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  1. I know, I’m torn, the Punisher is MOAR Bomber, but it’s a horribly inefficient ship and handicapped by no EPT. And it took the wave 7 spot when GUNBOAT/Missile Boat should have been released. And it’s a bit of a lazy design, but that’s what the TIE series is about, standardized parts and modularity. BBW TIE lady, you still have a place in my heart.
  2. Rebel transport, Raider, Gozanti and Most Wanted all reprint the ships of the 1st wave, with Rebel and Imp aces reprint the small ships of Wave 2. Most wanted and Heroed if the Resistence also handled the large ships from wave 2. And let us not forget ‘Sabine’s TIE’. If you ware going to change the expansions from the first two waves and the original core, are you going to change the ships’ dials, stats, pilot abilities, upgrade slots? How would these different ships mesh with the ‘big box’ and ‘aces’ ships? I would LOVE a Falcon box that came with all the OT main crew cards, as well as an Obi Wan Crew. I would also love a Heroes of Yavin or Scarif box that finally delivers on the mythical X-wing fix and reprints Biggs and Luke, making them more balanced, as well as giving Y-wings the EPTs they deserve! I would also love a ‘Masters of The Darkside’ box set with TIE Advanced and Firespray that include the Raider content as well as fix the Firespray and give Imp Boba a better ability(or a mod like Maneuvering Fins, only backwards). Oh and gives Stele pilot cards for all TIEs and GUNBOAT. yeah, I’m not sure about an actual ‘rotation’ of older expansions for revised sets, the precedent has been boxes that contain content that helps lagging ships without reprinting and changing the previous material. FFG doesn’t seem to like altering product when it’s been released.
  3. Long Range Homing Missile (Missile Upgrade, 3-4 points?) range 3-5 or 3+? Att 4 attack[target lock]: discard this card and spend your TL to perform this attack. The Defender may not use evade tokens during this attack. If this attack hits the defender does not suffer damage until the beginning of the End phase. I figured we needed a delayed damage warhead that didn’t use clunky mechanics and an extra token flying around the board. And LRS needs a reason to exist.
  4. Pretty sure Chirrut could block full auto fire. With a stick. But I guess there’s a difference between ‘force sensative’ and having the Force be ‘strong’ with someone, or the Force influencing a person’s actions without their knowledge. im glad the EU was dropped tho because KJA invented a ‘force paddle’, basically a PKE meter that measure the amount of ‘Force’ on a person. When Wedge was tested it showed ZERO. Not just zero, ZERO. Yeah, KJA truely was ****.
  5. Dood, Double Ion Turrets! 27 points for ionizing a Decimator or Ghost off the board? I’m a for that! Bye bye Nym/Miranda, see you off to the board edge too! Double edge ioning everything in sight for 29 points? Yas yas yas! oh, and GUNBOAT! SLAM, JAM, TRACTOR, BAM!💥💥💥 pew pew!
  6. Lancelot was invincible in combat thanks to divine protection. I’m sure there are other precedents found through literature, even dating back to Herakles or Samson. The Force is just another name for divine power, Providence, destiny, and stuff.
  7. Everyone becomes one with the force. Just that the folks strong in the force can retain their ‘person-hood’ and come back to guide others. Usually people lose their individuality on dying. No idea if the reincarnate.
  8. Sure it does, that’s why they all die and become force ghosts
  9. It would have made so much more sense to have given the Humpmaster 5k a turret slot with a new Quad Laser Turret that gave 3 dice at range 2-3 with TL. Large ship only (sorry HWK). Probably cost 7-8? if your friend was more than ‘cool story bro’ then that means the Title was also changed to include the cost for a 3 Att PWT along with the ship itself being changed. With is possible and irresponsible. And a shame.
  10. Nope, once it’s nerfed it’s no good, time to drop that ho. Restricted to a specific range? How dare they! Are netlisters supposed to learn formation flying now? You ask too much FFG, too much!
  11. Reaction Thrusters (Modification, 1 pt) when you take damage from a detonating Bomb roll defense dice equal to your agi. Cancel one damage for each evade result. yeah, Sabine will still get ya, but what ya gonna do. She’s Sabine, Mando Supreme. re: TLT there’s a strategy that I’ve heard about called getting into range 1. I guess arc dodging TLT carriers make that extremely hard tho.
  12. See Kyraxz and Voksai (spelling may vary)
  13. See TPM, ANH, and especially TFA.
  14. It doesn’t have Sabine?