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  1. Spoiler for a 2 minute flash cartoon that isn’t that good to begin with. Ok. i guess Hera will get that promotion from Captain to General soon in the show. Rex is probably still around in the Sequel trilogy too, aged to about 150 or so. When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not, hmmm?
  2. Imp versions of ARC-170, V-wing, ETA-2 and dare I say it X-wings and Y-wings could all come with titles that allow either non-unique Astromechs (no trash-mechs), or crew card ‘astromechs’ specifically listed in the title, like BB-9E or whatever. No new titles for existing Imp ships are needed.
  3. TIE-only title, Retrotrusters when you reveal your maneuver, instead of performing your chosen maneuver you may perform a white (0) stop. Then recieve one stress token. sounds like a TIE only inertial dampers.
  4. So Hull allows ships to suffer damage with the risk of being dealt face up cards? I guess. Well, GONK the everloving GONK out of me then!
  5. Horton, FAA, Plasma, EM, Chimps. 31 points, alpha strike and then have decent mods and action economy on a pea shooter. Not bad..?
  6. What kind of madman prefers fries over chips? Poutine? Chili cheese fries? waffle fries in Polynesian sauce from Chic Fil A? call me a madman!
  7. Expert Handling was the original anti-TL tech. One that Youngster could totally exploit for TIE swarms.
  8. With Toilet Seats being neutered then Deadeye needs to come back. Sure the Deci, Falcon Hounds Tooth don’t care and only Slave One title possibly cares with the Ghost left out entirely. Perhaps one day there will be a crew that gives the Reload action, or a unique crew that gives an EPT. Who knows. But Deadeye is one card I would like to not have to remember it’s small ship only even though it’s not printed on the card.
  9. What is up with the Chimps hate?! This upgrade is awesome! If you don’t want to suffer against alpha strikes don’t blame the Chimps! Tech up with stuff that kills TLs or stay out of arc if you can or Alpha-class it up with strikes or jammers. Or you can look the TIE Bombers and Punishers in their large child-like tearing eyes and say SCREW YOU! And when you do GUNBOAT will pay you a visit in the night.
  10. Alt art card should have Biggs in this outfit: and the token should be exploding biggs. of course Mustaches and Capes are a SW staple:
  11. Which is a shame because there’s another female character in the Rebel alliance that is totally a real Disney princess:
  12. It is, he ended up as the sole survivor of the DS.
  13. Missile boat only had one chin gun. But two might look better. I only approve this since GUNBOAT is being sacrificed for sister Boat.
  14. Whew, good, I thought people were pairing the Wooden Wookiee Wagon with our only Imp PWT.
  15. But why wouldn’t you want two extra /fo TIEs without wired and comm? Or a T-70 without IA? It’s not like those upgrades are any good. oh, wait. Yes, yes they are good. TFA core sucks. I vote rocks and damage deck to be included in HotR (BB-8 too!) and Epsilon shuttle boxes.