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  1. Well the Meta consists a lot of critical X units. The most used upgrade at LVO was the T21B. Also a lot of Shores includes Mortars in their list which also got critical 1 and can fire support too. LVO also did not include the Trooper Upgrade expansions which offer new good Critical X option for all factions. Range 4 too I've never ment to say that Critical X is the only problem but I think its an increasing reason why not to take a glass cannon Airspeeder. A unit most people did not want to bring in the first place because of its poor value for its cost. You could as you imply and many others here suggest just reduce the cost but how much would be fair? I think it needs some more errata or rules addition/changes in the RRG. To be honest it would also make the unit more interesting piece to play.
  2. I will admit that worthless is taking it too far but vastly overestimating? Critical x does not care about cover or armor. It is quite good even though its only converting 1 surge Thanks for informing me but yes, I do know there is 1 surge on each die! . But when attacking, you often throw not only a few dice. Shoretroopers with T21B 84 points 8 dice. Expected results are 1 critical and 1 surge which will be crit. 2 crits. Hits irrelevant due to Armor. Cover 2 does nothing. Or do you prefer taking something with more Impact? Stormtrooper + extra trooper and an HH12 with cumbersome and exhaust? (nobody uses this but it does provide an anti-vehicle weapon) 81 points 8 dice Expected hits 2,75 and 1 crit. Cover 2 - 2 hits goes away and your left with 1-2 crits after the Impact 3
  3. The Wedge errata card should probably have lost the exhaust symbol or had Cycle added. Also pointed out on the podcast. The introduction of Critical X to a lot of units makes the Jockey upgrade for Cover 2 worthless. With white defense dice the Airspeeder should have a better way of dodging natural crits and critical x.
  4. That is probably some of the problem. Critical is just a easy way getting through the defense of all units even when they use upgrades (Jockey for cover 2), terrain, and an dodge action. If the Airspeeder had red defense dice I think it would be ok but with white... An additional wording to the Speeder X rule like I suggested would remove this. After the attacker converts surges, by ability, spending tokens and using critical, the Speeder X unit gets to turn X results back to hits. If you got Impact this will not limit you much. Lets say you attack with impact 2 and the result after modding - 2crits 2 hits. Airspeeder - Speeder 2 would convert 2 crits back to hits - 4 hits Cover 2 (Speeder Jockey) removes 2 hits - 2 goes through You roll 2 white in defense - 2 blank Seems fair? Or too good? AT RT might be sad After modifying surges "Armor reduces 1 crit to hit" "Speeder reduces 1 crit to hit" Difficult! lol. But there needs be a change to how non-anti vehicle weapons can just make it up with throwing large dice pools and/or critical x.
  5. Not in a large dice pool. Shores with T21B + extra trooper 7black 2white Critical 1. On 9 dice you the expected results are 1,125 natural crits and 1,125 surges. The critical 1 will convert a surge to crit. It makes at least 2 crits which goes past cover and dodges. This is also before spending aim. And it works just as good against troopers and vehicles. And you are not really firing an anti-vehicle weapon either. Rolling defense against those 2 crits with white dice is expected 0,66 so you will highly possible take 2 damage
  6. Yes, it would be like before. With the jockey and a dodge you would need at least 4 hits with impact to have a chance of giving damage. And with white defense dice.. Like I mentioned in the previous post Outmaneuver might be a bit excessive for now, but I dont know. Maybe the design of Critical X is flawed too? Its a boost against all unit types and is an additional reason why dodge action is often a waste. It also makes Crit x preferable to take instead of an impact 1 or exhaust impact 3 weapon. Because critical results dont care about cover or dodges! Went a bit off course here but Im cheering on some RRG changes
  7. I agree it might be a bit much of adding all that at one time. I do however like the Speeder X - remove crits idea. I think one of Legion's big design flaws is just about the subject on natural crits. Its not so much of a benefit to use weapons with certain keywords who makes them specialized against certain units. They are also often exhausts which is not ideal. Now you lean over to units with critical X which works against everything, also making dodges obsolete (except Deflect). Or just use units with very large dice pools which wil generate 1-2 natural crits on average. In the end even when you got Cover1-2, Armor and a dodge there is maybe 2 crits on the table, before impact, and you will save 0. And thats from upgraded 1 trooper unit. So the addition to the speeder X rule would deal with this in a good way. But the Natural Crits discussion would deserve its own topic
  8. What about adding some changes to the Speeder X keyword. "After the attacker converts surges, change X critical results to hit results" Would also help the Speeder Bikes. Prevents Snipers from plinking in lucky crit hits. Also impact weapons will be unaffected. And also give the t-47 Outmaneuver and Barrage đź‘Ś
  9. Alright, gotta check out some fabric stores around here and see what they got
  10. Good battle report and great looking table. May I ask where you got the fabric for the ground? Or how you made it? Also nice to see the card stock buildings. Just printed, cut and glued I assume?
  11. The t-47 still goes down quite easily and is highly receptible to natural crits. Will we see an upgrade or change that would grant it more resilience towards random crits? Like adding the Outmaneuver keyword. Or something in the core design that would reduce the crit randomness instead of actually going with crit and anti-vehicle -weapons. "After attack dice are rolled turn x crits into hits" Will we see a card like Aggressive Tactics that would benefit Rebels more? Turn a white blank into surge for example When will we see new battle plan cards and objectives?
  12. The text on the other picture from the article shows a different wording... FFG and their articles... Here it seems like its just replacing the 1 straight template with a 5 straight... Which sounds reasonable. It cost 1 point. Did people really think "launch" means throwing it from the side or front? haha, 1 point, people. That would be OP. FFG would never release something OP for 1 point.. never................
  13. I was thinking of a title that benefits the generics and perhaps the ones with EPT. Also note that this could be used on other ships too, not only TIEs! yay
  14. I've been thinking about some thematic jouster type of card where you get to choose how you like to engage in combat. I was hoping that the cards could add some interesting buff to the very predictable 4k turn but also let you get out of combat and later re-engage from another angle or just get a good position before entering range of the enemy. To buff the T-65 I think it could be interesting with more versatile modification options. You could add Engine Upgrade (4-1) and Vectored Thrusters (2-1) for a total cost of 4. Or perhaps Integrated and Vectored for 1 point. Or Shield and integrated for 3.
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