amphibious space aliens, making the Rebel fleet look more like something out of Star Trek. It’s understood however that having Ackbar and all mon cal speak with subtitles would totally ruin the flow of the battle and the pacing of the movie during the climax, where as Jabba’s Scenes were deliberately slower paced for tension and foreboding. anyway....
  9. Openers

    Box cutters work much better than steak knives, just saying.
  10. N-1 Naboo Starfighter for X-Wing

    You see, just a small change can lead to much more interesting interactions and plot threads. Excellent!
  11. N-1 Naboo Starfighter for X-Wing

    #1 I really like the N-1. It’s sleek and unique and not at all meek. For our game it could have a nice niche between Z-95, Sheathspede, and X-wing and somewhat similar to the fabled T-Wing with an Astromech slot. #2 I love Qui-gon, he was played perfectly by Liam and he invoked pathos in a character we meet for the first time. #3 TPM should have involved Alderaan, not Naboo. Obi-wan should have been a lone Jedi Knight meeting a teen Anakin (to match with a teen Padme)with no Qui-gon since he causes obi-wan to be redundant. The meeting should take place on Nal Hutta, a space station or some other non-Tatooine location. The pod race could still happen but anakin should lose, introducing a complication as well as being something we did not expect. #4 TPM had many more problems than Jar Jar, many of them fixed by a small amount of Creative Writing.
  12. XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat

    Guess you wanted a Missile Boat instead after all. if only you could do Ion Cannons with the title. So iconic. Or ionic. GUNBOAT has turned out to be a jack of all trades, where SHE can do many things but to excel some of those things are compromised. This type of balanced design should have been baked into the ships that are now problems since they give up nothing and can still do XY and Z. I like that while you can have a cannon, missiles and advanced SLAM all at once you can’t do heaven damage when slamming or reloading. And while you can go for HLC with Linked you can’t fire while slamming unless you use a certain pilot.
  13. No GUNBOAT? ☹️ Well, what about Tempest, title, Sensor Jammer, add Harpoon or Cruise and Chimps for ‘hope to get someone in arc that I target locked’ hey at least it’s something different than AC. Or phantom with targeting scrambler? It feels that Rebels have the support role locked down yet Imp genetics are limited to super vulnerable Squint/striker, TIE shuttles and 2 Academies. And the one TLT we got as mentioned above.
  14. XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat

    Advanced Launch Tubes (modification) 0 pts do not spend TL when a torpedo upgrade tells you to spend a TL. maybe I should make this X-wing, Rebel Alliance only
  15. N-1 Naboo Starfighter for X-Wing

    You mean Life Day: A Star Wars Story?