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  1. The last unique ship the rebels got with 3 green was the E-wing. How did that work out for ya? of course they just got the TIE, so what are you complaining a bout?
  2. Large ship only. there, no mention of scummies
  3. How about it, could this work with some one skilled in flying this delicate beauties? Sabre Squadron intensify AT times 4. cheaper than PTL, allows for maneuverability and dice mods. Still staying at range 3 or out of arc. so what do y'all think, could it be remotely competitive?
  4. Stolen TIE would work on /sf or /fo if rebels had those ships.
  5. Fewer green dice are always better because when those dice gang up they all like to blank or eyeball when you don't have a focus. They are so fickle. If there's only one of them being rolled then he (or she, let's be fair) will be too intimidated to just screw you over right out.
  6. Well of course there's gonna be a FAQ. Because the whole ship name/title upgrade fiasco has been poorly implemented. And im still waiting for the IG1000, which is also a TIE. Look it up on Wookieepedia!
  7. I dunno, it sorta fits between the TAP and Vader's ship. It's no GUNBOAT tho.
  8. I like rhymer, but then I'm a Horton fan too. At least the major has an EPT!
  9. I thought the title was referring to the cheater from worlds needing moare punishment.
  10. Where's the dial? So, you would always cancel a hit/crit for the ion, or is it just an option?
  11. 3 knave squadron E-wings all decked out. Unstoppable. We could finally get to see how overcosted these things are supposed to be
  12. Prepainting isn't the only reason those models are awesome. But it's a big reason. FFG has done an incredible job on every ship, even that ugly big scyk that has endured itself to my heart. just one thing: GUNBOAT.