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  1. This is currently the best thread on the forum! Im still waiting for a Scum Han crew. And Imp Biggs.
  2. All I know is that TFA didn't have Maz handing the lightsabre to Rey and the cool reverse hyperspace jump, and Rogue One didn't have a lot of the beach scenes and that TIE fighter at the walkway scene. All of these were super cool scenes that made the trailers awesome but were cut for various reasons. Who knows what's gonna be left out of the movie from the latest trailer. Also, TFA was different enough from ANH for my liking, it had a very different feel. Rogue One also was different enough from The Dirty Dozen despite everyone dying in the end that it was its own film. Hope. Just have hope. Not all is lost.
  3. Hammer head corvette and Dornean gunship, good to go for epic on the rebels side. That's at least two more years of huge releases. oh you mean small and large ships. Eh, whatever
  4. They haven't touched the hornet interceptor yet.
  5. If there was ever a way to Tractor Beam your own ship then th ship could be moved without using a 'manuever' and thus prevent detonation.
  6. I think we can all agree that a ship's nubbies do not count when a proton bomb, ect., detonate at the end of the activation phase.
  7. Movie magic! never build more than you need. Movie sets are just back drops and props, Not real working objects. You don't need to go all Tolkein about world building to create a world that seems to have history.
  8. I'd say they 'ran out' of ships in wave 3 with the release of the HWK. Out of the next 2 waves they had one ship that was canon, and that was from the special editions. Wave six and seven continued the SotE and SWG releases and showed they were willing to give us stuff like the Punisher and super ugly K-wing. At this point it's just a mix of new movie and cartoon stuffs and random odd legends inclusions
  9. I think the battle of Jakku does not exclude the odd Ex-Imperial Warlord or three, with thrawn fitting neatly into a timeline that shows his attacks about a year or so after Jakku.
  10. Run 120 point lists!
  11. Star Wars fans are impossible to please due to several factors: worship of the OT thru rose colored nostalgia high nerd quotient usually socially maladjusted (goes along with nerd territory) ect.
  12. If I walk out of the movie and demand my movie back, guess what, I get it back. Or a free movie at some other time. Either way I am compensated for a less than satisfactory experience or product. If a toy doesn't perform as advertised or breaks because of poor construction you get compensated. If a book isn't consistent or doesn't follow through with the promise of being 'entertaining' then, well, usually there's not much you can do, but word of mouth can ruin sales. Anyway, when a busness produces a product or provides a service there is an expectation of customer satisfaction. As long as the customer expects a reasonable amount of quality then the business should provide that quality. It doesn't matter if it's Star Wars, Kraft Mac n cheese or Steve Madden shoes, expectations matter and Unsatisfied customers get their money back more often than is realized, it seems. btw I've forgotten what this thread was all about. I've thoroughly enjoyed the last two SW movies and thought TPM and RotS were at least passable with some good or even great moments, and the OT is great despite RotJ being uneven. So what are we arguing about? Certainly not my personal tastes. I was trying to speak to generalities and objective artistic criteria.
  13. This ship is bad and you should feel bad. J/k! I would love a real Rogue One expansion, but I just don't see it happening. And if it did it's more than likely to outshine the Lambda in some way.
  14. If I pay them expecting a good movie, game, book, and ect. Then I am indeed owed at least something of passing entertainment value, not to mention something consistent with the over all narrative of the 'brand' Star Wars.
  15. HWK spam can surprise people not ready to see it, especially the named pilots. Never underestimate any ship.